Where a soldiers name is honoured
and a soldiers fame is dear.
Nowhere will he be forgotten
Least of all forgotten here.

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Deanna Durbin, it's called Love's old Sweet Song.
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Men of the XXth at Rest

Gone but not forgotten.

Omnia Audax

Our Webmaster Colin David Boutty

Who made this website and by doing so brought so many
Lancashire Fusiliers Back together
Died 13th November 2015

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Derek Philips

Stu Barlow

Tom Greenwood

Dennis Clements

Michael Shaw

John Brophy

Denis Costello
2 LF Tresite
1953 to 1956

Eddie King
1LF and 3RRF

James Wright
1st Battalion XX The Lancashire Fusiliers ( MT )
James served in
Cyprus and Osnabruck Germany

John Long
1LF 1955 to 1962
Died 30th June 2016

William (Bill/Sandy) Sanderson
Feb 1934 to Jun 2016
Aged 82

Nicholas (Paddy) Doyle
16th Dec 1937 to 17th May 2016
1LF and 2RRF

Working on Nicholas's page

Micky Trimble
12th November 2014

Joe Swarbrick
1LF Cyprus 1956

Danny Davenport
Droylsden Branch

Alan Mills
Trieste Branch

Alf Heywood
2nd Bn Lancashire Fusiliers

Frances Fletcher

Robert Roberts
1st/8th Lancashire Fusiliers
Burma Veteran Chip and Eight

Tony Barker

Harold Fletcher

Terry Jolliffe
1st Bn Lancashire Fusiliers

Gordon Jack Bland
Served in Germany
was Lt Hiltons Driver

Herbert Bert Ormerod
Bert was 100 years old
6th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers
he served in Burma and Dunkirk

John (Dusty) Millar
1st Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers (Chindits)
Thought to be our last Chindit
John Died 30th December 2015

24th Sept 2016

Roy Tooth
1LF and 3RRF

14820366 Ronald Peter Turner
1st Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers
Lucknow, India 1945
died 21st May 2015

Jack Lee

Droylsden branch thought to have been in
2nd / 5th but he served in Egypt and Iserlon

22677895 Fusilier Harold Pettigrew
1LF Kenya and Germany

22952291 Fus John Mills
age approx 85 yrs
XX The Lancashire Fusiliers

Wilfred Walter Sydee

16th Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
2nd Salford Pals Bn
killed at the Somme

Frank Wood
served with the
1st Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers
1951-53 in Egypt and Kenya.He passed away 12th September aged 82 years 

John Cronnolley
1st Bn Lancashire Fusiliers

1950 - 1952

Frank Browning
11th Bn Lancashire Fusilier Served in Malta WW2 then in Italy
C/Sgt Peter Joseph Maher MM
2nd Battalion and 15th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers
died 4th July 2015

Barry Awang
1st Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
2nd Bn Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
1964 - 1974
On leaving the Army, Barry joined the TA in Somerset.
Barry's ashes were placed in
Wellington Barracks Memorial Garden
6th June 2015

George William Hammill

1st / 8th Lancashire Fusiliers
died 13th May 2015
aged 88

Les (Titch) Hewitt

1LF 1965 - 1969
3RRF 1969 -
Weeton, Hong Kong, Malaya, Korea, Gibralter, Cyprus, Colchester and Northern Ireland
died May 2015

Kenneth Stafford

4 September 2012

and Northern Ireland

Jim Grundy
1LF PTI in Cyprus 1957
3rd February 2015

Col TD Lloyd Jones
The last CO of the Lancashire Fusiliers
died on 6th February 2015

Born 22/7/1919 Served 15/11/1939 - 3/5/1946
Passed away 13/8/1993 in Melbourne


Eric James Hulse
11th Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
Served in Malta WW2
Died 12th January 2015
1 month after his 100 brithday

14464375 C/Sgt Arthur Davenport
1LFs 1948 - 1968
RRF 1968 - 1972
Egypt, Cyprus, British Guyana, Osnabruck,
Malaya, Berlin
Gallipoli Day 2015

