2nd Bn
The XX Lancashire Fusiliers
Volunteer Battalions of

Boer War

1899 - 1902 South Africa,

Spion Kop, Ladysmith

The Battle for Spion Kop
January 1900

Fix Bayonets!!

The Lancashire Fusiliers engaging the Boers with bayonets fixed

Following this Battle, a Royal Decree allowed The Regiment to wear the Primrose Hackle, place the Rose of Lancaster on their Colours and to have"Omnia Audax" as the Regimental Motto

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Colonel Brian Gorski has just sent me these photo he is on holiday and is visting Spion Kop (Brian you are 118 years to late for the Battle)


Taken on Bolton Street Bury 1899 from or near the White lion

Boer War-LF involvement

I have recently been asked to explain what the various abbreviations mean against the names of those who served as Lancashire Fusiliers in South Africa during the Boer War, eg, Malta Company 9th Bn M.I.

A complicated question as there were all manner of voluntary groups involved, as well as men from each of our 3 Bns of the time.

The clue to the one I am to use as an example lies in the "Malta" in the title.

It was our 3rd Bn Lancashire Fusiliers who were serving in Malta at that time.


The first company of Mounted Infantry to leave Malta for service in South Africa sailed in the ss. Pavonia on February 21St, 1900.
The company, 144 strong of all ranks, was made up of one section each from the 3rd Royal Warwick, 3rd Lancashire Fusiliers, 2nd Loyal North Lancashire, and 2nd Derby,
-the whole under command of Captain (now Brevet-Major) Pine- Coffin,I bet his surname caused some comment!....Joe) of the 2nd Loyal North Lancashire. and four subaltern, one from each of the above regiments. The Lancashire Fusilier section was commanded by Lieutenant W. J. Woodcock. After 28 days at sea the Pavonia reached Table Bay on the 20th March, 1900, but only to find the bay crowded with transports, and no chance of landing for some time. The men were landed two or three times for a route march round Green Point, where the Paardeberg prisoners, just arrived from the front, were in
-camp, and the remainder of the time was spent in drawing from the Ordnance saddles and other stores, of which the company had many deficiencies owing to the short notice given prior to starting from Malta. Orders finally arrived for the company to proceed by sea to East London, which latter port was reached on April 2nd.
Landing, owing to the bar at the mouth of the harbour, took place in lighters, but fortunately the sea was calm and no great difficulty was experienced. After a two hours' wait in heavy rain on the platform at the docks, the company was entrained and proceeded direct to Queenstown, a pretty little town in Cape Colony, but one of the centres of the rebel districts. After a delay of three days, horses were handed over from the large remount depot in the town. These ponies had been hurriedly collected from various parts of the neighbourhood, and were a very mixed lot, the greater part being South African ponies from 13.2 to 14 hands. Nearly all were in very poor condition.
and many were fresh from the sick horse depot with scarcely healed sore backs, lameness and various diseases, being quite unsuitable for inexperienced men to take out at once to hard work in the field.
Such as they were they were taken to camp, and saddlery, etc., fitted, and an attempt made to get a little flesh on some of the poorest.
On April 9th orders were issued to entrain for Aliwal North, the terminus of the railway, a town on the Orange River, which meant entraining the horses, a new job; however, the men entered heartily into the work, and in an incredibly short time for new hands, all were on board About 9 p.m. on the evening of the 9th Aliwal North was reached, a very dark night with streaming rain.
The camp was about three miles from the station, and the guide missed his way and nearly succeeded in disposing of the company in the Orange River, at a place he thought was a ford. However, the camp was reached eventually, tents pitched, and horse lines got down, tiresome work on a dark, wet night. The Irish Rifles, who were camped alongside, were most kind and helpful, and lightened the labour considerably. At Aliwal the company was really on service; patrols across the Orange River were constantly being fired on, and watering the horses and bathing was carried on under cover of strong picquets.
Here also the company performed its first duty, taking possession of the market square in consequence of a rumour of a rising among the townspeople, who were bitterly anti-English.

The company, which had so far belonged to no one, was now formally attachèd to the Colonial Division under General Brabant.

The column, all mounted, was about 1,100 strong, with eight guns, and consisted of various South African Corps, and the 3rd New Zealand contingent, who had just arrived. Except for the 8th Battery, Royal Field Artillery, the Malta Company (3LF) was the only regular troops in the column, the reason for which exception will bear telling:-

