The background music is
"The Wind Beneath My Wings"( Did You Ever Know That Your My Hero)
Bette of Bill's favourite songs and artists.
It was played as he entered the Church

WO2 Bill Dean

Bill was a great family man as our message board has shown with messages from all his family. Bill had 8 children and 22 grand children
Here are 3 Eulogies from 3 of his sons

The first Eulogy is from Jordan Smith son from Bill's 2nd marriage

Bill was a great dad to me for the years Ive lived with him, there has been some good times and some bad but he's always stuck by me and he's always been there for me whem I was feeling down ,he is a very proud man and he's proud of all his honours and hes always suseeded in what he wanted to do . I'm very proud to be his son and I think he's very proud to be my father, he's told me stories about him being in the army many yearsback and I am honoured to be a son of one of the bravest, proudest and most loyal soldiers I've even known. He was always a happy man I would say the only time when hes sad or angry is when Man Utdhad lost, but always managed to crack a smile everyday, so I would like to say my final words to my father, Dad your always there for me and I thank you that now your in better place where you are free from all the pain and suffering that the last 2 years have coursed and I hope you will be looking down on us and I send all my love to you up in heaven where the angels are taking care of you . So good bye Dad, I've always loved as a father and a real gentleman , you will always be missed and never forgotten I love you with all my heart and soul so goodbye dad I'll never forget you

The 2nd Eulogy is from Lloyd Dean

The 3rd Eulogy is from Karl Dean

Rest in Peace Bill from all your Comrades in 1LF and 3RRF

Just a selection of the photos of Bill whilst serving and at reunions

Gallipoli 2007

Gallipoli 2007

Minden 2004

Osnabruck Reunion 2006

Bill was my kind of man, when we had been away from our loved ones in BG for about 6 months,Bill had to return to the UK for some reason,probably a course.
A few of the wives had been pestered by a man from another Fusilier Regiment in the quarters at Lichfield (and this bastard had had some success with one or two of the more lonely ones!)
Bill was approached and it was put to him that on arriving in UK he should act as "Bn Revenge Officer"
Bill did not hesitate, the first thing he did was to go and "see" this individual,and Bill having worked him over we had no more stories of him bothering our ladies.
Omnia Audax XXth.