Barry Awang

1st Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
2nd Bn Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
1964 - 1974
On leaving the Army Barry joined the TA in Somerset
Barry's Ashes were placed in Wellington Barracks Memorial Garden
6th June 2015

Writen by Joe Eastwood and read out by Michael Rae
Eulogy for Barry Awang.

I first met Barry at Weeton Camp near Blackpool in the early 1960s.

I was then a Corporal in the training wing and Barry came on to a Cadre I was running to teach what was then a new weapon, the General Purpose Machine gun in a sustained fire role.

There were some 20 men on the cadre and Barry very quickly showed himself to be a good quick learning student who liked to work hard during the day and to play hard at night.

He was a very popular man with a quick and ready humour and quickly gained the friendship of many Fusiliers around him, some of whom are here today.

I was to come across him from time to time as our paths crossed, both in the UK and particularly in Hong Kong, where he again demonstrated his ability to get things done without undue fuss.

When the Lancashire Fusiliers were disbanded, I lost track of him a little, but from time to time would hear from one of his numerous buddies and it was clear that he had not only carried on being very popular, but had begun climbing the promotional ladder.

A good soldier, a good solid comrade, Barry will be sadly missed by those who were fortunate enough to call him friend.

Captain Joe Eastwood BEM CQSW.

Chairman Fusiliers Association( Lancashire)

Captain(retd) J Eastwood BEM CQSW.

This message was sent by Matthew (Barry's eldest son ) who live with his family in Western Australia and are unable to attend.
Rachel Barry's Daughter led the service, Russell, his other son, read out the message from Matthew. Also in attendance was Barry's ex wife Wendy and other members of his family