Tim and Vera Booth

29th and 30th December 2014
Tim did not serve in the Fusiliers
but they where the Fusiliers Club Steward and Stewardess for
10 years from 1978 to 1988

Eddie Burrows

20th November 2014
Lancashire Fusiliers

Walter Ashworth

Lancashire Fusiliers
one of the last Manchester Floaters
30th June 2014

Donald (Don) Tough BEM

30th May 2014
1st Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
2nd Bn Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

Joseph John Trafford

25th May 2014
Founder member of Salford Branch

James H Yates
1 LF served in Kenya and Germany
Died 19th April 2013 aged 79

Fred (Skip) Rostron
1st Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
served in Kenya
Died 5th Feb 2014

Peter Yo Yo Newton
28th April 2014
1st Bn Lancashire Fusiliers Drums

Jack Owen

5th Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
Died 30th April 2014

Peter Mc Nally

5th Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
Peter was the first CSM of Shiny "D"
Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
Died 21st April 2014

Stan Howes

Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Lancashire Fusiliers
Shiny "D"
Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
Died 7th March 2014

3452157 John Barlow
1st Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
1939 1948
Died 22nd January 2014


John Ledwith
Lancashire Fusiliers
3rd Bn Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
Died 10th January 2014


Norman Nobby Chorlton
Lancashire Fusiliers
Died 28th December 2013

Charles Salmon Jnr and Charles Salmon Snr
Charles Salmon Senior was born in King's Lynn Norfolk and served as a volunteer in WWI in the LFs. He married in Eccles in 1889 and lived there until he passed away in 1930.
Charles Salmon Junior was born in Salford in 1897, was wounded in world war one; he served in the 16th Battalion, 2nd Salford Pals. He passed away, in Eccles, in 1920.

Tommy Porteous
on the 18th November 2013
Tommy served with the 1st Bn 1956-59
at Worester and in Cyprus

Sgt James McDonald
Passed away 27th Sept 2013
1st 8th Bn Lancashire Fusiliers

Walter Jones

Died 26th Feb 2013
Dunkirk Veteran

Peter Lander
11th July 2013
Following National Service with the 2nd Battalion in Trieste, Peter joined the 1st Bn
and served with them until the Lancashire Fusiliers disbanded in 1969.
Peter was RSM of
2nd Bn Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
1976 to 1979
RSM of the
5th Bn Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
1979 to 1981 in Coventry
Bryan Ernest Lea
passed away 7th July
1LF 1950 - 1952

Robert (Bob) Wolstenholme
6th June 2013
7th Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
Converted to
39(LF) SL Regt Royal Artillery
Harry Murgatroyd
23rd July 2013
2LF Tresite

Tommy Dey
Died 5th Feb 2011
a member of Droylsden Branch

Thomas Doughty

Died June 2013
1LF 1954 to 1970

Edward Mccormick,
died 8th May 2013.
1 LF in Egypt,Kenya and Iserlohn.

Lance Myers
23rd Dec 2012
aged 79 years.
1950-1956 then joined TA.

22956184 Bob Darraugh
2LF Trieste 1953-55

Arthur Bell
1/5th Bn
1st April 2013

Roy Woods

6th June 2010

Museum Archivist.
Secrectary of LF Band Branch
2LF Band

Vernon Haigh
July 2011
served in Egypt Ismailia1952

James (Jim) Anthony Brackley
Band Sgt Major and

Regimental Association Secretary for many years.

Horace(Jim) Hearne.