The arrival of the company at East London had been reported at headquarters in the usual way, hut under the title of the Malta Mounted Infantry. At this time Colonial Volunteers were arriving from every part of the British Empire, and the auth
rities came to the conclusion that the company from Malta. were Maltese under English officers. On the arrival of the company to join the column, the Colonials were surprised, not to say disappointed, to find, it consisted of ordinary white men like themselves. Other companies arriving from Malta at intervals of every few months. soon made the "Malta Mounted Infantry" a well known, nay a distinguished name. On the afternoon of the 14th the column had orders to move to the relief of Wepener, which was closely besieged by the Boers, and at dusk crossed the bridge over the Orange River and found themselves for the first time in the Orange Free State, as it then was, the enemy's country, and the first march, made at night in heavy rain, was not a very cheering performance. The company formed part of the main body, and about midnight the advanced guard came into touch with the Boers, and after some desultory firing, in which the column had no part, they settled down as best they could to wait for daylight. The waggons had stuck hopelessly far behind, there was nothing to eat, and all were lying in one and a-half inches. of water. At daylight the column set out again, and about 11 a.m. reached Rouxville, hunting a few Boers before it. For the next few days the column moved slowly forward, General Hart, with his brigade of Infantry, keeping about a day's march in its rear. The company- were usually advanced or flank guard, and the men were all rapidly picking up Mounted Infantry work in the field. On the 21st the baptism of fire took place at Bushman's Kop, a long, steep, flat-topped hill, where the advanced guard of Brabant's Horse had got into difficulties and the Mounted Infantry was sent to help them out and bring back the wounded, a movement which, after a somewhat brisk fire, was successfully accomplished. During the night General Hart brought up his infantry, and early next morning, after a duel between our guns and those of the Boers, the hill was attacked. The company assisted in making a wide flanking movement to the right, and after skirmishing all day arrived with the New Zealanders at a low hill close to the Boers' position, but the fire of the enemy's guns compelled them to take up a position further back, where they bivouacked till morning, only to find the Boers had moved in the night. The next two days were repetitions of the first, long gallops to a flank, sometimes capturing a prisoner, sometimes losing one or two men, though not from the Malta Company.
The company was extremely lucky during these few days, losing only one man and a good many horses.
The loss of the Colonial Division was about ñfty.
On the 24th Wepener was entered, Brabant's column being the first to do so, and found the garrison, though somewhat reduced, still full of fight. After receiving forty more remounts, good Basuto ponies, the company was ordered to move with General Hart to Bethulie, parting to their great regret with the remainder of the Colonials, except the New Zealanders, who accompanied them.
General Brabant was good enough to speak in very complimentary terms of the work of the Malta Company with him, and undoubtedly this month with the pick of the Colonial corps had effected much good, turning them into useful scouts and riders.
The march to Bethulie, which was reached on May 6th, was not very eventful, but was hard work.
The New Zealanders and Mounted Infantry were the only mounted corps, and were permanently advanced on flank guards, keeping from two to six miles in front or to the flanks of the column; forage was very short, and they had to pick up what they could for themselves from the farms, and the horses suffered severely.
After one very long day they started for a night march on Smithfield, which was surrounded at dawn, capturing over thirty prisoners, with no loss-quite a successful little dash.
On reaching Bethulie they entrained for Bloemfontein, only to find on arrival that Lord Roberts had already advanced, and to hear his guns booming at Brandfort, about forty miles north. After a couple of days the company started with a lot of other details, nearly all Colonials, to catch up the army in front. After a series of long marches, hampered by the Boers, who were beginning to collect in the rear of the main advance, Smalldeel was reached, less than a week's marching in rear of the army.
At Doom River, which consisted of a siding, a couple of huts,and a bridge blown up by the Boers, Capt. Pine-Coffin's company was left behind to guard what was then the railway head. and the fatal "lines of communication" swallowed them up. For the next month they moved with the railway as it was repaired. The Boers had apparently left them in peace, and at Zand River they passed a quiet existence, patching up the horses, doctoring sore backs, etc. Daily patrols, ten miles in each direction, kept half the company employed each day. In the beginning of June the Malta Company was posted to the 9th Battalion Mounted Infantry, a corps of which it formed part to the end of the war. On the i8th June Colonel Sitwell, commanding the battalion, arrived with the Royal Irish Rifles' Mounted Company, and passing through Ventersburg the battalion arrived at Kroonstad, which was threatened with an attack by De Wet, who had just succeeded in capturing a battalion of militia at Roodeval. A strong reconnaissance to the north, in. company with details from every imaginable mounted corps in the country, revealed no enemy, and the battalion hurried south again in relief of the garrison at Zand River, the place it had just left, which was attacked in force. All these attacks on the line made it necessary to keep mounted troops at every post for patrolling purposes, and most unluckily Captain Pine- Coffin's company was selected for the work, being in detachment at four posts between Vet River and Kroonstad, the Lancashire Fusilier section being at Hotfontein, about 20 miles south of the latter place. The next eight months was one long story of constant patrolling, petty skirmishes, attacks on the camp and alarms. The Lancashire Fusiliers' section, now reduced to twenty-five strong, was hard worked, the men doing two days on patrol and one day off, with constant night work. Their district was a strip, roughly 25 miles by 20, the whole of which had to be constantly patrolled. There were hills on each side of the railway line, and the Boers were at least sighted practically every day. The patrols being so weak there was a constant danger of being led into a trap and cut off, and the district was full of Dutch farmers and natives, who gave constant information of all British movements to their friends on commando. Sometimes for days at a time the patrols were unable to get four miles out of camp, the monotony being sometimes broken by driving in herds of horses and cattle, the best of the former being broken in by the amateur roughriders for the use of the company and the remainder sent up to Kroonstad. The headquarters of the company, under Captain Pine-Coffin, was at Ventersburg Road, about eleven miles south of Holfontein, and when he received any reliable information, Lieutenant Woodcock (3LF) always acted in concert with him in his expeditions, occasionally doing some useful work.
It would be impossible to give a daily account of the work from August, 1900, to April, 1901, and a few of the more interesting details need only be touched on.
On August 2nd, 1900, a train was blown up near Holfontein by "Theron's Scouts," a very well-known Boer corps. Starting at dawn with three sections, under Pine-Coffin, after a hard gallop, came up with the Boers about eighty strong, about nine miles west, on a low hill. The bill was rushed, and the Boers driven off with eleven casualties and many horses, Pine-Coffin coming off very well with the loss of only one man and about a dozen horses shot. This was the first time the Boers, raiding the line (a very common occurrence at that time in Orange River Colony), had ever been punished, and Captain Pine-Coffin received a congratulatory telegram from Lord Roberts.
Again in September, a chance occurred, and had it not been for the slowness
of another company, they must have made a good capture. As it was, the Malta Company took some prisoners and all the camp kit of the Boers, blankets, waggons, cooking pots, etc., and some fify spare horses were captured.
The loss on that occasion was four killed and wounded.
October 4th, 1900, was a bad day for Pine-Coffin's company. it went out about 140 strong, owing to the Royal Irish Rifles joining them with a pom-pom and Maxim, and fell in with Commandant Philip Botha, with a commando of 1,200; it was only with great difficulty they managed to get the guns safe back to camp, a distance of eleven miles. The casualties were fifteen, including Lieutenant Atfield, of the 2nd Derby section, who was killed. The loss of this promising young officer was a great blow to all who were serving with him; not only was he a most dashing leader, totally ignorant of the meaning of fear, but also his knowledge of horses and their treatment was invaluable. He had had three horses shot under him at different times, and it was in helping a wounded man that he met his death. "One of the best Mounted Infantry officers in South Africa," was the verdict of all who knew him.
In October also the Irish Rifles met with a disaster near Ventersburg, and the Lancashire Fusilier section was employed in covering the retreat of their waggons, which were brought safely into camp.
In November the Berkshire Volunteer Company was captured close to Ventersburg Road, and in the subsequent following up of the Boers, who suffered some loss, the section had one man taken prisoner, owing to his horse being shot.
In the middle of November Captain Pine-Coffin received a Brevet-Majority,and was appointed to the command of the 9th Battalion Mounted Infantry. In January, 1901, the Lancashire Fusiliers section rejoined the headquarters of what was now a battalion at Ventersburg Road, and here in April they were joined by the 2nd Company Malta Mounted Infantry, about 6o strong, under Lieutenant M. J. Hamilton.( I own a silver conserve pot presented to the XX by this officer....Joe)
This addition again brought the company nearly up to strength, about 120 of all ranks, and with one company of Irish Rifles, was sufficiently strong to keep the Boers at a distance and to make frequent expeditions into the surrounding district, capturing several prisoners and great quantities of stock.
In March a small patrol of the company was ambushed and lost two killed and two wounded; this was the first and only patrol that was surprised in the whole eight months on the line, which speaks well for the keenness and scouting abilities of all ranks.
