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The Memorabilia on this page belongs to
William Angus


Far East Insignia

Moao Tse Tung Plate 1967

The 6LF
Recruits Hand Book

This was given to LCpl William Black, at Troutbeck, Cumberland
in 1927.

The 6LF
Recruits Hand Book

My grandfather was the medical room NCO, or as he has written
in the book, the Regimental 1st Aid Post.

L/cpl Black
in his tent


Lancashire Fusiliers
Collar Dogs


Lancashire Fusiliers
Shoulder Titles

Lancashire Fusiliers
Cap Badge


A programme from a play
4LF performed in
Barry Wales

The Players


HMS Euryalus visit to 1LF
Hong Kong
Gallipoli Day
25th April 1968


A programme of 2nd Play by 4LF
in Barry Wales
Feb 1918

The Players

HMS Euryalus visit to 4RRF
28th April 1968

District Bank Plaque
of War Dead
Bearing the names:
Lt. Joseph Higgin Jobling 10th Bn
2Lt. Edward Mead 6th Bn

Lancashire Fusiliers



Plate commemorating the
formation of

Discharge Document 1919
for Ernest Heywood

Invitation to a
Sgts Mess Annual Dinner
Salford 1939.

Newspaper cutting, territorials 1/6 LF leaving for France 1939.

Newspaper Report of
Territorial action in
France 1940.

Report of the DSO awarded to
Lt Col J B Gartside
June 29th 1940

Invitation to Beating of Retreat.
Hong Kong 25 April 1968.
Disbandment of LFs.

Menu for Sgts Mess
39th LF

Cheque dated Feb 19th 1917 paid to OC A Coy,1/5 Lancashire Fusiliers, signed by Capt C.E. Hartley Captain PRI, counter signed by M. Holbuton.

Cheque dated Aug 31st 1916, paid out to EXF Canteen, signed by Captain George B.Horridge,
5th Lanc Fusiliers

A piece of shrapnel from a German 88 AA gun from Africa when
my grand father was in the 8th army in Libya. He came back home and
had the piece chrome plated with his plaque on it, his army number, rank
and name and place of action, the infamous Halfaya Pass. June 1941,
this was when GFM Rommel was still in charge and doing well.
The shrapnel is about 6 inches long by 5 inches wide, would not fancy
getting hit by any of it. My mom told me that her dad said when he picked
it up it was still hot and he stuck it in one of his pouches, or so she told me that.
( I am named after my grandfather, the W so is for William )

Picture of LFs
placing roses
in their hats before the
Battle of Minden.


LF Christmas

Card Cover



Christmas Card
sent by
Lt Col R.M. Watson

Christmas Card

with a picture of
Trooping the Colours
Minden Day


Christmas Card

with a picture of
Trooping the Colours
Minden day

Christmas Card

with a picture of

Trooping the Colours


booklet about
HMS Euryalas

WW2 Glengarry
worn by the
Lorne Scots


The first HMS Euryalus

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