2nd Bn XX The Lancashire Fusiliers
1927 - 1931

Thomas Wrigley’s military career.
He joined up at about age 14/15 which would have been between 1916 –18. He came from Hulme in Manchester and was in the Lancashire Fusiliers, spent some time in India were I believe the hockey photo was taken (I have ringed Tom). He sailed back from India aboard HMT Somersetshire on the 24 December 1931 from Bombay and docked at Southampton on the 15 January 1932.
He came out of the Army sometime after WWII at the rank of CSM.

sent in by Tristan Dover Thomas's Grandson

""2nd Bn waiting for a train at Dharampur Gujarat India circa 1930. The pic was taken by Fusilier Robert Macey (Spike Macey's Father)

Tom Dalton

"Tom Dalton walked the 18 miles over the hills from Oldham to Bury to join the LFs.
This is the first his Mother knew of it !"

(Note the letter head)

The first 2 are The Kings Birthday Parade at Wellington in India in 1928.
The other (it has the date etc on the pic in small writing) was the Kings Birthday parade at a place called Dagshai in India.

Sgt's Mess at Wellington India 1928.

Sgt's Mess at Ferezapore India,not dated

Dining Room in Wellington India, done up for Minden Day 1929

C/Sgt Goodwin's Funeral

These pics belonged to Tom Dalton Senior.
Joe has been unable to find out anything from the records concerning C/Sgt Goodwin's death, the 2nd Bn gave him a great funeral.
Can anybody help?

Some more photos of Sgt Goodwin's Funeral sent in by John Rees
If you click on the photos they will enlarge

" Sent in by a friend of the LF web site who lives nearby, L/S Alexander Antony J."

Road to Grave then
awaiting larger Photo

Road to Grave now

Garrison Grave Yard

Sgt Goodwins Grave

Enterance to Wellington Barracks

The Sgt Mess then and now
My name is L/S Alexander A.J and I am a resident of Wellington Barracks in India, It just happened that I was looking for old pictures of Wellington through the Google.
It was Great to see the Old pictures of Wellington. especially the Sgts mess and the Grand Funeral of C/Sgt Goodwin.
Wellington still maintains the charm of those days, I will soon send the current pictures of Wellington and I am also looking for the Grave of C/Sgt Goodwin.

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The Drums on Minden Day

take a look below as they dress up for the fun on Minden Day

Click on any of the photos to make them even bigger
Rear Rank Left Hand Side

Note the XX on the Puttees

Toy Trumpet

Mouth organs


Rear Rank Right Hand Side

What a Busby and it has a large XX on the side look at the Mace
and he has a paper

A penny whisle

Mouth organ

Paper and Comb

Toy Trumpet
Middle Rank Left to Right
Front Rank Left to Right