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Who's Who?
Pictures of LFs (and attached personnel), as they were while serving, and, as you pass the mouse over the picture, as they are now! Please send in your pics to be included in this Rogues' Gallery.

William (Bill) Curtis

William Angus

Dave (Colin)Boutty

Joe Eastwood

William Daniels

Francis Graham Kelly

Dave Yarnall

Jim Deans

Seth Adams

John Brophy

Dennis Laverick

Fred ?

John Blaney

Geordie Bacon

Guess who

Spike Macey

Mick Rae

Ian Greenhalgh

Jud Brandwood
The Mask

Brian Oldham

Jim Costello

Brian Fish

Terry (Amos)

Ian Stoddart

Harry Murgatroyd

Geoff Pycroft

Brian Moore

Les Ingham

Pete George

Pete Kinsella

Roy Young

Mike Phillips

Larry Parkes

Peter Barton

Nicky Mello

Ken Stone

John Scotson

Ron Jones

John Ledwith

Billy Dean

Steven Fitt

Roy Tooth

Alec Mifsud

Ken Eves

Peter Clegg

Frank Cotham

Maurice Taylor

Paddy Carrol

Bernard Flannery

Jack Wade


Tommy Hussey

Barrie Wheatley

Roy Langford

Viv Eastwood

Nelson the Parrot
from BG

Stafford Ollerenshaw (Ollie)

Capt Mike Murray

John Woodcock

In 1965 Eddie came 7th in best head of men comp voted by
Nat. Hairdressers Assco

Eddie Burrows

Rick Bedingfield

David Platt

Vince Moran

Alan Loftus

Pete Jones

Terry Jolliffe

Michael Trimble

Cliff Owen

Ray Coadwell
now in NZ

2Lt Konrad Schiemann

Sir Konrad Hermann Theodor Schiemann
Judge of the European Court of Justice

Was Mick Moran
Col Mick Moran

Eric Freeman

Barry Williamson

John O' Grady

Peter Delahunty

Ron Aikens

Ray Oliver

Tony Coutts-Britton

Kevin Bradley

Keith Beet

Dennis Robinson

Victor Power

Bernard Airey

Pete Newton
Yo Yo

Bill Stamp

Alan Jones

Don't forget put your mouse on the photo to see what they look like now