At last in April came the long-hoped-for orders to move, and on the 27th the battalion started out, about 500 strong, on what was stated to be a four days' trek only. It may be noted that this trek lasted, with never, at the most, more than a week's interval, till peace was declared on June 1st, 1902, a period of thirteen months. Again it is difficult to give a consecutive narrative of their wanderings, as they were on most occasions an unattached column, under Major Pine-Coffin, working independently, with a strength varying from 500 to i,ooo, two guns and a well-beloved pom-pom. This pom-pom, which had belonged to the Australians, was now entirely the 9th Battalion's property. The drivers and gunners were from the Malta Mounted Infantry Company, the officer in charge being Lieut. Braithewaite, North Lancashires. It was probably the only pom-pom entirely run by Mounted Infantry without any help from the Royal Artillery.
One day's work was very like another--up before daylight and moving wherever the information led them. Continuous rearguard actions all day, always a fringe of Boers behind ready to seize the best opportunity for a dart at the waggons while the main body was engaged perhaps miles to the front. The company generally had the post of rearguard, a high compliment, indeed, to their efficiency, as it was certainly there that the most "shooting" was to be had, but one that entailed a constant watchfulness and strain on the nerves. To take the trek month by month. April and May, the country to the west of the railway line from Kroonstad to Bloemfontein, - including joining in a big drive from the Volsch River to the
Modder in conjunction with five other columns. They had some hard work at Kalkuit on the Vosch River, where the Boers in force were met, the casualties in the company being three.
The big drive was not very successful, most of the Boers escaping in the night, bu an enormous quantity of stock was driven into Bloemfontein.
June and July found them north-east of Kroonstad, as far north as the Vaal River, and including the towns of Lindley and Heilbron.
Escorting the Worcester Regiment to Heilbron there was some hard work in the rough country round Paardekraal, and the battalion received a very complimentary farewell order from Colonel Hackett Payne, who also reported favourably to headquarters. August and September they were further south frbm Kroonstad to Winburg, Senekal, and Bethlehem. At Winburg the company joined Colonel Barker and began a series of night marches with a good deal of success, capturing many prisoners. The furthest measured distance in the 24 hours was 72 miles. This night work, though hard on men and horses, was really the only way of gaining any success,and from this time until the end of the war by far the greater number of prisoners were captured in this way. As a rule the column started at dusk, at an hours notice, to prevent information leaking out, and marching all night, reached the appointed farm, where a sharp gallop usually resulted in capturing at least a few Boers. No lights or smoking were allowed, and all marched as silently as possible.
October found the 9th Battalion in the Wittebergen Mountains, where the Boers had hidden great stores of grain in the many caves. Parties were out every day searching for these "caches;" as a rule horses had to be left at the foot, and fair climbing resorted to. In this way great çuantities of grain were found and destroyed. One day sixteen waggons were captured and burnt. The column at this time was nominally on half rations, but most were able to feed themselves and horses well on what was found in the mountains. At the end of this trek they returned to Winburg, and here, to the great regret of all, Major Pine-Coffin left for some time. His eyes had been troubling him, and at last he was forced to proceed home on sick leave. He had had the company of which the Lancashire Fusiliers formed part from the beginning and when he was promoted to the command of a column they had always been with him; his dash and quick judgment had inspired confidence in all ranks, and with the whole column regretting his departure, no one felt the loss more than the Lancashire Fusiliers. Major Holmes, of the Yorkshire Regiment, took over command of the column, and it moved off west in the direction of Kroonstad. Two or three night marches in the district west of Kroonstad were very successful, Cornmandant David Marais, a well-known Boer leader of the NorthWest district of the Orange River Colony, being among the prisoners. At the end of October the number of prisoners captured by the column in the preceding six weeks was over 1,000, mostly taken by means of night marches, this being before the commencement of Lord Kitchener's great "drives."
In November, the 9th Mounted Infantry, under Captain Bower,. Royal Munster Fusiliers, was detached for the purpose of covering the making of a line of block-houses from Kroonstad to Lindley. The Boers made some show of resistance, and at Kaalfontein Bridge there were several casualties, but eventually,. after some skirmishes, including a night attack on the camp, the- line of blockhouses was finished, In December the Battalion was on the west of Kroonstad again, and under command of Colonel Daizell, of the Oxford Light Infantry, trekked up into the Witkopjes, a mountainous district in the extreme north-west of the Orange River Colony. Passing through Vredefort, they reached Pargo, a pretty little town on the Vaal. The column, acting in conjunction with General Cunningham's, endeavoured to corner the Boers on the north bank of the Vaal. However, the Boers literally rode over a very weak post of the S.A.C. and streamed across the plain about two miles to the left, the veldt dotted. here and there with fallen men and horses-a wonderful sight,but one that meant all the work had to be done over again; and Christmas, 1901, found them moving south once more.
In January, 1902, the command of the 9th Mounted Infantry, now working as a separate column, about 350 strong, consisting of Malta Mounted Infantry( 3LF) 1st Derby Mounted Infantry, Royal Munster Fusiliers Mounted Infantry, was taken over by Major Tomlin, Yorkshire Regiment, who remained in command till the Mounted Infantry were broken up at the end of August.
In January and part of February the battalion was moving between the various block-house lines (roughly from the Vaal River in the north to the Zand River on the south), clearing the country of cattle and forage, and, with many night marches, picking up a few prisoners.
At the end of February it was one of the columns taking part in the first of the great drives organised by Lord Kitchener for the capture of De Wet. The 9th Battalion was chiefly employed lying out all night at various farms to prevent any Boers breaking back.
The close of the second drive found the battalion at Vredefort Road early in March.
From here, on a night march to the West, the Lancashire Fusiliers' Company captured a prisoner out of a strong party of Boers, which was afterwards found to be under the command of De Wet himself, and the information drawn from this prisoner caused all the columns to cross over the railway to the West, and, after moving quickly southwards, the 9th Mounted Infantry joined the column under Lord Basing at the Lace Diamond Mines. From here the column, moved westward to Bothaville. The weather was very bad and the waggons stuck hopelessly, in fact the battalion did not see them again till five days later at Commando Drift on the Vaal. As they had only one day's rations this might have been very awkward, for the country had been thoroughly cleared of food and forage. Fortunately, they got one day's rations from the Royal Welsh Fusiliers at Bothaville, who were most kind and hospitable, being under the command of Lieutei1ant-Colonel Sir Robert Colleton, who had served with the 3rd Lancashire Fusiliers for some time, and who gave a most kindly welcome to them all. At Bothaville the track of the Boers was taken and followed up, only to find after two days' hard work that they had broken through past another of the columns. At Commando Drift the battalion found it's waggons after the hardest five days spent in South Africa.
Less than half a day's rations for the men and a quarter for the horses, added to pouring rain and no blankets, is an experience that does not bear repeating too often.
At the beginning of April the 9th Mounted Infantry was still with Lord Baring's column taking part in the great drive to Klerksdorp to recover the guns captured from Lord Methuen. Over 15,000 mounted men were engaged in this drive. They started from Commando Drift at dusk with nothing beyond one day's ration, nd by the evening of the next day had covered 8o miles, stopping just short of Klerksdorp. They were in touch with the Boers several times and had two or three casualties, including Lieutenant Malcolm Knowles, of the Royal Dragoons, killed. Returned next day to Commando Drift. Leaving Lord Baring, the 9th Mounted Infantry moved back eastward to Kroonstadt, making two or three unsuccessful night marches.
On the 27th April, leaving Doom Kloof, on the Vaish River at dark, the battalion came up with a commando of Boers soon after daybreak in a farm about 20 miles south of Doom Kloof. When the farm was rushed 27 Boers were accounted for in killed and prisoners, while the Mounted Infantry had only two casualties. Most unfortunately these included Lieutenant Shea, of the Royal Munster Fusiliers, killed.
This was the last engagement of the 9th Battalion, two years after the "baptism of fire" at Bushman's Kop. All through the latter half of May, while the negotiations for peace were in progress, the battalion was moving quietly in the vicinity of the Rhenoster River, ready for the resumption of hostilities, as there was a prevailing scepticism in that part of the Orange River Colony as to the successful issue of the negotiations. However, these proved incorrect, and on June xst, at Witkop Drift, on the Rhenoster River, they received the intelligence that peace was declared, which was celebrated by a camp fire and an additional issue of rum.
The battalion marched back to Kroonstadt, where it remained for a month, and then proceeded to B1oemfonte, but its stay there was of short duration.
Late one night it received orders to start next day for Ladybrand.
Nearly all the ammunition had been returned to store, and there was a great rush to bring everything up to war strength again.
It transpired that there was fear of a rising among the Basutos and reinforcements were to be hurried to the border.
With a vision of another two years war before their eyes they hurried to Ladybrand by forced marches.
On arrival there, however, it was found that the excitement had been greatly exaggerated, and after a big indaba at Maseru, at which the Basuto chief Lerothodi, a great ally of the English, presided, the natives, who had certainly been somewhat disturbed, settled down once more. The 9th Battalion stayed at Ladybrand for a month, and was inspected by General Stephenson, at the end of the month receiving orders to proceed to Bioemfontein for final de-mobilisation. On arrival there everything was handed in to the Ordnance, and the horses to another battalion of Mounted Infantry, with many regrets for the good servants and friends that carried them so well on many a weary march by night and day. On August 31st, 1902, everything was finished and the different sections proceeded to join their respective regiments, the Lancashire Fusilier section, under Captain W. J. Woodcock, who had commanded them through the two years. of fighting and marching, joining the 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers at Middelburg, Transvaal.

