"Stanley Holcroft
Prisoner of War"

by his son

Stan Holcroft Junior

I remember my father Stanley Holcroft saying he was in a prison camp near
the Czech border,he must have been a trusted prisoner because he was drafted
to work on the land.
When he was demobbed he brought home a ship in a bottle given to him by a German family.
I was born in October 1939 so I never knew my Dad until what would have been after the war ended round about May 1945.
I remember he brought a rifle home.
In the August he was back, my brother was
drowned in the local pit pond at Crawford village where I lived.
Dad was finally demobed in 1947 , so for the first seven years of my life me and
my siblings never knew our father.
When he came home he started work at
Cronton colliery where he stayed for the rest of his working life.
Stan Holcroft Junior.