Here, you can display your own LF memorabilia & items of interest.
Send pictures in to Joe Eastwood with a description of the item,
and we'll do the rest.

Locker page No 3

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The Memorabilia on this page belongs to
Vivienne and Joe

This is not a locker page its

"German POW Carved Oak Plaque"
Owned by
Joe Eastwood

Silver Watch Fob
Inscribed: L/Cpl Glover
Welter Weight 1940
Joe Eastwood

The Silver Bugle
presented at the
LF Re-Union
at Bury,
31st October 2003

In the custody of

Silver Stick given to
Joe by Viv for Christmas 2004."

Capt Kendal .T. BLAMEY MC and Bar,
OC C Coy 8th Battalion
Lancashire Fusiliers
son of John and Mary Blamey,
of "Trelawny", Park Road, Hale, Cheshire
.Born 2nd quarter 1891 was OC of C Coy
and wounded at Gillemont Farm
20/11/17. Gained the bar to his MC in the Defence of Givenchy 9/4/18.
Was in temporary command of the
2/5 Bn during 1918.

"Inter Services Team Championship Medal ,1926,Winners The Army" named to
"Sgt W.Daniels.
1st Lancashire Fusiliers"
Thanks Joe
NOW we know how old
Danny really is

Lancashire Fusiliers Lapel Stud,
LF Badge
with Three Chevrons, with
Blue enamel -LS&GC chevrons?
Joe Eastwood.

Video of "The Red Beret"
with the 2nd Bn as extras


Trenchart Ashtrays
made from shellcase.
Possibly WW1.
Joe Eastwood.

The Knick-Knack Man.
A murder story about an
ex-Lancashire Fusilier.
Joe Eastwood

AI bought this commemorative
silver spoon on Ebay.
Note that the Shouting Fusilier is in
the original place on the market ground.
I wonder how many of these
silver spoons were made?
It is hallmarked for 1904.


David Spencer's Book
(ex Fusilier)
"Message From The Colonel"

David was a Junior Bandsman
in 1964 at Sutton Coldfield

"Red Tunic with White Facings Circa 1913....Given into the care of the
LF web site by Annette Harrison,
the daughter of
Company Sergeant Major Bill Goodier
1 LF...The jacket was worn
by Bill's grandfather who was a
member of the
XXth The Lancashire Fusiliers.
A set of buttons and shoulder titles
which would match the period
are being sought (can anyone help?)
Judging from the tiny size,
I would think this to be a
boy drummers Jacket.

Medal, Minden Troop,
Dublin 1908
Cpl T Whittaker,
XXth Lancashire Fusilier

"This Cap and badge was given
into the care of the
Lancashire Fusiliers web site
by Agnes Robinson,
the widow of
CSM Cyril Robinson
10th Bn The XXth The Lancashire Fusiliers.
He wore it with pride."

"Original Art Work by Bill Duggan,
does it remind you of anyone?"

Silver Medal Inter Coy Cricket
Sgt J W Whittaker
HQ Coy 1910 ,

XXth Lancashire Fusiliers.

"7th Lancashire Fusiliers TA
converted to 354
(Lancashire Fusiliers)
Search Light Battery. RA. TA."

This album was brought on E bay
by Joe it contains everyone
who served in Ferozepore
2nd Bn 1934 to see all the photos
click here or go to 2nd Bn

1931 1934
India, Punjab, Amritsar


"Donated for research by Eric Freeman"

"Donated for research by Eric Freeman"

Joe latest bed time reading
he always was a swot
sent to him by a Rochdale LF

"A wooden LF visiting Card box
and a wooden LF cigarette case
(next Column),made in Italy
for a member of the
2nd Bn The Lancashire Fusiliers
in WW2
The initials of the soldier are H.F.C."

anyone know who H.F.C. is


Contains Photos of everyone
who served with
1LF Multan 1911

to see the Album photos


Gallipoli Bayonets

This is very rare brass and enamel lapel badge.
In the Autumn of 1941
the 1/5th TA Bn of the
XXth converted to an Armoured Unit in 125 Armoured Brigade.
They were renamed as
108 Regiment RAC,
but continued wearing a LF cap badge
in a black beret.
Following the victory at
El Alemein,the War Office
had a change of mind
and decided that there was
no need for more
Armoured Regiments
and the Unit was disbanded.

