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The Memorabilia on this page belongs to
Maurice Taylor

1948 Joined 1LF in Knook Camp the first Regular Officer from Sandhurst after the war. Platoon Commander A Company
1949 Moved to Support Company at the School of Infantry 2IC Carrier Platoon then OC MMG Platoon
1950 and 1951 OC MMG Platoon Egypt and Transjordan
1952 MTO in Kenya
1953 MTO in BAOR ( Iserlohn )
1954 Pilot Trg UK
1955 - 1956 Pilot 1907 Flight, Glider Pilot Regiment, Malaya
1957 OC 1911 Flight Army Air Corps, Singapore
1958 OC B Company Cyprus
1960- 61 OC C Company BAOR ( Osnabruck )
After Osnabruck;
1962 - 1965 Chief Instructor, Air Transport Support School, Canada

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Photograph of a couple of trophies taken from the Armoury of the Caracol Egypt

I wonder how many Army Shooting Medals the XXth have won over the years? Here is one that we were proud of when Support Company won the 1st Army Cup (Abroad)
in a competition which was open to every Coy, Sgn, Trg Establishment and Depot overseas ( excluding BAOR ) firing Machine Carbines in 1950.
The Support Company Team; Sgt W Bretherton, Sgt M Burke, Cpl K Whitehead and A/Capt M W Taylor.
As I remember the Cup stood about three foot high!

Soldier Magazine's report on the HMS Euryalus to 1LF in Aqaba 1951

I like the one of the "drunken sailors" and also the one where Minnie seems to stand out nicely.

Calendar fronts
1948 and 1949



Maurice's Dad Aged 16
The Kings Regt


British Forces I D Card Egypt 1951
In In 1958 I was sent from 1LF to join the Persian Army for a couple of months and they sent an officer back to join us in Cyprus.
the next 6 photos are of that time

On exchange from
1LF Persia


With Persian Cavalry Officers

Persian ID 1958

Persian Cavalry

On exercise with a Persian Cavalry Squadron

Kermanshah Persia

The last Glider Pilot Regt Flag to fly in Singapore 1957

Silver Compact presented by Maurice to his wife Angela on leaving Cyprus in 1960"

Maurices Victory Parade Programme


1954 Malayan Communist terrorist hat recovered from the jungle in Perak

A Policemans Hat - Trophy from the Caracol
Ismailia Egypt

Aqaba 1951 Arab Legion Soldiers Headdress

"The Berlin Fire Brigade made Maurice an honorary Fire Chief.


the crown could also be Corporal of Horse (Mike Murray)

Far East Land Force

48 Div there are two for the 48 Div. 48th Division (Crown Red Cross In Gold Box On Green)and 48th (South Midland) Division (Blue Macaw On Red Diamond On Blue)

"Christmas card from Maurice's father at the front in 1916"
Two almost antique pictures from the 14 -18 War of "Old Bill" the cartoon character who apparently did more for morale in the trenches than any other published item before........the front line troops loved them

The Communication Trench....Problem - Whether to walk along the top and risk it, or do another mile of this?

Observation....."Ave a squint through these 'ere Bill; you can see one of the --------------'s eatin' a sausage as clear as anythin'"

Malaya 1954
7 Flight Taiping.


Cap Badges and Button's
Whilst serving with the Glider Pilot Regiment


Driving Permits

Maurice's just say's
1st Bn XX The Lancashire Fusiliers on the back.

How about these Menus from RMC Sandhurst June 1932 and June 1935?

I wonder did we have anyone commissioned into the XXth these years and did they ever survive the oncoming War which was to be their destiny just a few years later?

I hardly remember my commissioning Ball....just a blur...too much of the good things of life!!!!

Maurice's swagger Stick


Just been looking through odd pamphlets I acquired about sixty years ago

the photos are of Part X of Basic and Battle Physical Training from a PT Course
I did in November 1948.