Frank Wood

1st Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
1951-53 in Egypt and Kenya

Our Dad

25 years ago, my dad made a speech. It was for my wedding. He was terrified. But he did me proud. I hope today I can return the compliment. So this is for you Dad, - Our Dad.

He taught us to read,
To write our names,
To tell the time,
To tell the truth,
And together we perfected the art of tying a shoelace.

He taught me my left foot from my right,
And he ran behind us down the street when we learned to ride our first bikes.
He knew everything you needed to know about tropical fish…
And how to grow a decent vegetable.

He dragged us up mountains and together we enjoyed the timeless beauty of a good view…
And around castles, in Wales on rainy days so that we would know the value of an old ruin.
He was a fount of knowledge, a walking map book (long before Google had designs on the idea), and a King of Rat Pack Swing.

He introduced us to crusty bread, crosswords and Liverpool Football club, and the sheer joy that can be gleaned from sucking out the last of the juices from a spare rib – to find the pleasure in simple things.

He hated being ill, if he could talk to us now he would tell us that he’s fine, that nothing’s wrong with him and to stop fussing.

He worked hard for over 40 years  at Fords Halewood plant– mornings, noons, and nights…and then come home to paint the house in time for Christmas.

What I’m trying to say and what I think we all know is that he was a good man, and he gave us good values and a solid foundation, and encouraged us to build upon it.

He told us ‘Reach for those stars’ but when we crashed on the moon (as we often did), He picked us up and told us to appreciate the view….and then to get going again – to never give up.

He inspired the best in us,
He forgave the worst in us,
He never judged us.
He loved us.

He was a rock, an inspiration, our one true constant.
He was our Dad.
A father, Grandfather, and teacher;
A husband and a best friend;
A soldier and a peacemaker;
A wise man and a joker;
He was ‘Our Frank’ –
A really good, honest, decent man who never turned his back on anyone.
We loved him, and we’ll miss him.
I love you dad – and I’ll miss you so much.
So I want to say ‘Thank you, for being our Dad, and Thank you, for being you.’
Rest in Peace now Dad, until we meet again.


24th September 2015, at St. Anthony of Egypt Church, Liverpool.

Frank was born in Scotland Road Liverpool on July 8th 1933. He was a Liverpool lad down to his shoe laces. He lost his own Dad early in life and as the eldest son he worked hard to support his mum and family of four brothers and one sister. He worked on Great Homer street market at aged 11 running errands for stall holders and delivering goods for customers. When he wasn’t there he was helping his own father laying out coffins and learning the art of french polishing, putting aside the chance to go to college on a scholarship to earn money for the rest of the family. At 18 he joined the Lancashire Fusiliers, serving from 1951-53 in Egypt and Kenya.

On his return he worked at Yorkshire Imperial Metals. He later worked at Fords Halewood plant, doing shift work for nearly 25 years. Even in retirement he couldn’t sit idle and for a while he became a chauffeur! He married wife Eileen on September 17th 1955 (and just managed to hold on until their 60th wedding anniversary to the day, if not the date). He had three children (Francis, Paula and Tricia) and seven grandchildren.

He passed away, September 12th peacefully with family at his side in Whiston Hospital, Merseyside.
sent in by Paula Moss (Franks daughter)