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Col Mike Glover is the Regimental Sec. and has overall responsibility for the everyday business
for the RHQ and museum i.e. is C.O. responsible to Deputy Col of Regt.
He is also responsible for recruiting and the Regimental Information Team.

Fusilier Museum project goes from strength to strength
12th May 2008

With another busy and successful year behind the project, there is only one more to go now until the museum doors open to the public in time for the Gallipoli celebrations in April 2009. The construction work is well underway and the building is beginning to look like a museum and a regimental headquarters rather than a building site. The new glazing in the weaving shed - the larger of the two main exhibition galleries - is particularly impressive and has been meticulously repaired. All glazing in display galleries will be covered for improved security and to exclude natural daylight which is damaging to exhibits, but the fabric of the building, even where it is barely noticeable, has been restored as part of the project.

Meanwhile the foundations have been laid for the modern entrance extension which will have large glazed panels overlooking the relocated Lutyens Memorial in Sparrow Park. These will be punctuated with stack-bonded red brick walls, which will also be used to face the external wall of the weaving shed. When the building was originally constructed, there was a plan to extend it across the land which became Sparrow Park. This never happened and the wall remained rather crudely finished for over 100 years.

The front elevation of the building where stone work is being repaired

The museum collection is also the subject of some tender loving care and many items have been carefully removed to the Conservation Studios in Preston, which are operated by Lancashire County Council. An assortment of different objects ranging from historic colours to oil paintings, textiles, weapons and sculptures will be carefully conserved there and prepared for redisplay.

Objects are being transported to Preston for conservation work

There are plans to recruit a Commercial Manager later this year who will be responsible to the charitable company for running the commercial aspects of the museum and for managing the museum staff. The new recruit will be carefully chosen and in the months before the opening will take on the tasks of planning and publicising the activities programme, stocking the shop, developing the catering offer and marketing the corporate entertainment facilities.

The budget is now fixed at £3.75million, having increased after the construction tenders, received last summer were considerably higher than expected. The fundraising is proceeding well and is just about keeping pace with spending although there are still some hefty hurdles to be jumped before the project can be absolutely confident of success. Issues related to cash flow need to be addressed as the monthly bills are significant and some of the assured funding is retrospective and must be found and spent before it can be reclaimed.

It is amazing to reflect on how much has been achieved. But there is still a long way to go and a great many more risks need to be managed and decisions taken before the ambitious vision becomes a reality. Steering Group members will continue to work to capacity until the project is complete. There are exhibition and interior designs to be developed discussed and approved, accounts to be managed, funds to be raised, minutes and innumerably applications and letters to be written and many more partnerships to be forged and nurtured - but it continues to be a joyful journey and now a journey with a clear goal in sight.


Allan Marshall (Chairman)
David Barber
Brian Cooke
Mark Hone
Duncan Howarth
James Waters
Mike Glover (Secretary

Jennifer Hindshaw (Treasurer)

Serial Item Action
1.08 Chairman's Opening Remarks. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting. He stressed that this was an important year for the Museum Project and he believed that the Friends would be able to play a positive part. He welcomed Pete Cartner and John Hughes to the meeting. He explained that Pete, a member of the Military Vehicle Trust had become Custodian of the anti tank gun that once sat in the car park at Wellington Barracks. John Hughes was a leading member of a living history group and wished to help with an event to promote the Museum.

2.08 Update on the Fusilier's Museum Project. The Secretary announced that building work had started and was due for completion in December 2008. The fit out of the displays and the move of the HQ would take place over the winter 2008/09. The museum would then open in time for Easter 2009 with an official opening over the Gallipoli Weekend 25th /26th April 2009. The Secretary stressed that once the museum opened the Friends would take on an increasing role in supporting the Museum and its collections. It was therefore important for the Friends to use this year to prepare their plans for 2009.

