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3rd/6th, 3rd/7th, 3rd 8th Bns Lancashire Fusiliers
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3/6th 3/7th and 3/8th Battalion Territorial Force
Mar 1915 Formed in Rochdale and Salford and then moved to Codford and Witley.
08.04.1916 Became Reserve 6th 7th and 8th Battalions.
01.09.1916 the 6th Battalion absorbed by the 7th and 8th of the East Lancashire Reserve Brigade.
Oct 1916 Moved to Southport and then on to Ripon and Scarborough.
April 1918 Moved to Bridlington were it remained for the rest of the war.


Mar 1915
Apr 1916
Rochdale and Salford Reserve Bns
Sept 1916
3/6th absorbed /7th and /8th and became 6th Reserve Bn in East Lancs Reserve Brigade