Of the men he has borne this splendid testimony :-" It is difficult to say enough in praise of the men of the company. That they worked and fought splendidly I can truly say was the opinion of every officer under whom they served, and it is impossible to say more. When I say that, starting nearly untrained, they developed into really first-class mounted infantry soldiers, I am not quoting my own opinion only. Among so many it is difficult to choose, hut in mentioning the names of Sergeants Childs, Roebuck, Corporal Mardon, Lance-Corporal Moseley (killed in action), Privates Eastham and Lathom, I trust that those who did as good or better work in the field will take no offence. I cannot omit to mention our comrades of the Derby, Loyal North Lancashire, and Royal Warwickshire Regiments, and I can only hope that on some future occasion we may be able to repay in some measure the debt we owe to the members of these distinguished regiments."
Captain W. J. Woodcock and Sergeant R. Roebuck were mentioned in the final despatch of General Lord Kitchener, dated June 23rd, 19.)

Lance-Corporal Moseley was awarded the distinguished conduct medal.

I have found the following Lancashire Fusiliers in the lists of DCM's won during the Boer War.

Bamford T
Couchman R V
Colour Sergeant
Crowcroft F
Colour Sergeant
Farrell T J
Griffiths William Henry
Troop Sergeant Major Killed in action 7 Aug 15 7th (The Princess Royal's) Dragoon
Holmes J A
Lance Sergeant Missing 24 Jan 00 Spion Kop
Lomax F
Private Spion Kop
Lowe E
Sergeant Died of wounds 1 Jan 01 Rondebosje
Lowe M
Lyons M
McGarry Andrew
Sergeant Major
Moseley A
Private Severely wounded 20 May 01 near Kroonstad.
Moss William
Sergeant Major MSM
Pilkington Percy
A/Sergeant Major Klein Roodepoort 27 Oct 01. MBE
Pitt W
Potter R G
Colour Sergeant Spion Kop 24 Jan 00 (killed in action)
Power F
Quinton J B
Royle J
Private Spion Kop 24 Jan 00 (killed in action)
Sefton J
Lance Corporal
Thomas J
Private Spion Kop 24 Jan 00
Turner J T
Private Spion Kop 24 Jan 00
Watson William
Colour Sergeant LS GS Medal 1897
Wood F
Lance Corporal

Captain(retd) Joe Eastwood BEM CQSW 25th August 2013.

"In 2010 Maurice Taylor began researching the background of Captain Harry Auqustus Ferguson Watson 3 LF who died on 2 Oct 1901 of wounds received in action two days previously at Moedwill 7 miles east of Magota Nek? He had also been severly wounded serving with a Composite Regiment of Mounted Infantry and was Mentioned in Despatches LG 8 Feb 1901. He transfered to 3LF as Captain in June 1901.

As a resuly of his research he received an email from the Old Bedfordians Club magazine editor as follows:-

The Ousel also states that on October 5th that : On leaving Sandhurst he was gazetted to the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, in which regiment he served all through the Natal campaign, being mentioned in dispatches by Sir Redvers Buller. He had only recently been transferred to the 3rd Lancashire Fusiliers.

There is a further mention in an Ousel dated Oct 2 1900 as follows A report from Gen. Hildyard to Lord Roberts, published Sept. 10th, mentions Lieut H. A. Watson [O.B.], Dublin Fusiliers,

as killed near Griedhorses. Which is rather strange as he did not die until 1901?

There is a plaque for OBs who died in the Boer War in the School Chapel.

This is quite an important addition to our data on those serving/ killed in action in the Boer war as the name of Captain Watson does not appear on the official rolls."

Colonel Blomfield 2nd Bn The Lancashire Fusiliers

This photo we got from E Bay and he is the first officer named on the photo above

Colonel Blomfield was later wounded in the Battle of Spion Cop which was a nasty battle and the Lancashire Fusiliers apparently took quite a beating :
There is quite a vivid recollection here of Blomfield's experience:

"Srange, too, was the fate of gallant Colonel Blomfield, whose regiment, one of the smartest of the smart regiments present, had done such splendid work, and had held on to its post to the bitter end. This officer was wounded early in the day, as already recorded, and lay in a trench helpless and fainting for hours and beyond the reach of help. Finally, he was able to crawl out and make his way down the side of the hill--down the _wrong_ side, unluckily for himself--and when next he was heard of he was a prisoner in Pretoria. That his life was saved at all was a marvel. Captain Tidswell, on seeing his Colonel wounded, rushed out with Sergeant Lightfoot and dragged him under a heavy fire into a trench, where he remained till the action was over."

"The 2nd Battalion arrived at CapeTown on the 19th December 1899 and immediately transferred to Durban. Along with several other regiments they formed 11th Brigade under Major General Woodgate, arriving at Frere on 9th January 1900.

Lieutenant Colonel C.J. Blomfield; Captains C.M. Brunker, E.C. Tidswell, W.E. Elmslie, O.C .Wolley-Dod (wounded 20.1.00), J.N. Whyte (wounded 20.1.00), H.V.S. Ormond (wounded 20.1.00), G.H.B. Freeth, G.M. Stewart; Lieutenants J.J.R. Mallock, H.B. Roffey, A.J. Allardyce, R.S. Wilson, E. Fraser, D.F. Campbell (wounded 20.1.00); 2nd Lieutenants E.J.M. Barrett (wounded 20.1.00), G.H. Hastings, M.G. Croften (wounded 20.1.00); Captain R.B. Blunt (Adj) (wounded 20.1.00); Lieutenant W.W. Ganly (Qr. Mr); Major W.P. Squire (RAMC) medical officer in charge.

The regiment fought at Spioen kop, where they list 247 casualties and Vaalkrantz. They were sent to Garrison Frere from 12th to 26th February 1900, then Chieveley and on to Colenso until 8th March 1900 when they were sent to Pietermaritzburg. "

Capt G M Stewart

The Middle photo below is also on Col Blomfield section above and they are named Capt Stewart is back row first on left

sent in by Ken Marsh

Wellington Barracks ?

Ada Eastwood , Joe's great aunt, believed this to be Joe's grandfather 9770 Pte W J Eastwood 3rd Vol Coy LF

3546 Pte William Hulme
2nd Bn Lancashire Fusiliers E Coy

This is a letter William sent to his Cousin Emma Hulme on the 4th October 1901
The whiter version is what I have cleaned up a little and removed the sellotape to make it a little easier to read
sent in by
Dave Hulme William's Grandson

Sgt James Johnston

James in later Life

James with one of his brothers,

James with his
brothers circa WW1

Hyde born James Johnson who years ago used to astonish local residents
by performing such feats of strength and balance, as standing on one
hand on top of the old Hyde gasometer, or on the spire of St George's
Church died at the age of 89, on Sunday, September 17, at Yew Tree
Home, Dukinfield. He enlisted in 1896 and became a sergeant in the
Lancashire Fusiliers. He was a member of the army gymnastic team and
appeared before royalty three times as a gymnast. Much of his time in
the forces was spent as a musketry, drill, physical training and
fencing instructor, and he was considered a master in the art of
bayonet fighting. Mr Johnson was also outstanding as a runner and won
many professional handicaps. He served in the Boer War and the First
World War and attended Queen Victoria's funeral. When he was 61 he
volunteered to join up when the Second World War broke out but he was
turned down as too old. Mr Johnson's favourite expression was "It's
not the coat that makes the man but the things that God gave him."

1183 Pte. Herbert Nadin *


"The 2nd Bn The XXth The Lancashire Fusiliers embarking at Southampton for The Boer War


This and the next 5 photos
Maurice Taylor-
The Kop as it is 2004"
(Spy Hill)


"Where is the water on this list,and note 1 blanket between 2 !?
Never complain again about how rough your soldiering was!!"

Relief of LadySmith

2718 Sergeant E Quinn, sent in by his grandson Tony Cunningham

"Unknown LF, just before Boer War"

"These are the documents of a remarkable man named

Sergeant John Bernard Millett.

The father of 6 children , he was 41 years and 2 months old when he volunteered to fight in WW1.

He had already seen 14 years service with the 2nd BN Lancashire Fusiliers and 9 years service with the Connaught Rangers.

He is listed on our nominal roll (see bottom of this page) of those who fought at Spion Kop and his service records show that he had 2 bullet wound scars on each thigh when enlisting in 1916.

He was discharged again in 1919.

They do not make them like this any more. "

This is a copy of the census of 31st March1901, these people were then recorded as being in residence at Kitchener Barracks Chatham Kent.

Note John Bernard Millett, his wife Barbara and their son Bernard Millett.

There are other LF names on the list, but also names seemingly having no connection to the LFs, could they have been miltary families in transit?

"Army Deaths and Baptisms Archives"


"A most unusual pic,believed to be the only time that the Officers of 3 line Battalions of the same Regiment have been pictured together.
They are the 1st,2nd and 3rd Bns of the XXth the Lancashire Fusiliers.
The pic is undated, but by careful reading and noting that they are wearing black armbands,I have come to the opinion that this pic was taken shortly after the death of Queen Victoria in January 1901.

One of the joys of researching the Lancashire Fusiliers comes when someone from our past reaches out and finally achieves what he set out to accomplish all those years ago, namely to tell us that he was there.

Much the same has just happened.

A Mr Richard Binstead has contacted us to say that carved on a rock at a place called Salpeterkop near Cradock in South Africa are the names and details of a number of Lancashire Fusiliers.

The names and other details surround a chess board carved into the rock and are wonderfully fresh considering that they were done some 110 years ago.

What I find truly exciting is to go to our nominal roll of those serving in the Boer war and finding those very men recorded there
Check for yourself the roll is just below
Dear Sir:
Came across this article & thought you would find this fascinating – “footprints” left by the Lancashire Fusiliers at Salpeterskop in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.
From a Boer & South African Paratrooper.

Warm Regards
Rudolf du Plessis

From the South African National Parks page:
On the rock with the chessboard are names and regiments of the British soldiers. The area was used as a lookout point during the Anglo Boer war.
It is believed that the chessboard was created during the early 1900s by British soldiers. They created the chessboard or draught board on a rock on top of Saltpeterskop, a 1 514m high hill.
Also on the rock with chessboard are names and regiments of the British soldiers. The area was used as a lookout point during the Anglo Boer war.
The story goes that the soldiers played chess with their mates in an old fort in Cradock. The moves were transmitted by means of a mirror which had the official purpose of communicating warning signals.
!! Saltpeterskop is with the Mountain Zebra Park near Cradock, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

..... is located within the Mountain Zebra National Park. Saltpeterkop is a free-standing mountain which dominates the countryside for kilometres around.
It is not an easy walk and requires a reasonable level of fitness. It is a hike through interesting flora and the reward at the top is a magnificent view in all directions.
This outlook was what caused the mountain to be occupied as a lookout post by British troops during the Anglo-Boer War. With time to kill, men of the Lancashire Fusiliers engraved a chess board on a convenient rock as well as leaving some of their names.