(see 1/5th Bn on site 1941-43)

LF Powder Compact

It is Silver, dated 1933, and was
probably a gift from an
Officer to his Lady, OR
could have been a few given as
gifts at a Mess function
‘Vivienne Eastwood Collection

The Calgary Highlanders
First Edition of the famous
"Green Book"
published in 1954.
I will loan it if the borrower
will pay postal insurance charges.
I will send scans free to any
Lancashire Fusilier.

"LF brass ash Tray
J.R.Gaunt of London"

"LF Annual for 1921"

Jenny Cook in memory of her father,
Captain A G Crichton
1/8th Bn The XXth The Lancashire Fusiliers

LF Ink Pad

"Probably nicked from some Orderly Room,bought on Ebay July 2006"


"First edition of Lancashire Fusilier
John McCann's
signed by the author
in 1986 "

An unusual WW1 silver
Fob/ Medal.
Marked on one side
(Queen Mary's Auxiliary Corps)
1918 1919
and with the badge of the
Lancashire Fusiliers

The other side engraved with the letters
And the number
Hallmarked silver for Sheffield
Approx 2.5cms in diameter.

Anybody any ideas about this
unusual combination?

New Book about Army Pets and Mascots including
Minnie The Burmese Hill Pony
of the 1st BN.

Donated to the site by the author
Jan Toms

in recognition of our help with research.

County Borough of Bury

Honouring of
The XX Lancashire Fusiliers
3rd August 1946
Souvenir Brochure


County Borough of Rochdale

Ceremony of Honouring
The XX Lancashire Fusiliers
2nd August 1947
Souvenir Brochure

City of Salford

Ceremony of Honouring
The XX Lancashire Fusiliers
18th October 1947
Souvenir Brochure

I was lucky enough to be the top bidder
on this clarinet and original case
on Ebay.
Each piece is inscribed thus:-
"Boosey and Hawkes
3 1989."
"Band 2nd Lancashire Fusiliers
The owner decribed it as Ebonite,
which appears to me to be very much like Bakelite.?
I wonder who owned it and
what tales it has to tell?

Battle Honours of the XXth regiment
in 1858 carved on a 16 inch square piece
of mahogany wood.
The last Honour carved is "Lucknow"
which was in the Sepoy rebellion in
India 1857.
A rare and beautiful item no
doubt brought home from India .

Click on photos below to see close ups
sections of the shield


"The XXth
The Lancashire Fusiliers
Sterling Silver Matchbox holder,
hallmarked silver
Birmingham 1917"

Almost certainly was brought back as a
Officers Mess Cigar box
from the
1st Bn tour of China 1936,

A gift from my lovely wife Vivienne.

The box is 11 inches by 7 inches
by 4 inches

" Beautiful 12 page brochure outlining the whole 5 days events during the 1937 Coronation Celebrations in Tientsin China, The XXth The Lancashire Fusiliers Trooped the Colour and Beat Retreat "


What medal is this

1939 - 1945
The 1941 Medal

If it was silver there where only 300 made


Gallipoli Day



Hong Kong Commemorative
cushion and cover set,
donated by
John Ledwith

The cushion made for
LF Funerals

Souvenir Programme
opening of the XXth Museum

Souvenir Programme
250th Anniversary

"Donated by M Taylor
Battalion Standing Orders for War "

"Customs and Practices
The XXth The Lancashire Fusiliers
C Company Copy
Donated by
M Taylor".

2nd Bn The XX Lancashire Fusiliers
Trooping of the Colours

"Purchased by Joe on Ebay "

Silver preserve pot

presented to
The Officers of The 1st Battalion
The XXth The Lancashire Fusiliers
by Major C M Hutton 1899
Major Hutton was detached from the main body in Crete and took his rifle Company to the island of Gozo for a year in 1899.
It is thought he presented this pot as a farewell gift to the Officers Mess.
Joe bought it on Ebay.

"Purchased on Ebay.
A pre WW1 LF Watch Fob"

1927 First Edition,
purchased from Ebay.

"Lt W P Waddington"

rescued from Ebay".

"The Official Documents recording the dedication Ceremony of the Armed Forces Memorial.
They were donated by Eric Freeman who attended and was interviewed by local TV.

to see Eric's interview
(you have to watch an advert before it come's on)
They are available if anyone would like to see them."