3.08 Minutes of Previous Meeting. The minutes were proposed by David Barber and seconded by Duncan Howarth..

4.08 Matters Arising. All matters arising were dealt with under the relevant agenda item.

5.08 Finance.
" Summary. A balance sheet was produced. It showed an income of £1824.53 against an expenditure of £167.50. It was noted that to date the Friends had raised £845.00 towards the Museum Project.
" Subscriptions. It was announced that annual subscriptions were due. The Secretary explained that as the Friends had their own bank account he would set up standing orders. However this would have to wait until he had recruited an Administrative Assistant in February.
" Future Expenditure. It was agreed that the next major area of expenditure would be the production of a Friend's News Letter.

See Attached
6.08 Forthcoming Events. It was agreed that the friends Main Effort for 2008 would be preparations for "going live" in 2009. Nevertheless the following were considered:

" March. Magic Lantern Night III.
" November. Annual Memorial Presentation.
" Visit. TBC
" Friends Dinner. TBC
7.08 Membership. The Secretary stated that he was going to focus in 2008 on combining the Friends of the Lancashire Headquarters with the Friends of the Museum. He finished by stating that membership remained at around 50. It was agreed that any member of the Regimental Association with an interest in regimental heritage should join the Friends. The secretary confirmed that in his experience with other regiments most of their members of the Friends were also members of the regimental association.

8.08 2009 Programme. It was agreed that the Friends would have to plan carefully for the opening of the Museum. It was pointed out that once the Museum opened the current structure of Steering Group and Fundraising Committee would fold. It was therefore important to establish what would replace them and what part the Friends would play. The following points were discussed.
" Coordination. A structure to coordinate Friends activities with those generated by the Museum Staff and Business Manager.
" Friend's Room. Use of Council Chamber by Friends for coffee during day.
" Administrative Support. Need to recruit secretary and admin support.
" Events Programme. Design an events programme. All members of the committee were asked to consider options for consideration at the next meeting.
" Living History Event. It was considered that a "Living History Day" could compliment the soft opening of the Museum. John Hughes said that he would be willing to run such an event. The secretary said that he would speak to the Council with regard to permission.
" Literature. Preparation of Friends literature for recruiting and promotion.
" Recruiting Plan. A recruiting plan for the opening weekends.
" Long Term Recruiting Plan. Establish targets and resources for next five years.
" Fundraising Strategy. The Museum will need additional funding on an annual basis. The friends will have to make their contribution.


John Hughes

9.08 Any Other Business:
" Newsletter. Duncan Howarth, the well-known author agreed to write and publish the Friends Newsletter. A meeting of the Editorial Sub-Committee would meet on Monday 4th February
" Charitable Status. The Secretary said that he would see Charitable Status as soon as was practicable.

Duncan Howarth


10.08 Date of Next Meeting. Wednesday 26th March at 1800hrs in Wellington Barracks.

To Become a friend of the New Museum

Jan 2008


My last letter was well received. I have therefore updated it for 2008. Filling in the form does not commit you to any event but it will ensure that we are able to keep in contact with you and provide you with the information that you require.

The Regiment will celebrate its 40th Anniversary in 2008. If it is to survive for another 40 years it will need all our support as the survival of our Lancashire Fusilier heritage is directly linked to the survival of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

On the 11th December 2007 Her Majesty The Queen presented Drummer Andy Barlow with the George Medal. The award recognised his bravery while attempting to save the life of a badly wounded comrade in Afghanistan. During the incident he lost his own leg to a mine. The Regiment can now boast of two recipients of the George Medal and we can boast that they both come from Lancashire.

I am in no doubt that the Lancashire Fusiliers of old would be impressed and not a little envious of the performance and achievements of Lancashire's Fusiliers today

Mike Glover January 2008

Nov 07

1. Remembrance Sunday. The parade and dedication of standard on Remembrance Sunday at Wellington Barracks proved to be a great success and my congratulations to the organisers. However it did pose the question as to how future events are to be run at the new location. I have no doubt that a similar parade will take place in Bury to rededicate the memorial once it is re-erected in Sparrow Park and appropriate facilities need to be in place.

2. Association Club. Putting the Museum Project on one side. The Lease on the Club was renewed in September. The rent charged by the MoD went up by 235%. It is clear to all that the Club cannot generate this sort of income and in effect the Club is now faced with closure. However I have negotiated with MoD to keep the Club open, at the old rent, until the RHQ moves to the new location in 2009.

