Ted Settle of Bolton

This is a picture of Ted Settle, taken in 1943, at Brolo Sicily.

His story is below:


As far as my war service is concerned, although I don’t have any connection with any ex service organisation, I was proud to have served with the 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers. After 6 months training at an infantry training centre, I was posted first to a holding division and then North Africa to join the fusiliers who were amongst the first troops to land in North Africa, and went all the way through some of the toughest fighting of the war to Tunis. So the 78th Battle Axe Division had quite a reputation when I joined them, and from there on never lost a battle through Sicily and Italy to Vienna. I was wounded at Termoli on the Adriatic cost, so played no further part in the war. It was a fellow Boltonian called Tom Curley (since died), who was a stretcher bearer and managed to carry me to a jeep, and I was strapped on the stretcher across the bonnet. The jeep was the only kind of vehicle that could have got me down the road to an awaiting ambulance. After several months in hospitals in Algiers and back home in Lancashire I was discharged to civilian life again.

.....I got married in 1946, and been happily married now for 56 years. Although I might have been more ambitious and done better materially, I am blessed with a lovely wife and family who are my proudest achievement.

.........I retired at 61 as by that time it was becoming an effort going to work. The injury I received at Termoli ( shrapnel in right thigh) left me with only about 20- 30o movement in my right leg. Despite the disability I was determined to live life as fully as possible and learned to live with my disability. Instead of allowing the powers that be to train me for a more suitable job, I returned to my former company as a leather worker at Walkers Tannery, a large local company.

I look forward to reading your site and keeping in touch.

Kindest regards
Ted Settle
D Company 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers 14210298
10 Oakleigh Avenue