Canada 1999. Age 81

Harold Albiston

Major John McQ Hallam

Cyril Joseph Robinson

Joseph Holt
passed away
2nd Bn and fought in the Battle at Medjez el Bab 1942 one of the LF's Battle Honours

Major Christopher Lea MC
Brother of
Lieutenant General
Sir George Lea
Colonel XX The Lancashire Fusiliers
1st June 2006
served with the LFs in Dunkirk

Major Pitt

Bill Paton
1st Bn LF
Lucknow, India
1945 - 1946
He died unexpectedly on Saturday
13th October, 2007

WO2 Billy Dean
11th August 2007
1LF and 3RRF

Mary Howarth
served in the 7th Bn LF and
435 Mixed Heavy Anti Aircraft Batt Royal Artillery 1942

Francis (Frank) Wild

He was born in 1913 in Bury (Holcombe),
and died August 16, 1972.
During the war he was stationed at
Berwick-on-Tweed, and was involved
in the
training of troops for deployment
Click on photo to enlarge
Bob Waterworth

Died 11th October 2012
1LF 1953 1972
Mel Bonney

Died 7.12.2012
Served TA at Bury
24029556 Victor (Tich)Atherton

Died 28th July, 2012
1Pl A Coy 1LF BG and HK
Plus Berlin with RRF

Brian Fitton
Lancashire Fusiliers
Gerry Jones

served with 1LF in Cyprus 1956-58.
He played cornet in the band and double bass in the dance band
8th May 2012
Norman Tillotson

1LF Cyprus 1 Platoon A Coy.
9th February 2012

John Finney

1st Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
China, India, Burma, and Palestine.

George Flaherty

1st Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
Joined the battalion in Cyprus served 22years

Brian Hall

2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers Band
between 1953 & 1955.

Joe Mutch

1st Bn LF 1945-48
Joe Brother was George Mutch
of Manchester United and Preston North End fame
L/Cpl Jim ( Stevo) Stephens. ACC

1LF 1955 to 1968
Died at home 6th Feb 2012 aged 89.
Stevo was a legendary figure in 1LF, where he served up many thousands of meals over a period of 15 years ( surely some kind of record for an ACC cook to be with one Bn?)
William Brian Hall

served from 25 June 1951 until
2 December 1955
one of the heroes of the 25th jan 1952 who stormed the Bureau Sanitaire Ismailia
Harold Chapman

C Coy 1st/8th Lancashire Fusiliers 1942
one of the heroes of Kohima.
Born 14/12/1919

Fusilier John Francis Cassidy

1st Bn Lancashire Fusiliers served in Iserlohn
who died on 3rd November, 2011. John has fought a long and tough battle against cancer.

3456675 Fus William F Sutch

2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers
served at Monte Cassino WW2.
Died 6th September, 2011
after a long fight with Cancer.
Kenneth Lunn

Born 28th Feb 1926 Died 17th Aug 2011
2nd/8th Bn Lancashire Fusiliers

Ronald George Gontier

He was born 1917 and died in Australia 1992.
He served with the 11th Bn 1940-1954

21024092 Eric Jordan

Born June 1929 Died 6th Jan 2011
served Aug 1947 to Jan 1949
served in Egypt eritrea and East Africa
24135173 George Booth

1LF Hong Kong and 2RRF
Berlin Northern Ireland
Died 27th April 2011

22715429 Christopher A. Wall

Born 7/5/1934 - Died 06/09/2004
1st Bn XX Lancashire Fusiliers
Egypt - Kenya
1952 - 1953

Sgt Thomas Baxter

2nd Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
78th Battle Axe Division 1940
Passed away 1956

Sgt George Thomas Warne

1st Bn XX The Lancs Fusiliers
Rest in peace
Born 13.03.33
passed away 10.12.04

Corporal Harold Ford

1st/8th Battalion
Lancashire Fusiliers
(Served Kohima)
3” Mortar Platoon
aged 91
13th March 2010

Brian (Fred) Fish

21st March 2010

William Kenely

served in Burma and India
with the famous Chindits special forces in
World War Two.

Jimmy Lovelady

Eric Ogden

Tug Wilson

Brian Yates.

Jesse O

Les Lamb

Dave Graham.

Brian Walsh.

Jack Horrocks.

Joe Gidman.
21st Sept 2003 aged 77
37822 Cpl
Arthur Chadwick

Dick Wordsworth.

