William John Collins

The first picture is the letter my Nan received when my granddad was injured with the Lancs in 1944. I remember as a young lad he told me a grenade went off by his head and he had a radio headset on and damaged his ear ending up in an Italian hospital. I'd like to find out if anyone remembered that. The second is my granddad picture bottom right and three comrades who I believe were Lancs I wonder if anyone knows them. My Granddad joined the army in 1939 and started off in the Royal Artillery rising to the rank of Bombardier but for some unknown reason transferred to the Lancs in late 1943 through to getting injured. He left and was demobbed in 1945 from 1 Bn DWR (possibly going to them as a BCR when he recovered from his injuries). I know he served in Italy, Africa and Palestine and would love to here more about the battles he may have been involved in with the Lancashire Fusiliers.