3. Other Options. Options for keeping the Club open at another location have been considered. The best was to create a new club on the top floor of the new museum building. However this was rejected by the membership because of non-compliance with DDA and the nature of the centre of Bury in the evening, especially at weekends.

4. Regimental Events. I want to make it clear that the sad loss of the Club will not stop regimental events taking place in Bury. The new HQ and Museum building will include the following facilities that will be available to members of the Association for specific events:

" Catering Facilities. The new organisation will include a permanent caterer.
" Bar. Although there is not a permanent bar in the building, a temporary bar will be available for specific events.
" Dining Facilities. There will be a full spectrum of facilities for entertainment available including:
o Regimental Council Chamber, 63sqm. Silver service catering for up to 30. Contrary to popular rumour there is no officers' mess or officers' mess bar. The one facility is available for all.
o Café 112sqm. A permanent café facility to seat up to 60 with full DDA access.
o Multi Purpose Space 114sqm. Temporary bar area.
Note: The seating area in the club is 134 sqm.

5. Future. It would be wrong to suggest that any new facilities in the centre of Bury would replace the Association Club and the spirit and camaraderie that we all enjoy. However it would also be wrong to suggest that the new location will offer anything less than the best service for members of the Regiment. It is a facility that is already the envy of the other Regimental Areas

Lt Col (Retd)
Regimental Secretary Lancashire

Meeting 24th April 2007

1, Mike has the name for the new museum been finally chosen
Yes see below and as you will see it will be two Museums in one.

2. On Sunday the question was asked would the Club still be here in November 2007 for the Remembrance Parade as we are told the lease runs out in September this year.

As long as physically possible the club will remain open the lease is renewed every year in September, but it looks like it will be reviewed every 6 months from now on, RHQ and the Association will do everything it can to keep it open and will assist the club committee where ever it can.We expect the new museum opening in November 2008, and RHQ moving into the new museum in or around April 2009, This means the club could be open for the Gallipoli 2009 celebrations.We can not see Defence Estates selling the properties separately.

From Mike Glover

Can I thank the web site for buying a replacement MM for L/Cpl Samuel Kendall MM which was stolen sometime ago from the museum the new MM is now on display in the museum in a new case

L/Cpl Samuel Kendall MM

A few days ago someone called Jason Sinclair (from Kent) telephoned RHQ and spoke to Linsay the RHQ secretary he did not leave a telephone number, he was asking questions about Gallipoli and the new museum name, Linsay tried to answer his questions and in the end he put the phone down on Linsay, leaving her very up set. If Jason would like to ring again and speak to Mike he will be more able to answer his questions, we have no record of anyone called Jason Sinclair being a member of the association so can not get back in touch with him.

Fusiliers' Museum Press Release
Lottery Success

The Fusiliers' Museum has been awarded a stage 2 pass by the Heritage Lottery Fund for its application for £2million towards the costs of developing a new museum in Bury town centre. The project which has a total cost of £3.4million can now move onto full implementation, ready to open at the end of 2008. The success of this bid, which has been awarded the maximum sum available on a regional basis, is a great boost for both the Fusiliers and for the town of Bury. The remaining costs of £1.4million are being raised through a Fundraising Appeal which has been supported by Bury Council, the Regiment, charitable trusts, businesses and many private individuals.

Colonel Brian Gorski, the project leader said "This news is fantastic! We have worked very hard over a long period to secure the HLF funding. The success we have achieved is a tribute to all the people who have contributed so much as well as to the quality of the project. We have undertaken a very thorough planning process and it is exciting to be moving onto the next stage"

The museum, which has an excellent regimental collection dating back to the 17th century and including artefacts belonging to General Wolfe and The Emperor Napoleon, is moving to a former technical school in the cultural quarter of Bury. The Arts and Crafts Centre will be completely refurbished and made fully accessible and the displays will be modern, friendly and interactive. The project is seen by both the Regiment and the charitable company that will run the museum, as being as much about providing a cultural and community facility as it is about preserving the history of the four regiments involved.

