Stuart Barlow
Stuart lived with his wife Eva Maria and family in Austria
1LF Osnabruck Worester BG Weeton

Even though we dont begrudge you the Peace that you have found, our Heart is Full of Sorrow. Our biggest Pain was to see you suffer, And not be able to help. People that we loved,are like Stars,they sparkle and Shine long after they've gone. Stuart's wish was to go by the Element of Fire. You'll always be in our Hearts.
We miss you

From Vince Moran

Stu was in one of the first drafts out of Sutton,he came to us in Osnabruck in 1962
Bill cross was in his draft
He came from Chadderton
Think he went into C Coy first and then onto the MT,but missed the rifle coy so much he came back into C Coy in BG,he left us from Weeton
He was one of the really good blokes who you would never forget
never a bad word about anyone,and,always up for a good laugh

From Right to left as you look at the photo

Stan Cowell, Alan Squires, Stu Barlow, Billy Davies, Hughie Fitzpatrick, Agi Hargreaves, Tony Burn, and Cass Young

Billy Davies, Russ Rowe, Stu, Jimmy Gibbons

Pete Tighe, Stu, Rick beddingfield, Kev McDowell
front 3 Billy Davis, Fitzpatrick, Gudder Williams.

Stuart on his bike, he competed in a lot of marathon bike rides

Here with son Daniel on Fathers Day