L/Cpl Albert Green MM. BEM.

won his MM on the 23/24th October 1944
at the battle for
Mount Spaduro in Italy.



Albert with his next door Neighbour Richie who framed his medals

Albert and Glady's (his wifes)

Albert and his wife Glady's on their wedding day

Alberts Coffin
with our Flag, Cushion and Alberts Beret and Hackle

L/Cpl A. Green, regimental signaller to
C Company of the
2nd Lancashire Fusiliers

I remember we approached the high ground on which Sanfatucchio stood along a very deep trench or ditch, possibly a dried up river bed, which gave us ample cover over the long distance to the edge of the village from the start line. I
believe C Company was on the right of the battalion attack. This action was the
one where the battalion was really bloodied to the use of Nebelwerfer (six barrelled mortar launchers) which made the most horrible noise imaginable when it was fired and which is very difficult to describe- I would say like the screams of a dying donkey with the noise of some heavy furniture on very rusty castors
superimposed on each other. Although we had come across this foul weapon
before we had never had such a concentration of these mortar rockets thrown at us previously. We managed to reach the edge of Sanfatucchio before the
Germans halted our advance by knocking out a number of tanks of the Warwickshire Yeomanry with anti-tank guns hidden in the houses on the outskirts of the
Village and consequently I believe it was 13 platoon that suffered quite a number of casualties as they had to withdraw from a number of houses they had
managed to capture. C Company Headquarters had dug in on the edge of a
Cornfield and the height of the corn shielded us from the German observation
Post, which was very fortunate with the concentration of fire being put dowm by these Nebelwerfer. During this period, myself, John Cooper and Ken Curtis, all regimental signallers, were kept busy as we took over control of the battalion
Wireless net, due to the radio set of Battalion Headquarters becoming faulty, and we had to keep log of all messages with times they were passed for the next thirty six hours until a replacement radio set was brought up from B Echelon, and control was reverted back to Battalion Headquarters


Alberts Red Book

Alberts MM Award

Newspaper cutting
about Abert's MM

Newspaper cutting
about Abert's BEM

Letter about his BEM

Alberts Service record

Letter about his retirement

2nd Letter about his Retirement

Letter about his pension

Newspaper cutting he kept about Kevin Hill with a note written by Albert saying how proud he was to serve with Kevin