The museum will collect and display historical artefacts, stories and
documents related to both the Lancashire Fusiliers and of the Royal Regiment of
Fusiliers' Museum Press Release

Fusiliers - who were created in 1968 when the Lancashire, Warwickshire, Northumberland and Royal Fusiliers were amalgamated. It will be a lively centre for regular events and for workshops, lectures, demonstrations and family activities.

Whilst the museum is essentially independent Bury Council are providing both capital and revenue support and have leased the building to the fusiliers over 125 years for a peppercorn rent. The museum will continue to receive financial support from both the MoD and the Regiment and will make up the remaining gap in its income through commercial activities which will include café, retail and room lettings. The Council Chamber, which will be sited in the former Boardroom of the Arts and Crafts Centre, will be dressed with regimental insignia and silver and is expected to be a popular venue for local business meetings, lunches and dinners

Bury Chief Executive Mark Sanders said "Bury has supported this project enthusiastically from the beginning, building on the longstanding bond between the town and the regiment. The redevelopment of the museum in one of Bury's best loved buildings in the heart of the cultural quarter fits with our vision for making Bury a better place for everyone"

The new Fusiliers' Museum will sit alongside the recently refurbished Bury Arts Gallery and Museum, which was also funded by HLF, and a project currently underway to refurbish the Bury Transport Museum which HLF are also supporting. It is planned that the three will work together in partnership on integrated events, activities and marketing. All three are located close to the popular East Lancashire Railway in the heart of Bury and will make a significant impact on the heritage appeal of the town.

Bury Times
22nd March 2007

Click to see readable copy

Regimental Colonel in Chief
Field Marshal his Royal Highness the Duke of Kent KG, KCMG, GCVO, ADC (P)
visit to 25th May 2006


I had this from Mike Glover at 1312 hrs today.(13th October 2006)

"Many of you will now be aware, as a result of the article in the Bury Times that a recent bid for £350,000 from the Landfill Communities Fund has failed. For your information the article was written by the Project Team and run by the newspaper on our behalf. The failure of this particular application is a great disappointment to the Museum Project Team but it is not a, "show stopper". Please rest assured that there is a great deal of activity going on as I write in order to ensure that the Project will remain on track. It is also worth remembering that the Project Team has already secured 80% of the required funding. This is not a time to waver. We need to demonstrate that Lancashire's Fusiliers are still behind their Project and I would urge you to express your support on this website, it would mean a great deal to the Team and certainly improve their morale. This rejection has not made life easy, but the Project Team is willing to go that extra mile if you are,

22nd September 2006

Following a great deal of correspondance addressed to the editor of the XXth The Lancashire Fusiliers web site,Joe decided to break it down into 3 main points to be put to Mike Glover at Bury HQ.
They are as follows with Mike's responses beneath:-

1. A number of veteran LFs pointed out that the boarding above the museum (Wellington Bks) does not clearly state that the building houses the collection of the XXth.
They also point out that there is very little externally to mark the fact that the site is the historical home and museum of the Lancashire Fusiliers.

Response from Mike.
In principle they have a point,but to spend hard won cash considering the relative short future life of the site would not be a good use of money.
Mike felt that it would however be a good idea to have a banner made which could be draped and which would carry the info which people were requesting.

2. There has been a recent move by some Association members to leave the Association as they wish to form a XXth Association.

Response from Mike.
Mike pointed out that there is no constitutional reason why a XXth branch could not be formed which would still remain within the RRF Association.

3. A number of people had made the observation that never having served in the RRF ,many veteran LFs had not joined the Association,and that they probably would do so if they knew an LF branch existed.

Response from Mike.
See reply to question 2.
The whole point of the Association is to keep ex serving soldiers in touch with each other and to promote and protect the Regiment and it's traditions.

I was personally very reassured by what Mike had to say, I am convinced that he fully understands all the doubts and fears and is completely in the XXths corner.
I hope that this may allow much of the fear and anxiety to be put to rest.

