The Shouting Fusilier


The poems Salford children wrote about Fusiliers and The Shouting Fusilier

Friars Primary School Salford

A Fusilier is someone who helps other in need
A fusilier is someone who is loyal and honourable
A fusilier is strong and mighty
A Fusilier is brave and doesn't lie
For his country a Fusilier isn't afraid to die
Jordan Lynch
Fighting for their country with fearlessness
As long as they did their best they can never fail
A fusilier is brave, you can trust a soldier
He serves his country even as he sleeps
Robel Haddish

A Fusilier is a soldier, who is very strong
He will never do wrong
A fusilier is selfless,and will help others if they need
And take for themselves their lead
A fusiliers is a soldier who has got courage
Is brave and keeps everyone safe
Honza Palinkas

A Fusilier is loyal to the nation and to the Queen
A Fusilier is brave and not afraid to die
A Fusilier has courage when face to face with his enemy
A Fusilier has to be stealthy to get past enemy lines
A Fusilier has honour when fighting for his life
A Fusilier is a survivor of a successful mission
A Fusilier is a team worker in order to survive
A Fusilier has to be strong and powerful to carry a gun
Conor Rew
A Fusilier is honourable, fighting for Queen and country
A Fusilier is strong, standing tall till the end
A Fusilier is fearless protecting the weak
A Fusilier is brave, helping others in need
A Fusilier soul is as hard as steel
A Fusilier has won many battles
Jamie Bryan

A Fusilier is stealthy, so their enemy doesn't catch them
A Fusilier is loyal, when fighting for his country
A Fusilier is strong when battling in war
A Fusilier is tough and fearless when killing enemies
A Fusilier is filled with courage as they fight to live in peace
A Fusilier is selfless to others
Eva Lee

A Fusilier is brave, A Fusilier is strong
A Fusilier is honourable, they will never do the wrong
As long as there's a Fusilier deep inside
They will always do their best to keep you alive
You would always want to be on the Fusiliers side
Kegan MacDonald

A Fusilier is selfless he fights for his country
He does not worry about himself
A Fusilier is fierce and brave
He fights for the freedom of our country
A Fusilier is fearless and loyal
He is not afraid of anything
He helps everyone
Naomi Cassidy

A Fusilier is strong and brave and also filled with courage
A Fusilier helps others in need
A Fusilier serves by fighting for safety, Queen and country
A Fusilier looks after everybody
A Fusilier is selfless and fearless
A Fusilier shows honour, also discipline
Fusiliers work as a great helpful team
Renee Adams

St Philip's School year 5 and 6

The Shouting Fusilier
What might he be saying to us as we walk past each day?
Love our country
Serve our Country
Look after our Community
Don't drop littler
Always be a winner
Be proud of our country
Be proud of our city
Be proud of our environment
Be joyful

Follow the rules and go with the law
You'll never succeed if you don't try
Give it a go
Believe in yourself

Thank you The Shouting Fusilier

June 2012

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The Salford Shouting Fusilier has been moved cleaned here a video of the work done Click on the link below
It is was rededicated on 24 June 2012
and Beatrix Perry Grand daughter of Walter Dyer who sat for the modeling was there for the ceremony
Click here for the Walter Dyer Story

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