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1st / 8th Bn Lancashire Fusilier through out WW2 served in Burma and was at Dunkirk includes war diaries news paper cuttings and citations

There is a Burma silk map in the pack which the Fusiliers Museum is getting preserved as it is quite delicate
All these document and most of the photos are now in the Fusiliers Museum in Bury

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James McDonald

1st / 8th Lancashire Fusiliers
11th Feb 1921 - 27th Sept 2013




15 Platoon C Coy 1st/8th LF Ahmednagar India Minden Day 1943

1. 3448311 Fus Finlay, 2. Fus Salt, 3. 129474 Lt Watson GM, A P Wounded 26.4.1944
4. 3458612 ? Fus Coates Wounded, 5. Fus Fuller, 6. Fus Tattersall
7. 3442796 Sgt Mayo Tom Wounded 26.4.1944 8, Cpl ? Priestley, 9. Unidentified, 10. 3452028 Sgt Shepherd, John Wounded
11. 3444031 Cpl Hancock Wounded, 12. 3450965 Cpl Penkethman, 13. Fus Henthorne Killed 26.4.1944
14. Unidentified, 15. Unidentified, 16. Fus Donnelly, 17 ****688 Fus Benson Wounded, 18. Fus Murray Wounded
19. Unidentified, 20. 3873792 Fus Noel, 21. 3507123 Fus Clancy Wounded, 22. 3456770 Fus Scarisbrick Killed
23. 3443883 Fus Reid Killed, 24. 3712483 Fus Abbott Killed, 25. 3654472 Fus Wilkes , 26. Unidentified
27. 3455763 Fus Barwick Killed
Cant find Greenwood, Foster R, Guest P, Nuttall

Back Row L to R Cpl Smith (MT), Sgt McDonald, Bob Faid, Jim Heaney,
Centre Row Sitting Ian Sullivan, Sgt Erine Smith John Murray, Eric Batlin Cpl, (Basher) Tom Bailey,
Front Row in water Capt Wilf Hignett, George Elough, Fred Carrick, Dick Patterson, Robert Elliott Cpl, Joe Robinson, Eddie Graham

Jame's Collection of Hand Written Diaries
1st 8th Bn Lancashire Fusilier in Dunkirk
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Died in the UK

Pow's in Dunkirk

1st 8th Bn Lancashire Fusiliers in Burma
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Jame's Collection of Citations