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John Barlow
1st Bn Lancashire Fusiliers

"John Barlow was born in Chapelfield Radcliffe Lancashire, to parents Hubert Barlow and Martha Barlow on Sat 8th March 1919.

There were four children, two brothers Harry and Herbert and a sister Ida.

His Brother Harry in later life became a world champion weight lifter, his other brother Herbert became a boxer and served in the Royal Artillery.

His father was working in the newspaper industry in Manchester, his mother was a weaver at the Pioneer cotton mill in Radcliffe.

His father Hubert served in the Middlesex Regiment in 1WW as a Private returning home in good health.

In 1939 as a 20year old, John enlisted in the Lancashire Fusiliers.

3452157 Fus Barlow John, did his basic training at Wellington Barracks Bury then went to Newcastle to do a driving course , then back to Bury Barracks
Some time later the 1st Battalion went to Southampton then shipped out to India, Ouetta then on to Cawnpore.

The 1st Bn LFs then became part of 77th Indian Brigade (Chindits ) under Brig Mad Mike Calvert.

John was in A Company and remembers Ted Stoney from Bury, Ed Barlow from Radcliffe,Darkie Baines from Cheetham Hill (good footballer),Dugie Murphy from Rochdale and Sgt Bill Bossens., Stan and Harry Cropper from Bury.

John also said he went through Burma campaign with a Gurkha called, Tul Bahadur Pun who later won the VC.

He also remembers Minnie the Mule and said her handler was a guy called Gypsy Lee, pictured with Minnie on this link:-

He also recalls that their position was called White city and he was involved in the Battle at Mogaung when Harold Kyte was killed but he did not know him,and
that the Japs at night would call "Johnny Johnny we are coming to see you! we are coming to get you" and the Chindits would shout back “ Come on you Japanese Bastards come on then”

He also said that he had Malaria but was only treated with tablets and, they had no leave at all ,they used to go down to bars and cause trouble with other units by shouting "Six before breakfast, that’s us, Six before breakfast!!" "

J Ashcroft

A P Ratcliffe
Click here to see John's photos of the Minden Parade in Dehra Dun India 1946