John Beanie Downs

1st Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
2nd Bn Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
1964 - 1974

5th Bn Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
John did 40 years with the MOD Finishing at NW District Fullwood Bks Preston

Present Col David Waters Col John Lighton

Messages of Condolence have been received from Brigadier John Thompson, Col Bernard Stam , Col Mike Glover (Fusiliers)

NEVER EVER lend Beanie Downs your Car
I took these pictures After Johnny Downs (then Coporal Downs) Borrowed my APC to take out a group of Learner drivers. He was showing them how to get out of a skid when you hit an icy patch. Unfortunatley Johnny hit the grass verge and the APC rolled over. This group of pics Shows the R.E.M.E. rescue gang
The Pics where taken on the Achmer Airfield
And we were the RECCE PLATOON Led by Leiut Haslam.