William (Danny) Daniels

21 December 2008

Danny was the Sales Manager for this Web Site

The music being played is
In my life by The Beatles
and was played at Danny's Funeral

Danny aged 9

Danny in 1971

Danny and Eileen

Danny with his Mum

Joe Eastwood
Lancashire Fusiliers

I am honoured and privileged to be asked to speak a few words on behalf of the Lancashire Fusiliers at the Funeral for William ( Danny ) Daniels.

Danny had so many special qualities that it is difficult to select just a few to deliver in such a short time.

I want to first of all talk about his joy of life, his cheerful outlook and his sense of fun.

One has only to look at the many pics of Danny during his time with the LFs to see that he was almost always surrounded by a group of laughing friends, usually with their arms around each other.

Comradeship such as this is not just freely given by soldiers, it has to be earned, and Danny certainly was held in high esteem by his comrades.

Danny held high moral principles and a very clear idea of what is right and wrong.

I came to rely upon his judgement when I needed an opinion upon some difficult matter or other, and I knew that the reply Danny gave me would be honest, straight and often not the answer I wanted to hear.

Danny had courage , he bore his terrible illness with remarkable strength and dignity, being much more concerned with how it would affect others than he was about his own needs.

Towards the end of his life, I requested that I be allowed to visit him, and typical Danny, he readily agreed, when it must have been very obvious that I was coming to say goodbye.

We had a private conversation about what should happen after his death and I can tell you that his wishes have been followed to the letter.

Danny had reliability, if he said he would do something, it was a certainty that he would do it.

One of his beliefs was that actions speak louder than words.

Danny attended the Remembrance Parade in Liverpool 2008, and it could be clearly seen that he was having to draw upon all his strength to get around.

The reason he was there was typical of him, he had made a promise to his grandson that they would march together that day, and Danny did not let people down.

I admired and respected his obvious love, care and compassion for others, particularly the deep love he held for his wife and family.

We shall miss him.

Omnia Audax XXth.

Danny and Oliver
on Parade
Remembrance Sunday 2008
a Promise Kept

Danny and David Danny's nephew
at Belle Vue Manchester

Danny and Eileens Wedding Day

Anna Danny and Oliver

Eileen and Danny
Gallipoli 2008