Thank you Dr Rudolf du Plessis

"Men of The XXth The Lancashire Fusiliers who fought in the Boer War"
The Number, Rank, Name, and Battalion
in alphabetical order
Abberley to Kearns
9154 Private Abberley T 2nd Bn.
5199 Private Abbott W 2nd Bn.
983 Private Acton F 5th Bn.
5050 Private Acton J 6th Bn.
Captain Adams G.S. 17th M.I.
8777 Private Adams H 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4558 Private Adams W 2nd Bn.
3087 Private Adamson J 2nd Bn.
4499 Private Adamson T 2nd Bn.
3991 Private Adlam W 2nd Bn.
8778 Private Adron C 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
2067 Private Aiers C 2nd Bn.
4505 Private Ainscow J 2nd Bn.
6790 Private Airey W 17th M.I.
547 Private Aitken R 5th Bn.
7319 Private Alcock R 5th Bn.
8779 Private Aldcroft H 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
6797 Private Aldred G 17th M.I.
2/Lieut. Allan A.G.C. 6th Bn.
Captain Allardyce A.J. 2nd Bn.
615 Private Allcock R 5th Bn.
3321 Private Allen A 2nd Bn.
5450 Corporal Allen A.J. 2nd Bn.
5036 Private Allen G 2nd Bn.
7188 Private Allen J 28th M.I.
3609 Private Allen J 2nd Bn.
4899 Private Allen J 2nd Bn.
1799 Private Allen J 2nd Bn.
7053 Private Allen J 2nd Bn.
110 Private Allen J 5th Bn.
2274 Private Allen R 2nd Bn.
Lieut. Allen R.S. 2nd Bn.
3416 Drummer Allen R.W. 6th Bn.
6650 Private Allen S 17th M.I.
6190 Private Allen T 2nd Bn.
3263 Private Allen T 5th Bn.
2908 Private Allen W 2nd Bn.
5818 Private Allott E 28th M.I.
1159 Private Allsopp A 2nd Bn.
4309 Sergt. Almond J 2nd Bn.
6048 Private Almond W 5th Bn.
Major Amber Felton 2nd Bn.
5812 Private Ambrose J 17th M.I.
6547 Private Anders H 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
2893 Lce. Corporal Anders J 6th Bn.
1293 Private Anders P 5th Bn.
5666 Private Anderson P 6th Bn.
4091 Corporal Anderson W 17th M.I.
445 Private Anderton E 5th Bn.
6505 Lce. Corporal Anderton G 5th Bn.
2626 Private Andrews R 2nd Bn.
8890 Private Andrews S.A. 2nd Bn.
4374 Private Andrews W.H. 2nd Bn.
746 Private Anforth J 5th Bn.
3880 Private Anker R 2nd Bn.
4653 Private Annesley J 5th Bn.
5620 Private Ansbro G 6th Bn.
6739 Private Appleby J 5th Bn.
6098 Lce. Corporal Appleton E 5th Bn.
7027 Private Appleton J 6th Bn.
997 Private Appleton R 5th Bn.
Captain Applin R.V.K. 6th Bn.
3755 Col. Sergt. Archbould A 6th Bn.
3937 Private Archer W 3rd Bn., M.I.
858 Private Ardis P 5th Bn.
7419 Private Arkwright W 5th Bn.
645 Private Armistead J.R. 5th Bn.
Captain Armitage Godfrey 5th Bn.
6336 Private Armitage J 5th Bn.
4498 Private Armitage W.E. 5th Bn.
2nd Lieut. Armitage W.P. 5th Bn.
2788 Private Armour J 2nd Bn.
6823 Private Armstrong J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
7156 Private Armstrong J 5th Bn.
2877 Private Armstrong T 2nd Bn.
4998 Private Armstrong W 28th M.I.
3569 Sergt. Armstrong W 2nd Bn.
520 Private Armstrong W 5th Bn.
7381 Lce. Corporal Arnold W.S. 2nd Bn.
3157 Private Arrandale F 2nd Bn.
672 Private Arrowsmith A 5th Bn.
2744 Private Arrowsmith J 2nd Bn.
98 Private Arthurs R 6th Bn.
8235 Sergt. Arundale J.H. 5th Bn.
3888 Private Ash F 2nd Bn.
4440 Private Ashbury F 2nd Bn.
4663 Corporal Ashcroft J.W. 5th Bn.
1949 Private Ashcroft T 2nd Bn.
443 Private Ashcroft W 5th Bn.
7389 Private Ashforth H 28th M.I.
3328 Private Ashton H 2nd Bn.
5002 Private Ashton J 6th Bn.
695 Private Ashton S 5th Bn.
3919 Private Ashurst W 2nd Bn.
3443 Private Ashworth A 2nd Bn.
3979 Private Ashworth E 2nd Bn.
6085 Private Ashworth G 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
6293 Private Ashworth J 17th M.I.
6498 Private Ashworth J 2nd Bn.
5730 Sergt. Ashworth R 17th M.I.
8813 Private Ashworth R 2nd Bn.
5450 Corporal Ashworth T 5th Bn.
5910 Private Ashworth T 6th Bn.
7305 Private Ashworth W 2nd Bn.
5929 Private Askew J 5th Bn.
3066 Private Asma J 2nd Bn.
5017 Private Aspden J 2nd Bn.
517 Private Aspinall T 6th Bn.
4793 Private Aspinall W 2nd Bn.
303 Lce. Corporal Aspray J 5th Bn.
211 Private Astle T 5th Bn.
4390 Private Astles J 2nd Bn.
4431 Sergt. Astley J 2nd Bn.
784 Private Astley J 2nd Bn.
99 Private Atherton A 5th Bn.
4508 Private Atherton E 5th Bn.
3265 Lce. Corporal Atherton F 2nd Bn.
7139 Private Atherton J 28th M.I.
115 Private Atherton T 2nd Bn.
Captain Atkin P.H. 6th Bn.
5608 Private Atkins J 6th Bn.
1038 Private Atkins O 5th Bn.
3302 Private Atkinson J 2nd Bn.
3833 Lce. Corporal Atkinson J 2nd Bn.
8904 Private Atkinson J 2nd Bn.
5091 Lce. Corporal Atkinson J 5th Bn.
583 Private Atkinson J 5th Bn.
6985 Private Atkinson J 6th Bn.
5918 Private Atkinson J.S. 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
5073 Private Austerberry J 2nd Bn.
4026 Private Austin H 6th Bn.
3628 Private Austin R 2nd Bn.
56 Private Austin R 5th Bn.
2188 Private Austin W.S. 2nd Bn.
Captain Awdry Vere Henry Ambrose 2nd Bn.
3624 Corporal Ayre W 6th Bn.
1178 Private Babbs B 2nd Bn.
5251 Drummer Bacon J 28th M.I.
6680 Private Bacon J 5th Bn.
8782 Private Badenson R 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5538 Private Baggoley A 6th Bn.
1026 Private Bagnall C 5th Bn.
2208 Corporal Baguley W.H. 6th Bn.
7297 Private Bailey C 5th Bn.
3155 Private Bailey E 2nd Bn.
1022 Private Bailey G 2nd Bn.
5250 Private Bailey J 6th Bn.
5601 Private Bailey R 5th Bn.
3935 Private Bailey T 2nd Bn.
6245 Private Bailey W 17th M.I.
7126 Private Bailey W 6th Bn.
4730 Private Bain W 6th Bn.
5216 Private Bainbridge E 2nd Bn.
5396 Private Bainbridge J 2nd Bn.
6017 Private Bainbridge R 6th Bn.
4106 Private Baites T 5th Bn.
6424 Private Baker F 5th Bn.
9780 Private Baker H 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
8864 Private Baker J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
285 Private Bakey T 5th Bn.
1513 Private Baldwin G 2nd Bn.
2631 Private Ball S 2nd Bn.
4766 Private Ball T 2nd Bn.
3089 Sergt. Ball T 2nd Bn.
2817 Private Ball W 2nd Bn.
2nd Lieut. Ballantine J.A.
5052 Private Ballard J 2nd Bn.
3358 Private Bamber E 2nd Bn.
4301 Private Bamber R 2nd Bn.
689 Lce. Corporal Bamber W 2nd Bn.
9766 Private Bamford J 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
2176 Private Bamford T DCM 2nd Bn.
5986 Corporal Bancroft E 6th Bn.
5321 Private Banks J 2nd Bn.
3861 Private Banks J 2nd Bn.
6420 Lce. Corporal Bannister H 5th Bn.
3186 Private Bannister J 2nd Bn.
3217 Corporal Bannister J 5th Bn.
3971 Private Bannister W 2nd Bn.
799 Private Bannon P 5th Bn.
2485 Private Barber W.H. 6th Bn.
4856 Private Barbury H.G. 2nd Bn.
7173 Private Bardsley S 28th M.I.
Lieut. Barker F.O. 5th Bn.
4827 Private Barker J 2nd Bn.
2621 Private Barker J 6th Bn.
2304 Sergt. Barker J 6th Bn.
9727 Corporal Barker R 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
8780 Private Barker W 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5917 Private Barker W 6th Bn.
6892 Private Barlow C 28th M.I.
Lieut. Barlow E 2nd Bn.
4927 Private Barlow H 5th Bn.
5024 Private Barlow J 2nd Bn.
5818 Private Barlow J 5th Bn.
4599 Private Barlow R 2nd Bn.
3683 Private Barlow R 2nd Bn.
1220 Private Barlow S 5th Bn.
5021 Private Barlow S 6th Bn.
8701 Private Barlow W 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4849 Private Barlow W 2nd Bn.
3217 Private Barlow W 5th Bn.
6816 Private Barnes D 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
1380 Private Barnes J 2nd Bn.
7105 Private Barnes J 6th Bn.
6217 Private Barnes J 6th Bn.
4058 Private Barnes T 2nd Bn.
Lieut. Baron O 2nd Bn.
7271 Private Baron R 5th Bn.
4586 Lce. Corporal Barr S.C. 2nd Bn.
7127 Private Barrett E 5th Bn.
Lieut. Barrett E.J.M. 2nd Bn.
5148 Lce. Corporal Barrett H 2nd Bn.
9361 Private Barrett J 2nd Bn.
3863 Private Barrett M 2nd Bn.
819 Private Barrett M 5th Bn.
4407 Private Barrett S 5th Bn.
7049 Sergt. Barrett T 6th Bn.
3823 Private Barrett W 2nd Bn.
3244 Private Barron E 2nd Bn.
7170 Private Barrow J 28th M.I.
256 Private Barrow S 2nd Bn.
7997 Private Barrows C 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
7998 Private Barrows D 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
7672 Private Barrows J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
4831 Private Bartlett G 2nd Bn.
4880 Private Bartley J 2nd Bn.
3909 Private Barton E 5th Bn.
9767 Private Barton H 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
9806 Private Barton H 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5196 Corporal Barton J 6th Bn.
5375 Private Barton J.W. 6th Bn.
7403 Private Barton R 5th Bn.
6474 Sergt. Basden F 6th Bn.
8781 Private Basford J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3807 Private Basquill W 2nd Bn.
3585 Private Bateman J 2nd Bn.
909 Private Bates J 2nd Bn.
2837 Private Bates T 2nd Bn.
3944 Private Bates T 2nd Bn.
6825 Private Bates T 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
6453 Private Batterton W 2nd Bn.
4404 Private Baxendale J 2nd Bn.
5997 Private Baxendale R 6th Bn.
3776 Private Baxendale W 2nd Bn.
270 Private Baxendale W 5th Bn.
6752 Private Baxendale W.J. 5th Bn.
815 Private Baxter J 5th Bn.
188 Private Baxter J 5th Bn.
9347 Private Baxter S.H. 2nd Bn.
2027 Private Baxter W 6th Bn.
744 Private Bayliss L 5th Bn.
7034 Private Baynham G 5th Bn.
8814 Private Bazley H 2nd Bn.
Lieut. Bealey A.C. 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
9799 Private Beard J.C. 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
1143 Private Beardmore J 2nd Bn.
6891 Private Beaumont H 5th Bn.
5833 Drummer Beaumont N.A. 6th Bn.
Lieut. Beaumont P 6th Bn.
3246 Private Beck J 2nd Bn.
2722 Private Beckett R 2nd Bn.
3432 Private Beckford S 2nd Bn.
3431 Lce. Corporal Beckford W 2nd Bn.
3041 Sergt. Bednall T.A. 5th Bn.
1946 Sergt. Bedson S 2nd Bn.
9382 Private Beech J 2nd Bn.
7035 Lce. Corporal Beer E 17th M.I.
5191 Private Beerman W 6th Bn.
4408 Private Begley T 2nd Bn.
6948 Private Behan C 17th M.I.
1019 Private Belch W 2nd Bn.
6214 Lce. Corporal Bell E 2nd Bn.
6898 Private Bell F 5th Bn.
2558 Private Belshaw J 2nd Bn.
3164 Private Bennett G 2nd Bn.
6756 Private Bennett G 5th Bn.
809 Private Bennett J 5th Bn.
7412 Private Bennett J 5th Bn.
1016 Private Bennett M 2nd Bn.
3711 Private Bennett S 6th Bn.
7826 Corporal Bennett W 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
7115 Private Bennion E 6th Bn.
4293 Private Bentham A 6th Bn.
180 Private Bentham J 5th Bn.
3658 Corporal Bentham J 6th Bn.
4127 Private Bentley J 2nd Bn.
6701 Private Bentley J 2nd Bn.
5306 Private Beresford J 5th Bn.
7433 Lce. Sergt. Bergin J 2nd Bn.
5312 Private Berry E 5th Bn.
6442 Private Berry J 6th Bn.
3969 Private Best M.W. 2nd Bn.
116 Private Beswick H 2nd Bn.
8815 Private Bevins G 5th Bn.
3459 Private Bibby J 2nd Bn.