Billy Roberts
(C Coy) 1LF

Smudge Smith 91

Bill Phillips.
George 'Judder' Loftus.
George Kay.
Lofty Broughton
Jim (Spud) Murphy
John McGovern.
Charlie Gaze.
Bill Beetham
24th November 2003
Frank Street
Jimmy Kenny
Joe Jones.
17th November 2003.
Jimmy Jones
(MT & D Coy)
Jim Pygott
Don Ashton
Harry Goodman
Geordie Robinson
Jim Farramond
George Powell
1993. Aged 74.

Jimmy Mills

Johnny Ball
Wally Hassan
Tommy Tooth
Clive Hamer
Jerry Collopy
Bill Windsor.
4th Nov 2003. Aged 81

Jim O'Brien (Big OB)

Paddy McGowan.

Eric (Chalkie) White M.M.

Tommy Shipley
Pete (PeeWee) Walsh.
Feb 1st 2004

John Hevey

Jimmy Penny
Alan O'Connor.
RSM Alley
Hon Col Ching
(Lorne Scots)
Bert Riley.
Ken Hines
Wilf McEvoy.
July 2004
Joseph Loveridge.
28/6/04. Age 89
Jack Barrett.
Cpl Terry Hoske
(RAPC Att.)
Brian (Nobby) Hall.
7 March 2005
John Burke
Frank Seddon
J. Tate
George Hillman
Eric Crooke
Peter Strange
Jim Brannigan

Raymond (Maxie) Maxwell

Sidney Sidebottom

Wally Bentham

Bill Goodier
George (Judder) Williams 23rd Dec 2003 Aged 62
Cpl Norman Jones,
Harry Derbyshire
Norman Bennison
Roy Lee
Dave Reid
Albert Crompton.
23 Nov 2004 aged 82.
Dave (Eddie) Edwards
Lt. Col.Tony Richards
former 1LF Bandmaster

26th Oct 2002.
Darrel Walker
Pete Singleton

22286841 Fus Jonathon H Dixon
Died 4th Feb 2005
1 LF from 1949 to 1955,
He seen active service in Fayed and Moaska garrison Acaba, Jordan,
He was involved when the LFS
Went into beureau Saniter police station in Ismalia. He was on active service in Kenya
fighting the Mau Mau.
He was then sent to Iserlohn, he served
for five years in the Army reserves.

Sgt. Albert Atherton.
Harry Bennett
Jim Callaghan
Leonard Garner MM (WW1)
Frank Mackenzie.
P.O.W. Far East
Alan Bookbinder (Bandsman)

Ken Davies
(Bn Swimmer)

William Barrington Rawsthorne
Frederick W. Johnson.
Fus John (Jack) Batten

6th Bn.
Died 1951
Lt John Crossley
( D Day Veteran)
Frank N. Barker.
1 L F,


Frank Rothwell
4th April 2002 aged 75

Fus Clifford Platt
8th June 1985

Derek Walker.
Nov 17, 2004

Martin Bewley.
June 14th. 2005
1st/8th LF
aged 86 20/03/06

3459530 RSM
John Kerrs

11 October 1919
21 November 1999
Aged 80 years

Peter Taylor
1LF Bandsman


Sam Sherriff 1LF


Chick Conroy.
Died 2000 aged 89.
Served 1925 to 195-? with 2LF and later 1 LF then other Regimental Bands

35968 James Arthur Wilkinson
16th Bn L F (2nd Salford Pals)
click here to go to larger photos

Edward Michael O'Connor
2 L F.
Dunkirk Veteran
Died 30/01/1964

Ken Coward
1st/8th LF
aged 81 29/03/06

Sgt Bernard Flannery
1LF and 1RRF.
passed away 11th August 2006

Paddy Daley

Sgt Terry Mc Nally

3526210 Sgt
John Henry Wilson

passed away peacefully on the
26th June 2006.
aged 91
2nd Bn,

Neil (Danny) Kay
2LF Trieste
RSM at Bury ACF

Arthur Spinks,
passed away on the
14th January 2007
nearly 80yrs of age.
He served in Support company, Egypt, Mortar platoon.


