Smile by
Katherine Crowe &
The London Metropolitan Orchestra


Thomas Doughty

Lancashire Fusiliers
1954 to 1970

First of all thank you to everyone attending, Madge asked me to say something today as she knows that Tom would not want any fuss. She is a very astute lady because my guess is that she asked me because no one would understand a word I was saying or if they did she could continue blaming a Tom !

Thomas Doughty was born 26 November 1936, the third and youngest son of the late Lucy and Bill Doughty and brother of the late John Doughty and brother to Bill and Veronica. Tom was born in the same year as Burt Reynolds, Albert Finney, Ursula Andress, Kris Kristofferson , Brian Blessed and also Robert Redford. He was born brought up and spent most of his life in or around Oldham/Rochdale so did not have much in common with that bunch of infamous people , or so I thought until I read that even Robert Redford was considered to be a scrappy kid who stole hubcaps and lost his college scholarship because of drunkenness. I am sure that any similarities to the kids of 1936 are purely coincidental!
Dunbar school was where all the Doughty's went school followed by St Pat's. After Tom left school he worked in demolition with his uncle Billy Tattersall in Oldham until, at 18, conscription to the Army where he joined the Lancashire Fusiliers in 1954. Tom loved Army life especially the sport, playing football was his passion but he did try a bit of boxing and has a record of 17 silver medals from his 17 fights! You could say that at no time did he stand easy!
Tom joined civvy street but he missed the Army very much so he joined the regular Army driving his Tank over Germany Hong Kong and the far east and Belize in South America , he was very, very proud of being 23140938 Cpl Doughty and of the Lancashire Fusiliers . Tom and his family are very proud of this period of his life and he retains that connection to this day by asking for any donations to me made to Help the Heros.
Tom and Madge spent 38 years together, whilst they have no children together they spent a lot of their time looking after Ian and I know that Ian would like to say something about his memories and stories of his Uncle Tom.
Thank you Ian, it is probably true to say that Tom was perhaps more comfortable kicking a ball about with children or cheating a bunch of kids at tiddlywinks. Tom was a strong character if he shook your hand you knew it most women were called Doris I will never know why!

It is also true to say that Tom had not been in the best of health for a long time and him and Madge became regular visitors to hospitals, curiously enough very rarely at the same time or the same hospital. He did not court visitors sometimes ushering them away before they had a chance to sit down. He detested being a burden on anyone and remained independent to the last, that said he was never unappreciative and would want me to specifically mention Nurse Jackie Radford, his carer Paul and in particular his little diamond. Madge and Tom bounced off each other for 38 years but they had a fantastic understanding of each other's needs and had a strong bond.
The Lancashire Fusiliers have a saying
Where a soldiers name is honoured and a soldiers fame is dear. Nowhere will he be forgotten least of all forgotten here.
We are here to say our farewell to Tom Doughty, just get on with it I hear him say, so as we say goodbye, forget the tears, remember the song composed by Charlie Chaplin what's the use of crying You'll find life is still worthwhile if you just SMILE.
God Bless

Tom Bowler

On behalf of the whole family I would like to thank you and the rest of the fusiliers for their participation in Monday's service.
I am sure that my Uncle Tom would have been very proud at his final "stand easy".
Kind regards and thanks for everything you have done

Lorraine and Tom Bowler