4948 Private Bibby R 2nd Bn.
2895 Private Bicknell R 2nd Bn.
4734 Private Bigland J 2nd Bn.
5984 Private Bignall F 2nd Bn.
1770 Lce. Corporal Billinge W 6th Bn.
5184 Sergt. Billington W 2nd Bn.
4603 Private Bills W 2nd Bn.
5453 Private Bilsborough R 5th Bn.
7051 Private Bingham W 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
7334 Private Bingham W 5th Bn.
3802 Private Binns D 2nd Bn.
3834 Private Binns W 2nd Bn.
4857 Sergt. Birch C 2nd Bn.
9723 Private Birchall F 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
58 Private Birdsworth T 5th Bn.
4771 Private Birkett D 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
3848 Private Birks G 2nd Bn.
1098 Private Birley G 5th Bn.
5341 Private Birmingham C 2nd Bn.
3899 Private Birtwistle R 2nd Bn.
Captain Bishop H.O. 22nd M.I., 3rd Bn.
7263 Private Black T 17th M.I.
3652 Private Black W 6th Bn.
6516 Private Blackburn J 17th M.I.
830 Private Blackburn J 5th Bn.
9800 Private Blackham J.B. 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
6867 Private Blackhurst T 6th Bn.
1081 Private Blackie R 2nd Bn.
6855 Private Blackledge J 17th M.I.
1776 Private Blackledge T 6th Bn.
9808 Private Blackley G 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4046 Private Blackstock J 2nd Bn.
9 Private Blackwell C 5th Bn.
3188 Corporal Blackwin W 2nd Bn.
Lieutenant Blair G.C. 5th Bn.
6721 Private Blair J 5th Bn.
1262 Private Blake W 5th Bn.
7304 Drummer Blakeborough J 5th Bn.
3547 Private Blakeley J 2nd Bn.
812 Private Blakeway S 5th Bn.
8815 Private Bleackley T 2nd Bn.
2832 Private Bleasdale J 2nd Bn.
Colonel Blomfield Charles James 2nd Bn.
1357 Private Blomley J 5th Bn.
3053 Private Blood T 2nd Bn.
7420 Private Bloor F 5th Bn.
Captain Blunt Robert Bruce 2nd Bn.
2687 Private Blygh E 2nd Bn.
5160 Private Blythyn P 2nd Bn.
5054 Private Boardman C 2nd Bn.
2446 Private Boardman J 2nd Bn.
8816 Sergt. Boardman J.H. 2nd Bn.
4176 Private Boardman W 2nd Bn.
1366 Private Boardman W 6th Bn.
1688 Lce. Corporal Boddie W 2nd Bn.
8740 Private Bolton H 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
9906 Private Bolton J 2nd Bn.
5916 Private Bolton W 2nd Bn.
8741 Private Bond A 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4094 Lce. Corporal Bond R 2nd Bn.
4297 Private Bond W 6th Bn.
3506 Private Bone T 2nd Bn.
8891 Private Booth A.G. 2nd Bn.
6049 Private Booth E 5th Bn.
8817 Private Booth J 2nd Bn.
17 Private Booth J 5th Bn.
1263 Private Booth J 5th Bn.
5119 Corporal Booth N 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
5941 Private Booth R 6th Bn.
2762 Private Booth W 2nd Bn.
2784 Private Boothby R 2nd Bn.
4390 Private Borland J 2nd Bn.
309 Private Bostock A 5th Bn.
8892 Private Bosworth F.C. 2nd Bn.
5275 Lce. Corporal Bottomley G 2nd Bn.
5181 Private Bottomley J 2nd Bn.
5739 Private Bottomley S 2nd Bn.
2879 Private Boughton T 2nd Bn.
2nd Lieut. Boutflower E.C. 5th Bn.
7044 Private Bowen J 5th Bn.
4226 Private Bowers W 2nd Bn.
Lieut. & QM Bowes W.W. 5th Bn.
5117 Corporal Bowker J 2nd Bn.
7435 Private Bowker J 5th Bn.
6708 Private Bowles J 5th Bn.
183 Private Bowling H 5th Bn.
3280 Private Bowman J 2nd Bn.
Captain Bowring J.F.E. 5th Bn.
1782 QM Sergt. Bowyer J 5th Bn.
4878 Private Boyd T 2nd Bn.
974 Private Boyd W 5th Bn.
8170 Private Boyde J 6th Bn.
2435 Private Boydell R 6th Bn.
176 Sergt. Boydell S 6th Bn.
9348 Private Boyer R 2nd Bn.
4414 Private Boyers W 2nd Bn.
4048 Private Boyle F 2nd Bn.
1096 Private Boyle J 2nd Bn.
6858 Private Boyle J 6th Bn.
4036 Private Boyle T 6th Bn.
513 Private Boyle W 5th Bn.
6182 Sergt. Boyse C.E. 5th Bn.
2073 Private Bracewell A 2nd Bn.
209 Private Brack C 5th Bn.
6971 Private Bradbury J 28th M.I.
8893 Private Brade J 2nd Bn.
6223 Lce. Corporal Bradley D 6th Bn.
2517 Private Bradley F 2nd Bn.
3961 Private Bradley F 5th Bn.
3531 Private Bradley G 2nd Bn.
2207 Private Bradley J 2nd Bn.
5241 Private Bradley R 17th M.I.
3957 Lce. Corporal Bradley W 2nd Bn.
1046 Private Bradley W 5th Bn.
2688 Private Bradshaw J 2nd Bn.
9775 Private Bradshaw S 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
2433 Private Bradshaw T 2nd Bn.
2109 Private Brady J 2nd Bn.
3442 Private Brady J 6th Bn.
3010 Corporal Brady P 5th Bn.
2975 Private Braidy J 2nd Bn.
9701 Private Brand A 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
Lieut. Brand C 2nd Bn.
8702 Private Brand H 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
2419 Private Brandon A 6th Bn.
4823 Private Brannagan T 2nd Bn.
3519 Private Brannon T 2nd Bn.
6392 Private Branson C 5th Bn.
5259 Private Brassington J 2nd Bn.
4371 Private Brawley A 2nd Bn.
3450 Private Brazier E 2nd Bn.
3222 Private Brazier E 2nd Bn.
3283 Private Breen L 2nd Bn.
6012 Private Brennan J 6th Bn.
7291 Private Brennan R 5th Bn.
6604 Private Brereton H 5th Bn.
8742 Private Bretherton T 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4993 Private Brett W 6th Bn.
7690 Private Brew J 2nd Bn.
5373 Private Brewer W 2nd Bn.
357 Private Brewster W 5th Bn.
2621 Private Bridge W 2nd Bn.
4140 Private Bridges T 2nd Bn.
8894 Private Brierley E 2nd Bn.
Captain Brierley Eustace Carlile 2nd Bn.
3258 Private Brierley J 2nd Bn.
3360 Private Brierley L.E. 5th Bn.
8895 Private Brierley W 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
7501 Private Brierley W 28th M.I.
2814 Private Brierley W 2nd Bn.
3489 Private Brierley W 2nd Bn.
3512 Private Briers J 5th Bn.
518 Private Briggs C 5th Bn.
6415 Sergt. Briggs J 2nd Bn.
6656 Private Brimley E 2nd Bn.
4786 Private Brindle J 2nd Bn.
3936 Private Brindley J 2nd Bn.
4290 Private Brindley W 2nd Bn.
4155 Private Brindley W 2nd Bn.
7253 Private Brinkman R 5th Bn.
402 Private Brittain J 5th Bn.
3548 Private Broadbent R 2nd Bn.
7507 Private Broadbent R 2nd Bn.
4401 Corporal Brock L.C. 2nd Bn.
5151 Private Broderick J 2nd Bn.
1773 Private Brodey J 6th Bn.
7145 Private Bromley W 5th Bn.
1002 Private Brooke J 5th Bn.
5567 Private Brookes E 5th Bn.
872 Private Brookman A.E. 5th Bn.
2672 Lce. Sergt. Brooks A 2nd Bn.
5158 Lce. Sergt. Brooks G 2nd Bn.
6458 Private Brooks H 6th Bn.
3557 Lce. Corporal Brooks J 2nd Bn.
4570 Lce. Sergt. Brooks J 2nd Bn.
665 Private Brooks J 5th Bn.
8743 Private Brooks T 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3801 Private Brooks W 2nd Bn.
5010 Lce. Sergt. Brooks W 2nd Bn.
5332 Private Brooks W 2nd Bn.
4466 Private Brooks W 6th Bn.
9380 Private Brooks W.B. 2nd Bn.
8783 Private Brown A 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
8896 Private Brown A.A. 2nd Bn.
2918 Private Brown B 2nd Bn.
5354 Private Brown E 2nd Bn.
801 Private Brown E 5th Bn.
6556 Private Brown F 5th Bn.
5486 Private Brown G 2nd Bn.
7058 Private Brown H 28th M.I.
6225 Private Brown H 6th Bn.
7122 Private Brown J 28th M.I.
1118 Private Brown J 2nd Bn.
2933 Sergt. Drummer Brown J 2nd Bn.
4669 Private Brown J 2nd Bn.
5512 Private Brown J 2nd Bn.
1155 Private Brown J 2nd Bn.
213 Private Brown J 5th Bn.
4577 Private Brown J 5th Bn.
3996 Private Brown J 6th Bn.
6205 Private Brown J.H. 6th Bn.
6421 Private Brown J.W. 5th Bn.
4701 Private Brown R 5th Bn.
6735 Private Brown T 5th Bn.
6269 Private Brown W 17th M.I.
5617 Private Brown W 5th Bn.
4520 Col. Sergt. Brown W 5th Bn.
2nd Lieut. Browne G.B. 2nd Bn.
4776 Private Brownson J 2nd Bn.
8 Private Broxton T 5th Bn.
4541 Private Bruder J 5th Bn.
Major Brunker Capel Molyneux DSO 2nd Bn.
966 Private Bruton H 2nd Bn.
6468 Private Bryan A 6th Bn.
7446 Private Bryant T 5th Bn.
8784 Private Buck H 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3342 Private Buckley A 2nd Bn.
7017 Private Buckley A 5th Bn.
6955 Private Buckley A 6th Bn.
8744 Corporal Buckley E 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
8865 Sergt. Buckley E 2nd Bn.
1619 Private Buckley G 5th Bn.
6866 Private Buckley J 2nd Bn.
653 Private Buckley J 5th Bn.
9362 Private Buckley J.H. 2nd Bn.
8866 Private Buckley R 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
7083 Private Buckley R.H. 5th Bn.
7290 Private Bulcock J 5th Bn.
3708 Private Bulger M 2nd Bn.
6607 Private Bull J 2nd Bn.
1102 Private Bullcock E 5th Bn.
749 Private Bullen H 5th Bn.
3024 Private Bullough M 2nd Bn.
8703 Private Bundock J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5781 Private Bunter J 28th M.I.
4958 Private Bunting J 2nd Bn.
3700 Lce. Corporal Burchall F 6th Bn.
5141 Private Burdock J 2nd Bn.
5575 Private Burdock W 17th M.I.
4884 Private Burgess G.C. 2nd Bn.
6857 Private Burgess W 6th Bn.
8745 Private Burgon G 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
9383 Private Burgon H 2nd Bn.
1416 Private Burgoyne E 2nd Bn.
6455 Private Burke H 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
3787 Private Burke J 2nd Bn.
7074 Private Burke J 5th Bn.
4256 Private Burke J 5th Bn.
655 Private Burke J 5th Bn.
2747 Private Burke J 6th Bn.
3292 Private Burke J 6th Bn.
6835 Private Burke M 5th Bn.
781 Private Burke O 5th Bn.
2226 Private Burke P 2nd Bn.
6144 Private Burke R 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
1785 Private Burke T 2nd Bn.
5035 Private Burke T 2nd Bn.
2077 Private Burke T 2nd Bn.
3803 Private Burke T 2nd Bn.
286 Private Burke T 5th Bn.
4729 Private Burke T 6th Bn.
6471 Corporal Burke T 6th Bn.
3080 Private Burley G 2nd Bn.
111 Private Burnes P 5th Bn.
3695 Private Burnett A 2nd Bn.
8593 Sergt. Burney E 5th Bn.
4546 Private Burns H 2nd Bn.
9711 Corporal Burns J 5th Bn.
5743 Private Burns J 6th Bn.
3409 Private Burns M 2nd Bn.
4705 Private Burns P 2nd Bn.
926 Private Burns P 2nd Bn.
5825 Private Burns R 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
5906 Sergt. Burns S 6th Bn.
4469 Private Burns T 2nd Bn.
2294 Private Burrows A 5th Bn.
1064 Private Burrows J 2nd Bn.
5075 Private Burrows T 5th Bn.
6023 Private Burrows W 2nd Bn.
3286 Private Burton W 5th Bn.
2934 Private Bury A 5th Bn.
5933 Private Butler G.H. 6th Bn.
4812 Private Butler J 2nd Bn.
2381 Private Butler J 2nd Bn.
1341 Corporal Butler J 6th Bn.
5199 Private Butler J 6th Bn.
5537 Private Butler T 17th M.I.
2635 Private Butler T 2nd Bn.
8704 Private Butterworth David 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5293 Private Butterworth J 2nd Bn.
9812 Private Butterworth L 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
218 Private Butterworth R 5th Bn.
3019 Sergt. Drummer Byford F 2nd Bn.
4368 Private Byham W 2nd Bn.
4718 Sergt. Byrne F 2nd Bn.
6731 Private Byrne J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
8705 Private Byrne John 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
8335 Private Byrnes P 6th Bn.
7256 Private Byrnes T 5th Bn