Sterling Silver medal in presentation box inscribed "Captain W P Kelly- Lan Fus -R.S.G.T." on the front and "For Services Rendered to 42nd Div Reception Camp -B.E.F- 1917-1919" on the back.
I have researched that Captain W Kelly was in 125 Brigade of the 42nd Division with the 1/7th Bn of The XXth The Lancashire Fusiliers.
I can find no mention of why he was singled out for this award,nor any mention of a 42 Div Reception Camp.
Also,the initials RSGT,what do they mean?
Any help to me please."

This card was on E Bay
30th Jan 2012

Purchased by Joe Eastwood on Ebay

7th Bn Regimental Crest
embroidered on silk on a wooden frame
24 inches by 18 inches,

Purchased by Joe Eastwood on Ebay

A Silver Guard Mounting Competition Medal from the
7th Bn won by
Cpl A Harper of D Coy
Salisbury Plain 1922
Purchased by Joe Eastwood on Ebay

A silver medal awarded to
P Logan, B Coy,
Lan Fus.
The hallmark dates it to 1911
Purchased on Ebay 31st Jan 2011
Frank Jefferson lived in America for sometime whilst he was there they had a
VC Ball in his Honour
Joe bought this programme on E Bay

Joe's Lion Comic bought on e bay
Click on each one to enlarge

"Purchased by Joe Eastwood on Ebay March 2011.

Hard wood carving, 20 inches x 16 inches.
Last battle honour on the scrolls is "Lucknow" ,which dates the carving to about 1857."

" Silver Gilt Medal purchased on Ebay by Joe.

1st Bn XX The Lancashire Fusiliers Young Soldiers Match Winner.

Won by L/Cpl Price of D Company.

Could this have been won by the great man in his early service days ?"

Purchased by Joe on Ebay.

The pipe has had 2 owners,the first was obviously a Boer, as the central carving is of the then South African national symbol and motto "Eendract Maak Mag", the bird is the Secretary bird, the national bird of South Africe at that time. The owner has carved 2 dates, 1900 and 1901.

The second owner was an LF, as he has carved around the previous owners efforts, "Lancashire Fusiliers" and "South Africa" the date 1902.
This second carving is of much better quality than the first.

How did the LF come by the pipe?

Maybe I will never know, but it gives great food for thought.

Joe Eastwood: 1920s silver ash tray with LF Regimental crest..Purchased by Joe on Ebay March 2012

Stanley" Kitna" Price was presented with this cigarette case by the members of the WOs and Sgt's Mess of 2RAF Hill Depot in Solan,India.

Joe bought it off Ebay in December 2014"

Click on a Picture for a larger Image
You will I am sure be pleased to know that I was offered this Mace by a Militaria dealer in the West Country and I purchased it.
It arrived today and I am thrilled with it.
The beautiful silver top is engraved:-
"Presented by The Officers of The 2nd Bn Lancs.Fusiliers Italy 1944"
I toyed briefly with the idea of asking the Police to try and back track the item to the thief, but was advised that it would lead nowhere and that the Police would probably want to take it from me as evidence.
I am therefore happy that it is back home.
Click on a Picture for a larger Image

The Vivienne Eastwood
Sweetheart Brooch Collection


Lancashire Fusiliers
Sweetheart Brooch White Enamel on Gold

Lancashire Fusiliers
Sweetheart Drop Brooch on Gold Bow

Lancashire Fusiliers
Sweetheart Silver Grenade with Marcasites

Lancashire Fusiliers
Sweetheart Painted Celluloid

"LF Sweetheart Brooch,cleverly made by having a pin fixed to the back and gilding the whole cap badge"

"Grenade encrusted with pave set rose cut pastes set in silver."

"Victorian,Sterling Silver,with blue and yellow Guilloche Enamel"

"Lovely Edwardian Example in Sterling Silver "

"9ct Gold and Enamels,
a 45th Anniversary Gift
from My Joe"

I have that book I hear you say but not like this one.
This book was purchased by Joe Eastwood on Ebay on the 11th December 2005.
It is dated May 1964 inside and has been signed by 140 Lancashire Fusiliers.
It is also inscribed" Best of luck, Doris"
Was this a lady in the NAAFI at Worcester ?
How many of the 140 signatures can you name?"

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