Joe Eastwood.
Omnia Audax XXth

Please remember Dennis has a monthly meeting with Mike and Eric to ask any of your questions or answer any of your problems you may have just e mail them to
we do get answers and we post them on this page


1. Joe Eastwood welcomed everyone and they were invited to introduce themselves, giving a brief summary of their military background.

2.Mike Glover welcomed everyone and outlined the reason for the meeting and emphasised that he would attempt to answer questions upon any topic within his remit.

The following is a précis of the discussions which followed.
It is not in chronological order and does not attribute subject material to individuals.


Mike Glover gave the meeting the official stance concerning the title of the new museum and informed the meeting that everyone connected with the project, including RRF HQ in London, were fully of the opinion that the correct Regimental title of The XXth The Lancashire Fusiliers should be incorporated within any new name for the museum, but that it may have to be in an abbreviated form.

Documentation was produced which appeared to show plans that the new museum would be named "The Fusiliers' Museum Lancashire"
One document was the official project hand out which is indeed headed as in the above paragraph.
It was pointed out that it seemed illogical to go to the expense of producing such an expensive document using a title which would not be used for the museum, and that perhaps individuals could be excused for making the assumption that the title was the preferred one.
Mike Glover again reassured everyone that the document in question was merely a "working title" to get the project off the ground.
A second document was produced which was dated Spring 2005 in which a previous chair of the RRF Association specifically mentioned that the new museum would be named "The Fusiliers' Museum Lancashire"
General discussion followed during which it agreed that people could be forgiven for believing that this was the intended name for the new museum.
Mike again reiterated that the name was not yet decided upon and that those responsible for the new name were fully aware of the concerns of the LF contingent.


Mike pointed out that concerned members had been writing directly to various prominent agencies involved in the Project to air their concerns.
He pointed out that there are proper channels to facilitate this and that by not using these channels individuals were causing real harm to the prospects of the project getting adequate backing and funding.
A discussion then ensued during which various examples of where the member felt that the existing channels were too slow or too cumbersome to deal with information dissemination in the 21st century.
There also seemed to be some confusion concerning the various roles and jobs of those at the head of RHQ(Lancs) and The RRF Association, so that sometimes a point raised with one had not been passed on to the other.
Joe Eastwood offered to create a joint RHQ(Lancs)/RRF ASSOC page on the XXth The Lancashire Fusiliers web site at www.lancs-fusiliers.co.uk
This should bring information to and from members in real time, thus reducing to a minimum the time lag between events and reports and allowing speedy and accurate information to be shared world wide.


Discussion then took place concerning the updating and accuracy of the RRF Association members list.
One member present was informed that he was not on the list of members.
He produced a Bank standing Order showing that he had paid subs for a number of years.
The meeting was informed that the list of members of the RRF Association(Lancashire) had a number of faults,eg , incorrect information given on enrollement, members not giving updates when moving addresses or changing phone numbers, deaths not notified, etc.
It was suggested that Area Secs should be asked to do a thorough check of their known members against the master list held by the Secretary and a consolidation should take place.
Once this is done the list could be published on the newly created RRF Assoc (Lancs) web page on the LF web site and kept up to date from then on.
A discussion followed about the time consuming and costly process of writing envelopes and sticking stamps, much of which could be avoided by publishing items and the newsletter on the site mentioned above.


The observation that the name and traditions of the Regiment were being constantly eroded,little by little was made by a number of those present.

The current RRF Journal was used as one example of why people felt this to be true.

Regimental Days are described as "Traditional Days" with the option of not commemorating them if the Commanding Officer does not wish to.
General K T Darling at the formation of the new RRF in 1968 promised that"All Regimental Customs would be enshrined and preserved"
An "optional" traditional day for Minden and Gallipoli was not what we were led to believe would happen

The account of the Lancashire Landings at Gallipoli is written beneath the account of the Royal Fusiliers at Gallipoli,almost as an afterthought.
The spelling of Captain Bromley VC is incorrectly given as "Bromlet".
Minden day is not included on the list on the left of the page and cannot be highlighted.
There are spelling and typing errors throughout the Journal showing a lack of care by those editing it.

