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Invitation to Gurkha
Dashera Festival. If the bull is killed with one blow of the Kukri, then they will succeed in battle for the next year
owned by
Colin Boutty

Bust of Chairman Mao.
The inscription reads;
"I am the greatest Leader".
That's what the guy at our
local chippy told me!
C. Boutty

Chairman Mao Tse Tung badge,
bought at the same time
as the Red Book.
C. Boutty

The Thoughts of Chairman Mao. (Little Red Book)
1st edition 1966.
Bought from Communist shop in
Hong Kong 1968.


Scoresheet of Lancashire Fusiliers
Bugle Calls.
owned by
Spike Macey


Spike Macey's
Number plate on his pickup truck

Vintage LF Watch Fob.
In Bronze
Brian Oldham

Dennis Robinson's
Collection of figures
They are of different periods in the life of the Regiment,
but all the bases are shown as
Royal Regiment of Fusiliers,
I dont like that part, I feel the correct name should be on base

Dave Yarnalls
ID card

Christmas Card

Well it had to happen you always have a pair of smelly socks with holes in in your locker these are Colin Boutty's in Erskine Camp

Pete Newton's Trophies

ACF NW Command, Runner-up-Knat Wt (about 5stone?)
Not represented, as medal stolen with others 1948 when my family moved to Dorset.
Smaller statue, Army Enlisted Boys-Individual Championships Runner-up
Black Shield, AAS Chepstow, winner, Mosquitowt.
Cloth Badge, Army colours, awarded irrespective of age, for representing the Army.
Larger statue, ISBA Jnr. Championships Flywt-winner.
Centre shield, Army Enlisted Boys-Individual Championships winner @Flywt.
Black shield, AAS Chepstow winner @Flywt.
Sgt. Cyril Gallie, memorial cup,(Token cup). Awarded for best boxing performance over three years. Award presented to me by Field Marshal The Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, K.G. At Chepstow.
The whereabouts of the original cup is unknown after the closure of the AAS. There are several claimants!
1949 winner threeqtrs of a mile AAS
East Lancs. Training Bn. Hadrians Camp, winner Flywt
???? 1 XX LF Runner-up, novices, Bantamwt
1950 1 XX LF, Novices Flywt winner
1 XX LF, Support Coy, 8ooyrds relay team winners.
1952 1 XX LF, runner-up, Featherwt.

Dave Yarnalls
little Red book

Sent in by Norman Burkitt

My new OO guage Lancashire Fusiliers loco. (mounted in pride of place in a glass case).
This was rebuilt from another model by my brother in South Wales, and I sent him the name plates.

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Sent in by Jim Costello in Oz
I have attached a few photos of the front of my local RSL club (Returned Servicemens league) I don't know if you have heard about them but they are all over the country. Originally for ex-service women and men they now allow none-service people to join in. They have bars, restaurants, gyms, meeting rooms for ex-service organisations and many more facilities including lots of poker machines (fruit machines) which return good profits. The law requires them to spend all the profits on members facilities or as gifts to local charities and youth clubs etc.
I hope my ugly gob dosen't spoil the photos but I'm sure my mate Harry can only enhance them.

RSL Club Nambour OZ