"Sgt William James Stowell
One of Wingates
LF Chindits 1922-2006"

Drummer Leslie Riding
Born 26 March 1936
Passed Away 4th February 1976

Fus Ron Spain

passed away on
26 January 2007
Ron served 1955-57 in Iserlohn and Cyprus on the MT section

Danny Kavanagh
January 2003.

Bob Scotson
1LF and 5LF
brother of John Scotson
our Assoc secretary
passed away in
Albany Western Australia
12th September 2006.

Sgt Ron Smethurst
1LF as Pioneer Sgt, A Coy Pl Sgt and Sgts Mess Caterer in Weeton.
1st October 2006

William Burton
Born 22 Oct 1919
died 6th Jan 1999.
2LF Dunkirk

Sam Davies
passed away
25th March 1993
aged 75.

Kenny McCreadie
Brother in Law of
Jimmy Kavanagh
also an LF
aged 39 years old.
Drummer in Osnabruck

Sgt Basil (Baz) Brace.

passed away
23rd October 1997
1LF and 3RRF Band

Sgt Les Jackman
passed away
16th March 2007
1LF Band
1945 - 1959

235093 Matthew Lomax
Born 1899 at Radcliffe.
He died in 1961.
16th Bn LF

William Lea
passed away
30th April 2004

22771829 Cpl
Anthony Francis Stamp

Known as: Tony (Paddy)
Cyprus, Kenya, Germany & Egypt
Born 17/10/34
passed away 21st June 2005

Fred Lamb
Died 16th Dec 2007
1 LF from 1947 to 1969,

Frank Greenwood
aged 91
2LF at Monte Cassino

Cpl Paul Harrison

born 18 March 1933
27 February 1998
1LF July 51 to Apr 62
Joseph Frederick Lewins

LF Bandsman

S/Sgt George Albert Davies
China, India,

John Snee
1LF Band
29th May 2008

Jamie Reed

Burma Star Vet
passed away 4th June 2007

Kiwi Johnson
22 years with the LF's

Sgt George J. Pilkington
Died 1991 aged 65
Served with the Royal Marines and the LF's
1943 to 1960
served in Burma and was at the
D Day Landing

3451236 Sgt Edward James Morgan.
LF from 1934 until end of WW2
11. 04.2008

Roy Pennington
1LF Osnabruck
Died 24th July 2004

Brian(Dave) Davenport
passed away on 7/11/96

1LF Cyprus

Capt Jim Shaw

Died Aug 2008

Harold Castrey
11th December 2008
1LF MT Sgt

Mike Maher
died 25 September 2008 aged 63
1LF Anti Tank Platoon at Erskine Camp N.T. Kowloon

Tom Graham

died on the
12th August 2008.
He was in the band in
Osnabruck 1960-62.

Major G P Tice.

Died 24 October 1958
South Australia.

James (Hendo) Henderson
1LF from 56-59 in Cyprus
Died in Feb 2004

3657587 Fusilier Harry Howell.
1st Bn LFs (Chindit)
Died 2nd July 1996 at Littlehampton West Sussex.

Jack Wallbank
11th Bn Malta
Died March 1985

Les ( Cheddar) Holland,
Served with 1 LF in Osnabruck,
12 November 1998

Brian (Tich) Hellawell
16th May 2009

23623462 Fus Peter Derby

enlisted at Bury 21 May 1959
and was discharged 13th March 1961.
He died in 2008

John Stephen Roberts
Egypt and Africa in the 1950

30th March 2009
at the age of 80

Graham Lanyon

4th June 2009 aged 67

Horace Tomlinson

1LF Egypt, Italy, Palastine and Malta .1940 to1945
27th July 2009 aged 94 years

Vincent Leonard Jones
1LF Cyprus 1951
23rd July 2009

Alan Bimpson
Sept 24th 2006


Where a soldiers name is honoured
and a soldiers fame is dear.
Nowhere will he be forgotten
Least of all forgotten here.