Eric Freeman
Died May 17th, 2011

Suez Veteran

was one of the team that stormed the Bureau Sanitaire in Ismalia in 1952

I was honoured to be asked by Eric's family to say a few words about him.

He had many fine qualities.

I shall confine myself to just three:-

His love of life, his bravery and his loyalty.

His love of his wife and family and their children was very very obvious, and his charming avuncular manner quickly endeared him to all children.
My Alice Violet will never forget her Uncle Eric.

His quiet unassuming manner belied the fact that he was a brave soldier, one of those special few who stormed the barrack walls of the Bureau Sanitaire in Ismalia in 1952, losing five comrades during the action.

His loyalty, comradeship and support for all things Lancashire Fusilier was legendary.
I once discussed with him the special bond which he clearly had with his beloved LFs.
He replied that actually it was a medical condition.
Puzzled, I asked him what he meant ?
"They are joined at the heart" was his reply.

Yes they are Eric.
Omnia Audax XX