5042 Private Cade F 2nd Bn.
4325 Private Cade T 2nd Bn.
6635 Private Cadman J 5th Bn.
6879 Private Cadwell D 28th M.I.
6845 Private Cahill D 6th Bn.
5923 Sergt. Cahill P.J. 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
2771 Private Cain L 2nd Bn.
2966 Private Cain P 2nd Bn.
3608 Private Cain P 6th Bn.
4563 Private Cain T 2nd Bn.
1642 Col. Sergt. Cain T 5th Bn.
6278 Private Cain W 6th Bn.
4295 Private Caine J 6th Bn.
2468 Private Caldwell J 2nd Bn.
5308 Private Callaghan J 2nd Bn.
6316 Private Callaghan J 5th Bn.
4571 Private Callaghan J 6th Bn.
8758 Private Callaghan T 2nd Bn.
598 Private Calvert F 5th Bn.
4094 Private Calvert J.F. 5th Bn.
2nd Lieut. Cameron D.C.P. 2nd Bn.
302 Private Camm J 5th Bn.
3824 Private Campbell A 2nd Bn.
Lieut. Campbell D.F. 2nd Bn.
8897 Lce. Corporal Campbell R 2nd Bn.
4359 Private Campbell T 2nd Bn.
4937 Private Canney P 2nd Bn.
800 Private Cannon E 2nd Bn.
5311 Private Cannon M 2nd Bn.
2210 Private Cannon S 6th Bn.
6430 Private Carbury T 2nd Bn.
1617 Private Carey J 2nd Bn.
7229 Private Cargill M 2nd Bn.
6824 Private Carman J 6th Bn.
7917 Private Carney D 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
4439 Private Carney M 2nd Bn.
2900 Private Carney S 2nd Bn.
1001 Private Carney T 5th Bn.
6845 Private Caron C 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
6399 Private Carpenter J 17th M.I.
2686 Private Carr B 2nd Bn.
1161 Private Carr E 6th Bn.
3782 Private Carr H 5th Bn.
4280 Private Carr J 2nd Bn.
3450 Private Carr J 5th Bn.
2186 Private Carr J 6th Bn.
9353 Private Carr T 2nd Bn.
6963 Private Carr T 5th Bn.
804 Private Carrington A 5th Bn.
6900 Private Carrington W 28th M.I.
3974 Private Carroll J 5th Bn.
7332 Private Carroll M 5th Bn.
3939 Private Carroll M 5th Bn.
5441 Private Carroll M 6th Bn.
5069 Private Carroll P 6th Bn.
3571 Private Carroll T 2nd Bn.
588 Private Carroll W 5th Bn.
9796 Private Carruthers H 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
6416 Private Carslake J 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
2559 Private Carson R 2nd Bn.
2968 Sergt. Carter H 2nd Bn.
4416 Private Carter J 2nd Bn.
1147 Private Carter T 2nd Bn.
6338 Private Carter T 5th Bn.
2990 Private Cartledge F 2nd Bn.
762 Private Cartmail H 2nd Bn.
358 Private Cartmell J 5th Bn.
4125 Sergt. Cartter G 2nd Bn.
541 Private Cartwright J 6th Bn.
4130 Private Case J 2nd Bn.
4797 Lce. Corporal Casey M 5th Bn.
3390 Private Casey P 2nd Bn.
4946 Sergt. Cass F 2nd Bn.
2839 Private Cassells H 2nd Bn.
5324 Private Cassidy A 2nd Bn.
5026 Private Cassidy R 6th Bn.
6791 Drummer Cassidy T 5th Bn.
5807 Private Cassidy T 5th Bn.
4336 Private Castles E 2nd Bn.
5196 Private Catterall J 6th Bn.
9714 Private Catterall R 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
7163 Private Caughy G 5th Bn.
1158 Private Cavanagh M 6th Bn.
3960 Private Cavanagh P 2nd Bn.
2749 Private Cave E 2nd Bn.
8672 Private Cave J 2nd Bn.
1917 Private Cawfield W 2nd Bn.
2492 Private Cawley J 2nd Bn.
4961 Private Cawley M 2nd Bn.
7326 Private Cawley M 5th Bn.
7674 Private Chadwick C 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
3892 Private Chadwick E 2nd Bn.
317 Private Chadwick E 5th Bn.
5459 Private Chadwick J 2nd Bn.
9743 Private Chadwick J 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
9792 Private Chadwick J 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
8706 Private Chadwick James 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
2917 Private Chadwick S 6th Bn.
3808 Sergt. Chadwick T 2nd Bn.
8746 Corporal Chadwick W 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
8819 Private Chadwick W 2nd Bn.
Captain Challenor R.R. 28th M.I.
5436 Drummer Chamberlain C 6th Bn.
1819 Private Chamberlain E 6th Bn.
2929 Private Chamberlain W 2nd Bn.
1221 Private Chambers C 2nd Bn.
2689 Private Chambers J 2nd Bn.
7037 Private Chambers W 5th Bn.
1254 Private Chamley M 5th Bn.
5258 Private Chaney J 2nd Bn.
6820 Private Chapman C 6th Bn.
487 Private Chapman G.H. 5th Bn.
2390 Private Chapman J 6th Bn.
9363 Private Chapman T 2nd Bn.
7029 Private Chapple F 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
7492 Private Charleston T 28th M.I.
Lieut. Charlton L.E.O. 2nd Bn.
903 Private Chatterton J.E. 5th Bn.
2384 Private Cheadle E 2nd Bn.
2321 Private Cheetham J 2nd Bn.
277 Private Cheetham W 5th Bn.
1262 Corporal Chester M 2nd Bn.
6011 Lce. Corporal Chesworth G 6th Bn.
3192 Private Chew J 2nd Bn.
1436 Sergt. Childs T 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
5242 Private Chisnall H 6th Bn.
24 Private Chorlton C.W. 5th Bn.
5043 Lce. Corporal Christie A 2nd Bn.
443 Private Christie G.H. 5th Bn.
5552 Private Christie J 2nd Bn.
Lieut. Christie J.H. 2nd Bn.
958 Private Christy T 2nd Bn.
6559 Private Church O 28th M.I.
2199 Private Churchill T.P. 2nd Bn.
2670 Private Churton A 2nd Bn.
5302 Private Clamp J 2nd Bn.
606 Private Clancey E 2nd Bn.
9713 Private Clancey M 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5207 Private Clare W 6th Bn.
7242 Private Clarence F 28th M.I.
456 Private Clark T 5th Bn.
8354 Private Clarke F 2nd Bn.
919 Private Clarke F 2nd Bn.
1159 Corporal Clarke F 5th Bn.
2481 Private Clarke G 2nd Bn.
4125 Private Clarke G 6th Bn.
420 Private Clarke H 5th Bn.
3101 Private Clarke J 2nd Bn.
705 Private Clarke J.W. 5th Bn.
4651 Private Clarke L 2nd Bn.
2425 Private Clarke L 5th Bn.
4047 Private Clarke R 2nd Bn.
74 Private Clarke T 5th Bn.
8757 Private Clarke T 6th Bn.
6683 Private Clarke T 6th Bn.
3783 Private Clarke W 2nd Bn.
6542 Private Clarke W 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
7846 Private Clarke W 6th Bn.
6587 Private Clarkson J 5th Bn.
5036 Private Clarkson J 6th Bn.
7046 Private Clay B 5th Bn.
2567 Lce. Corporal Claypole J 5th Bn.
8707 Private Clayton W 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4378 Private Clayton W 2nd Bn.
4212 Private Cleary D 6th Bn.
6610 Private Cleaver A 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
2139 Lce. Corporal Clegg A 2nd Bn.
3756 Private Clegg J 2nd Bn.
8867 Private Clegg J 2nd Bn.
7452 Private Clegg P 5th Bn.
3874 Private Clemmett W 2nd Bn.
5299 Private Cleworth J 2nd Bn.
4487 Private Cliffe A 2nd Bn.
4895 Private Cliffe W 6th Bn.
3266 Private Clifford G 2nd Bn.
5149 Private Clifford J 2nd Bn.
6815 Private Clifton T 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
8898 Sergt. Clinton A 2nd Bn.
5087 Private Clinton J 2nd Bn.
5711 Private Clough J 28th M.I.
170 Sgt. Drummer Clover W 6th Bn.
3382 Private Clucas A 2nd Bn.
6462 Private Clunie T 6th Bn.
3807 Private Coady J 6th Bn.
4017 Private Coalby J 6th Bn.
1327 Private Coan J 6th Bn.
77 Sergt. Coan W 5th Bn.
6920 Private Coates G 28th M.I.
8899 Private Coates H 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
6226 Private Coates T 6th Bn.
Captain Cobbett Herbert Richard 5th Bn.
5593 Private Cock J.T. 5th Bn.
4609 Private Cockburn J 2nd Bn.
5093 Private Cocker L 2nd Bn.
4564 Private Cocklin J 2nd Bn.
7034 Private Cockran W 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
2731 Private Cody P 2nd Bn.
5186 Private Coe A 28th M.I.
5954 Private Coffey F 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
4157 Private Coffey J 2nd Bn.
6669 Private Cohen T 2nd Bn.
4711 Private Coldwell J 2nd Bn.
299 Private Cole W 5th Bn.
5530 Private Coleclough W 6th Bn.
7709 Private Coleman C 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
6440 Private Coleman D 6th Bn.
7067 Private Coleman J 5th Bn.
6238 Private Coleman W 2nd Bn.
9762 Private Colley G 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
9773 Private Colley J 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
6996 Corporal Colley W 5th Bn.
4502 Sergt. Collier J 2nd Bn.
2486 Private Collier P 2nd Bn.
4436 Drummer Collier W 5th Bn.
538 Private Collinge E 5th Bn.
9371 Private Collinge G 2nd Bn.
8708 Lce. Corporal Collinge John 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3982 Private Collinge P 2nd Bn.
8709 Private Collinge Richard 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
8747 Private Collinge T 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
2746 Private Collins B 2nd Bn.
6363 Private Collins B 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
788 Private Collins C 5th Bn.
4200 Private Collins D 6th Bn.
6806 Corporal Collins E 17th M.I.
7202 Private Collins F 28th M.I.
5559 Drummer Collins J 6th Bn.
7113 Private Collins J 6th Bn.
6432 Private Collins R 2nd Bn.
2980 Private Collinson F 2nd Bn.
1164 Drummer Collinson G.W. 5th Bn.
Lieut. Collison-Morley H.D. 2nd Bn.
5590 Private Collonbine J 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
5548 Drummer Conboy J 2nd Bn.
4787 Lce. Corporal Concannon T 2nd Bn.
6820 Private Condy E 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
2971 Sergt. Conlan A 2nd Bn.
5735 Private Conlan M 2nd Bn.
6732 Private Conley J 5th Bn.
3273 Private Conn S 2nd Bn.
6862 Private Connell A 6th Bn.
2450 Drummer Connell J 2nd Bn.
5090 Private Connell M 6th Bn.
3268 Private Connelly J 6th Bn.
7526 Lce. Corporal Connolly F 2nd Bn.
5289 Private Connolly F 2nd Bn.
1148 Private Connolly J 2nd Bn.
3768 Private Connolly M 6th Bn.
968 Private Connolly P 2nd Bn.
2775 Private Connolly R 6th Bn.
3355 Private Connolly T 5th Bn.
6010 Private Connor A 5th Bn.
4804 Lce. Corporal Connor J 2nd Bn.
6675 Private Connor J 5th Bn.
1265 Private Connor W 5th Bn.
205 Private Connor W.H. 5th Bn.
5529 Drummer Connors G 5th Bn.
3817 Sgt. Drummer Connors J 5th Bn.
2696 Private Connors J 5th Bn.
6429 Private Connors P 2nd Bn.
809 Private Connors P 2nd Bn.
3261 Private Considine J 2nd Bn.
3197 Private Considine O 2nd Bn.
5828 Lce. Corporal Constantine W 5th Bn.
7409 Private Conway J 2nd Bn.
8499 Private Conway R 2nd Bn.
3068 Private Conway R 5th Bn.
796 Private Conway R 5th Bn.
720 Private Cook F 5th Bn.
2463 Private Cook H 2nd Bn.
5008 Private Cook J 2nd Bn.
3928 Col. Sergt. Cook J 2nd Bn.
4620 Sergt. Cook J 6th Bn.
6750 Private Cooke B.G. 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
6821 Private Cookson W 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
6077 Private Cooper A 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
7133 Private Cooper J 28th M.I.
1222 Private Cooper J 2nd Bn.
2055 Private Cooper T 2nd Bn.
3989 Private Cooper W 2nd Bn.
4861 Private Cooper W 6th Bn.
6890 Private Coote H 28th M.I.
9789 Private Cope F 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
7037 Corporal Copping J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
135 Private Corbett F 5th Bn.
2729 Private Corbett J 2nd Bn.
4690 Private Corcoran D 5th Bn.
7192 Private Corcoran J 5th Bn.
6951 Private Cordwell S 6th Bn.
6505 Sergt. Corfield W 17th M.I.
1378 Private Corless J 2nd Bn.
1539 Private Corless W 2nd Bn.
758 Private Corrigan J 2nd Bn.
1268 Private Corrigan P 2nd Bn.
1165 Sergt. Cosby W.H. 5th Bn.
2866 Private Cosgrove H 6th Bn.
4879 Private Cosgrove J 2nd Bn.
8868 Private Cosgrove J 2nd Bn.
4429 Lce. Corporal Costello M 6th Bn.
21 Private Costello T 6th Bn.
4433 Private Cottam H 2nd Bn.
5344 Private Cottam J 2nd Bn.
5880 Q.M. Sergt. Couchman R.V.DCM 2nd Bn.
3231 Private Coughlin J 2nd Bn.
3979 Lce. Sergt. Coughlin J 5th Bn.
5268 Private Coughlin P 5th Bn.
4633 Private Council A 2nd Bn.
72 Private Counsill J 5th Bn.
3377 Private Coupe B 2nd Bn.
703 Private Coutts H 5th Bn.
1007 Private Cowburn J 2nd Bn.
7459 Private Cowell C 5th Bn.
5567 Private Cowell E 28th M.I.
5015 Private Cowell J 6th Bn.
5272 Private Cowen J 5th Bn.
1712 Private Cowley J 6th Bn.
2445 Private Cowsill R 2nd Bn.
5941 Private Cox C 2nd Bn.
3193 Private Cox E 2nd Bn.
7243 Private Cox E 5th Bn.
7531 Col. Sergt. Cox F 2nd Bn.
3426 Sergt. Cox J 2nd Bn.
2684 Private Cox M 2nd Bn.
5287 Corporal Cox T 5th Bn.
5959 Private Cox W 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
9340 Private Coyle P 2nd Bn.
505 Private Coyle T 2nd Bn.
4543 Private Coyle T 5th Bn.
346 Private Coyne J 5th Bn.
9793 Private Crabtree H 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3402 Private Crane D 2nd Bn.
4682 Private Crane J 2nd Bn.
3832 Corporal Crane M 2nd Bn.
5223 Private Crane T 6th Bn.
4895 Private Crapper J 6th Bn.
1385 Private Crawford W.H. 5th Bn.
2465 Private Crawshaw W.H. 6th Bn.
2nd Lieut. Crean T 6th Bn.
6398 Private Creed J 2nd Bn.
3397 Private Crellin H 5th Bn.
524 Staff Armr. Sergt. Crisp J 2nd Bn.
Captain Crocker B.E. 3rd Bn., M.I.
8785 Private Crocoden W 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
Lieut. Crofton M.G. 2nd Bn.
7227 Private Crompton A 5th Bn.
4526 Corporal Crompton G 2nd Bn.
4723 Private Crompton J 2nd Bn.
7299 Private Crompton W 5th Bn.
381 Private Cronshaw A 5th Bn.
523 Private Cronshaw G 5th Bn.
5115 Private Crook C 2nd Bn.
5464 Private Crook J 2nd Bn.
214 Private Crook J 5th Bn.
1108 Sergt. Crook T 5th Bn.
5223 Private Crosby J 2nd Bn.
4000 Private Cross E 2nd Bn.
6807 Private Cross H 17th M.I.
118 Private Cross H 5th Bn.
4316 Private Cross J 2nd Bn.
494 Private Cross R 5th Bn.
6195 Drummer Crossthwaite T 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
6860 Lce. Corporal Croston H 6th Bn.
619 Col. Sergt. Crowcroft F 6th Bn.
3589 Sergt. Crowe D 2nd Bn.
8710 Drummer Crowley Joseph 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
2815 Lce. Corporal Crowther G 2nd Bn.
178 Private Crusham J 5th Bn.
5746 Private Cryne J 6th Bn.
931 Private Cuerdon H 2nd Bn.
3815 Private Cullen J 2nd Bn.
5786 Private Cullinan A 5th Bn.
3240 Private Culliton J 2nd Bn.
271 Sergt. Culshaw J 6th Bn.
1021 Private Cummaskey J 5th Bn.
4154 Private Cummings P 6th Bn.
4358 Private Cummins M 6th Bn.
4275 Private Cummiskey J 2nd Bn.
5338 Private Cunliffe J 5th Bn.
4453 Private Cunningham A 6th Bn.
7155 Private Cunningham H 5th Bn.
1457 Private Cunningham J 2nd Bn.
1678 Private Cunningham R 6th Bn.
8703 Private Curley H 6th Bn.
6716 Private Curley J 5th Bn.
580 Private Curley J 6th Bn.
6828 Private Curley T 5th Bn.
4789 Sergt. Curran P 2nd Bn.
9712 Private Currie F 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
7232 Private Curtin C 5th Bn.
3904 Private Cussack M 2nd Bn.