It was suggested that those concerned about the Journal should write to RRF HQ.
What happened to going through proper channels?
After all,the Assistant Sec to the RRF Assoc was at the table.


The general feeling following the meeting was that similar meetings should take place in the future and that it had been well worth the time spent attending.

Joe Eastwood.
Omnia Audax

Meeting Held at RHQ 1st June 2006

with Col Mike Glover

July 1st the 90th Anniversary of the Battle of The Somme parade Victoria Station 1100hrs
Questions 1.Uniforms 2.Display stand 3.Soldiers present:-
1. We have no uniforms this has been a problem in the past the museum has been used as a fancy dress store and on loan uniforms have been destroyed or damaged.
2. I will see if this can be done but the stand we use is not really safe for out door use
3. We will have to speak to the RIT Sgt about this but it is really out of our area but the Salford Regt church is only about 500 mts away!!!!.

Museum Web Site
Question:- 1, Buy a brick not on its own web site and been on our site now for 3 months.
1. This web site is organized by Anna and she is Liaison between Museum site Contractor and the lancs-fusiliers web site The contractor is paid to run and update this site (we will check on this), Eric will check about the update with the bricks appeal and will let us know what is happening.

Who are the members who turned the offers of Museum and Drill hall for club and by what authority?
1. The Club members and the Club committee turned down the TA Centre and Museum site as a possible replacement for the Club

We then looked at the museum and plans

Ground Floor

Mezzanine Floor

Top Floor

Ground Floor Plan

Artist Impression

Hot off the press

Click on any of the plans to enlarge

Our Museum mission Statement is:
"To provide access for people of all ages , backgrounds and level of ability to the objects and stories in our care for their enjoyment,education and research, whilst ensuring that the collections are appropriately safeguarded In so doing, to put the value of the regiment into context with modern society and give the people of Bury back a vital part of their heritage."

Mike and I discussed Bury Briefings meeting should for the time being be on a monthly basis and if he had important things to talk about he would e mail me or Joe and even put them on the message page on site.


Reply by Mike Glover to questions asked by Joe Eastwood on the 19th May 2006.

1. Future of other Fusilier Museums. The continuing existence of all the Fusilier Collections and Museums is fundamental to the Regimental Recruiting Strategy. The link between community and regiment, which is the basis of successful recruiting, only exists because the collections and museums exist. Remove the Northumberland Collection from Alnwick and put it in Lancashire and it looses all meaning and relevance. There is no regimental plan to close any regimental museum. The only regimental plan is to relocate the Lancashire Fusilier Collection and create a Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Collection from 1968 onwards in Bury.

2. Celebrating Regimental Events in Lancashire. From 2008 onwards there will be two venues available to celebrate events. Firstly the Castle Armoury and secondly the new museum will both be able to cater for regimental events and will have all the facilities that members of the regimental family require.

3 . Alternative site for Club. The Museum Steering Group have offered the Association and hence the Association Club accommodation in the museum building as there is ample space. However it was made quite clear by the members that neither this offer or a venue in the Castle Armoury were acceptable. The bottom line is that the regular membership come from the immediate area around Bolton Road and are not willing to use alternative accommodation down town. This is their decision.

Observations on this topic to the web site editor(Joe) please.

Just click your mouse on blue writing below


Regimental Museum

Exciting Developments at The Regimental Museum Bury!


Lt. Colonel Mike Glover, our museum curator, has sent the following documents to the web site, to illuminate the way he sees things going forward:


1. News about the Museum Project

2. Fusilier Journal Notes as at September 2005

3. Friends of The Fusiliers Steering Group. Aug 2005


gentleman the appeals office is now open for the new museum it is situated in Broad Street in the centre of Bury, it is open 1000-1600.We need volunters to help out Mon -Fri,we have some ladies helping if in BURY come and see us and have a coffee

Taken from the Bury Times 29th Sept 2005

Click on paper cutting to see readable version



Bury Times Souvenir Edition 1988, 300 years of the Lancashire Fusiliers