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Fallen Comrades
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Where a soldiers name is honoured
and a soldiers fame is dear.
Nowhere will he be forgotten
Least of all forgotten here.

The Great War . WW 1


L Serjt F Bowden
1st/8th Bn.Lancshire Fusiliers


World War 11

Pembroke CWGC Malta

The graves at Pembroke CWGC are hewn from almost solid rock; there’s very little soil as such - as a young corporal in 1963, I was a member of a burial party there and I can vouch that. In most cases, burials are stacked up two or three to a grave with large engraved stone slabs covering the grave (quite unlike NW Europe or Far East burials).
Of the eight LF burials at Pembroke, seven are from WW2 and one dates back to the Great War (May 1915). (see above under WW1)

Sent in by Topper Brown

Second Lieutenant Owen
11th Bn. Malta
Son of Robert B. Owen and Mary E. Owen; husband of Phyllis Owen, of Haulgh, Bolton, Lancashire.

Fusilier Crosland
11th Bn. Malta
Son of William Brooke Crosland and Eliza Crosland, of Salem, Oldham, Lancashire; husband of Ada Crosland.

Fusilier Worster
11th Bn. Malta

Fusilier Tharby
11th Bn. Malta

Fusilier Hopwood
11th Bn. Malta

Lance Corporal Patt
11th Bn. Malta
Son of Grimshaw and Pauline Patt; husband of Eileen Patt, of Elton, Bury, Lancashire.

Corporal Nicklin
11th Bn. Malta
Son of Richard and Mary Nicklin, of Newcastle-on-Tyne;
husband of Dorothy Joyce Nicklin, of Heaton, Newcastle-on-Tyne

25th January, 1952.

Killed During Disarming of Police in Ismailia
25th January, 1952

L/Cpl. Eastham, A.E,
C Coy
L/Cpl. Eastham, H.
C Coy
L/Cpl. McKenzie,J.
C Coy
Fus. Lowe,J
C Coy
Fus. Allen, A.B.
C Coy
Fus A.B.Allen, died 4/4/52 of his wounds in the Military Hospial, Moascar Garrison


Killed in action on 5th May 1964 in the Radfan area of the South Arabian Peninsula while attached to 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment.
"Barry" as he was affectionately known to the whole of the 1st Battalion, was well loved. A natural gentleman and a fine sportsman. His great game was Rugby Football. Both as a player and as Team Captain he was well above the average, inspiring the whole team by his cool, safe play and devastating tackles. After the game his personal standards were an example to all others and he kept the more boisterous within bounds without detracting from the fun.
Yes, life was fun for Barry. He lived every minute of it to the full and the died, gloriously, under fire helping one of his soldiers.
His death is a sad and personal loss to us all, particularly to "Goody", his wife and his son Mark; also, of course to his parents who we had the privilege of meeting in Germany.
He was known, liked and respected by all from the humblest Fusilier to the General Officer Commanding his Division. It was a great privilege knowing him.

25 year old, Captain Jewkes was killed by a rebel sniper, whilst giving medical aid to Sergeant Baxter who seriously wounded in the lung, in the Radfan on May 5 1964.
Padre Preston arrived in a Belvedere helicopter to organise the removal of all wounded. He stayed himself to give a temporary burial to Captain Jewkes.
Capt Jewkes was posthumously awarded a Mentioned in Despatches.
He was later buried at Maala Cemetery, Aden

Note from Maurice
I came across this obituary to Captain Edwin Barry Jewkes the other day. Can't think why he was not decorated for bravery, he laid down his life for a comrade? He was certainly the best rugby player we had at that time.
Lieutenant Edward Barrymore 'Barry' Jewkes was commissioned into The Lancashire Fusiliers.
Lt Jewkes was seconded to B Company, The 3rd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment in Regiment (3 PARA) in October 1963 and soon represented them at rugby.

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The above men are on The Roll of Honour at
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