Bernard "Paddy" Sylvestor Carroll
1st Bn Lancashire Fusiliers

Paddy was conscripted 1957-1959, then he joined as a regular LF serving in Osnabruck, British Guiana and Hong Kong.
He served a six month tour on HMS Euralys as the Captains Bugler.
He was discharged after Hong Kong.
Paddy joined the Corps of Drums in Cyprus 1958, completely green and had no idea how to play any instrument. He was a great lad and became a very good friend of mine he was also very well liked by the all lads in the platoon. After a few months he soon mastered the bugle and he very quickly learnt the bugle calls that I taught him. To hear of Paddy's parting is like another part of my life being torn away and I am deeply upset. My sincere condolences to Paddys family and may they find some comfort at this sad time for them. Rest in peace my friend, stand easy and may God bless you. Alec Mif'.

Jeremy Paxman, he is the son of the lady who owned the farm that Paddy went working on after he left the army
He became a great friend to the family in fact he became a member of the Paxman family,so much so Paddy made Mary Paxman his next of Kin,

He does have a sister who lives up here who is married to Gilbert Butterworth who reported his Death.

Another story which came from HMS Euryalus when he was the Captain Bugler, the Captain was aways asking Paddy to blow something the ship crew got sick of the and hide Paddy's bugle


The Photo below was sent in by Les Ingham It is the guard mounting at Gun Club Hong Kong also in photo is Paddy and General Darling