James Wright
1st Bn Lancashire Fusiliers

by Amanda Cawley Jame's daughter

Here's hoping these words wrote with so much love will find their way to you in Heaven above because the sadness in my heart is overflowing and my heart is broken in two , So today I have some thank you's to say . THANK YOU ----- daddy for being you , for always being there for me , for doing your best for me , for being my confidant and my best friend . THANK YOU-------for making the world a better place because you were in it . THANK YOU-------for telling me I was loved and adored every single day of my life . THANK YOU------for your patience , your advice , your understanding , your wisdom , your laughter and your amazing sense of humour. THANK YOU-------for taking me in your beloved truck when I was little , we travelled all over the country , doing the job you adored for 40 years . THANK YOU------for your stories and your knowledge about everything . THANK YOU ------for the holidays you took us on especially America which you adored as did we . THANK YOU-------for playing your ELVIS records over and over again when I was growing up , I now know every single word to every single song so we just had to go to Graceland . THANK YOU------for teaching me the value of hard work and what this can achieve ,you made sure your family never wanted for anything . THANK YOU ----- for the wonderful influence you had on my life THANK YOU------for being the most loving , caring , selfless, devoted father , husband , and grandfather to Daniel and great - grandfather to Dominic. THANK YOU ----- for your love and commitment to mum for 57 years of marriage . You were totally devoted to each other you were not two People you were one . You adored us as we adored you . Your only concern was our wellbeing as you always put other people first . I will miss your cheeky smile , the way you lit up a room when you entered it . I will miss your warm embrace and your voice saying " my little girl " but most of all I will miss "Jimmy Wright " my amazing daddy and I am honoured to be you daughter , you are simply irreplaceable. So goodnight my daddy my hero , sleep warm , sleep tight , you will live in us , around us and be forever in our hearts so today and every day my whole life through I'll think of nothing else but you . I Love you from your devoted daughter Mandy Moo who is truly daddy's little girl.