Paul Harrison's Ismailia Police Station Raid (Bureau Sanitaire.)
sent in by Diana Needham Pauls Daughter

Cpl Paul Harrison

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N/K Cpl Lars Fus Shuflebottom N/K
8 plt on a search Sgt Harry Foster on the right and L/Cpl Nalley next to him
8Plt C Coy 1 hour before the Battle at Ismailia Police Station
Dead Egyptian Police man in the back yard of the Bureau Sanitaire

7 Plt C Coy
From left to right Fus Pendlebury, Cpl Storer, Fus Hall, Fus Atkinson, Fus Roberts, Fus Shufflebottom,
N/K, N/K Fus Albert Rouse, Fus Grimes,
L/Cpl Eastham was in this section and was killed in the action storming the Police Station
8 Plt Going in Man in Beret is Fus Gerrard Ashton
the Daily Mirror Headline the following day was
One more Daring than the rest

Ismalia, Caricol police station. Centurion of the 4th RTR.
They had a troop with us in Aqaba,
MMG Pl carriers going to the Caracol