224 Private Dagnall T 6th Bn.
6808 Private Dakin R 17th M.I.
4303 Private Dale A 2nd Bn.
4038 Private Dale A 2nd Bn.
3516 Private Dale E 2nd Bn.
3486 Private Dale G 2nd Bn.
8786 Sergt. Daley E 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
1309 Private Daley J 2nd Bn.
5171 Lce. Corporal Daley J 5th Bn.
4809 Private Dalley F 5th Bn.
2785 Private Dally F 2nd Bn.
1465 Sergt. Dalton H 2nd Bn.
5349 Private Dalton R 2nd Bn.
6237 Private Dalton S 6th Bn.
2945 Private Daly C 28th M.I.
5389 Private Daly T 2nd Bn.
5924 Private Dandy J 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
1131 Private Dandy S.A. 2nd Bn.
3947 Private Daniels J 2nd Bn.
21 Private Daniels J 5th Bn.
149 Private Daniels J 5th Bn.
3161 Corporal Daniels P 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
403 Private Daniels T 5th Bn.
3532 Lce. Corporal Danley W 5th Bn.
442 Private Danse C.H. 5th Bn.
Lieut. Dansey C.E.M. 2nd Bn.
Lieut. Dansey H.W.G. 6th Bn.
2512 Corporal Darby J 6th Bn.
8711 Private Darcy T 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5005 Private Darlington H 2nd Bn.
6413 Sergt. Daughtrey H 2nd Bn.
2nd Lieut. Davey C.F. 2nd Bn.
7453 Private Davidson G 5th Bn.
5228 Lce. Corporal Davies A 2nd Bn.
2304 Sergt. Davies A 2nd Bn.
2554 Private Davies A 2nd Bn.
1044 Private Davies E 2nd Bn.
5696 Private Davies G 2nd Bn.
667 Private Davies G 5th Bn.
992 Private Davies H 2nd Bn.
4149 Private Davies J 2nd Bn.
2561 Private Davies J 2nd Bn.
4183 Private Davies J 2nd Bn.
8869 Private Davies J 2nd Bn.
2328 Col. Sergt. Davies J 5th Bn.
9926 Private Davies M 2nd Bn.
3371 Private Davies R 2nd Bn.
2495 Sergt. Davies R 5th Bn.
7186 Private Davies T 28th M.I.
7706 Private Davies T 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
3572 Private Davies V 2nd Bn.
3312 Private Davies W 2nd Bn.
2746 Lce. Corporal Davis C 6th Bn.
9376 Private Dawber F 2nd Bn.
3920 Private Dawber J 2nd Bn.
4972 Private Dawes G 2nd Bn.
2nd Lieut. Dawson A.G. 5th Bn.
5654 Private Dawson G.A. 6th Bn.
4492 Private Dawson J 2nd Bn.
4294 Private Dawson J 6th Bn.
4796 Private Day L 2nd Bn.
5715 Private Day W 6th Bn.
6060 Lce. Corporal Dayns J 2nd Bn.
Captain de Pentheny-O'Kelly E 6th Bn.
Lieut. De Putron C 2nd Bn.
764 Corporal Deacon D 2nd Bn.
6283 Private Dean E 2nd Bn.
5674 Private Dean G 5th Bn.
1154 Private Dearden C 5th Bn.
6245 Drummer Dearden W 5th Bn.
4051 Private Deegan W 2nd Bn.
4690 Private Delahunt J 2nd Bn.
4435 Private Delaney D 2nd Bn.
2847 Private Delaney F 5th Bn.
1018 Private Delaney J 2nd Bn.
1884 Private Delaney J 5th Bn.
6210 Private Delvin J 6th Bn.
4962 Private Dempsey J 2nd Bn.
3069 Private Dempsey W 2nd Bn.
5153 Drummer Denham J 2nd Bn.
8820 Drummer Dennerley S 2nd Bn.
7975 Private Dennett J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
8084 Private Denny J 5th Bn.
1322 Private Denny T 2nd Bn.
2467 Private Derane J 2nd Bn.
621 Private Derbyshire J 6th Bn.
3694 Private Derbyshire J 6th Bn.
9787 Corporal Derbyshire T 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3414 Private Dermott J 2nd Bn.
6470 Corporal Devaney T 6th Bn.
2454 Private Devine D 2nd Bn.
6897 Private Devine D 6th Bn.
6460 Private Devine J 2nd Bn.
8900 Private Devine S 2nd Bn.
5428 Private Dewhurst S 2nd Bn.
3017 Private Dexter J 2nd Bn.
5015 Private Dicken M 2nd Bn.
532 Private Dickens F 5th Bn.
108 Private Dickenson C 5th Bn.
4494 Private Dicks H 2nd Bn.
3161 Private Digan T 5th Bn.
4546 Private Diggle R 6th Bn.
3992 Private Diggle W 6th Bn.
5980 Private Dignall P 2nd Bn.
5553 Private Dillon F 6th Bn.
4243 Private Dillon J 2nd Bn.
3504 Private Dillon L 2nd Bn.
3576 Private Dillon P 2nd Bn.
3492 Private Dirkin T 2nd Bn.
7500 Sergt. Dix J.E. 6th Bn.
8821 Private Dixon J 2nd Bn.
4577 Private Dixon W 2nd Bn.
1873 Private Dixon W 2nd Bn.
4526 Private Dixon W 5th Bn.
1352 Private Dockerty H 2nd Bn.
2813 Private Dockerty J 6th Bn.
5426 Private Dod C 2nd Bn.
486 Private Dodd H 5th Bn.
7287 Private Dodd S 5th Bn.
7803 Private Dodd T 6th Bn.
3174 Sergt. Dodd W 5th Bn.
9825 Private Dodsworth M 2nd Bn.
3324 Private Dogherty T 2nd Bn.
951 Private Doherty J 5th Bn.
7956 Private Doherty W 6th Bn.
3557 Private Dollery F 2nd Bn.
7025 Private Dolly J 5th Bn.
5863 Private Donerly J 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
6375 Private Donlan J 6th Bn.
2714 Private Donlan T 2nd Bn.
5487 Lce. Sergt. Donnelly G 2nd Bn.
3345 Sgt. Master Tailor Donoghue M 5th Bn.
4799 Private Donohue A 2nd Bn.
5993 Lce. Corporal Donohue J 6th Bn.
2548 Private Donohue T 2nd Bn.
3195 Private Doodson J 2nd Bn.
3284 Corporal Doolan J 5th Bn.
4854 Private Dootson D 2nd Bn.
7042 Private Doran J 5th Bn.
6464 Private Doran J 6th Bn.
6338 Private Dorris J 6th Bn.
332 Private Dougherty J 6th Bn.
2nd Lieut. Douglas G.A. 2nd Bn.
7205 Private Douly W 28th M.I.
3067 Private Dowd P 2nd Bn.
4040 Private Dowling J 2nd Bn.
6158 Col. Sergt. Down R.G. 28th M.I.
3720 Private Down W 2nd Bn.
5999 Private Downey J 6th Bn.
6383 Private Downill J 5th Bn.
7331 Private Doyle A 6th Bn.
3867 Private Doyle G 5th Bn.
6588 Private Doyle J 6th Bn.
6269 Private Doyle J 6th Bn.
2575 Private Doyle T 5th Bn.
3887 Private Doyle W 2nd Bn.
4468 Private Draper R 2nd Bn.
3318 Private Drew J 5th Bn.
4264 Private Drew S 2nd Bn.
492 Private Driscoll J 5th Bn.
5061 Private Driver T 6th Bn.
4185 Private Drought G 2nd Bn.
6678 Private Drury S 5th Bn.
9733 Private Duckworth E.T. 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4089 Private Dudley R 5th Bn.
1118 Private Duff J.J. 5th Bn.
6813 Private Duffy E 6th Bn.
5023 Private Duffy J 2nd Bn.
7362 Private Duffy J 5th Bn.
1287 Private Duffy J 5th Bn.
4837 Private Duffy J 6th Bn.
6844 Private Duffy J 6th Bn.
4506 Private Duffy M 6th Bn.
7139 Private Duffy P 5th Bn.
5833 Private Duffy P 6th Bn.
8730 Corporal Duffy T 6th Bn.
992 Private Dugdale J 5th Bn.
3329 Private Dugdale R 17th M.I.
4539 Private Duggan J 2nd Bn.
4052 Private Duggan T 2nd Bn.
5945 Private Dunbar W.H. 6th Bn.
Lieut. Dundas D.G.M. 6th Bn.
2671 Private Dunleavey J 2nd Bn.
4418 Private Dunn J 2nd Bn.
1010 Private Dunn J 5th Bn.
215 Private Dunn L 6th Bn.
6504 Private Dunn R 5th Bn.
5586 Private Dunn T 5th Bn.
1158 Private Dunn T 5th Bn.
5136 Lce. Corporal Dunn W 2nd Bn.
359 Private Durham J 5th Bn.
3657 Corporal Durham R 2nd Bn.
8787 Private Durham W 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
545 Private Durkin P 6th Bn.
3472 Private Durkin T 2nd Bn.
4465 Private Dutton P 6th Bn.
4596 Private Dutton P 6th Bn.
5510 Private Dutton T 2nd Bn.
251 Private Duty J 5th Bn.
2944 Private Dwyer M 2nd Bn.
1789 Sergt. Dwyer W 5th Bn.
3450 Private Dwyer W 5th Bn.
4887 Private Dyer D 2nd Bn.
7147 Private Dyer J 5th Bn.
3275 Sergt. Dyer J.W. 2nd Bn.
4007 Private Dyson C 5th Bn.
4035 Private Dyson R 2nd Bn.
6510 Private Dyson W 6th Bn.
2nd Lieut. Eakin R.A. 5th Bn.
5266 Private Eales G 2nd Bn.
947 Private Earl J 5th Bn.
7388 Bugler Earle W 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
6471 Private Earnshaw W 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
4535 Private Easdale M 2nd Bn.
1280 Private Easterbrook W 5th Bn.
6619 Private Eastham E 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
6660 Private Eastham S 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
999 Private Eastham W 5th Bn.
Lieut. Easton A.P.A. 6th Bn.
9770 Private Eastwood W 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
7399 Private Eaton R 5th Bn.
3430 Private Eaves R 2nd Bn.
3513 Private Eaves W 2nd Bn.
5746 Corporal Eccles E 2nd Bn.
5209 Sergt. Eccles J 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
6006 Private Eccles T 6th Bn.
4180 Private Eckersley S 5th Bn.
7364 Private Eckford R 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
955 Private Edge J 2nd Bn.
6357 Private Edge R 17th M.I.
3236 Private Edge S 2nd Bn.
5185 Private Edmondson W 2nd Bn.
5348 Private Edson R 2nd Bn.
2982 Private Edwards C 2nd Bn.
3375 Private Edwards C 2nd Bn.
8788 Private Edwards F 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
2nd Lieut. Edwards F.H. 2nd Bn.
7484 Private Edwards G 2nd Bn.
3315 Private Edwards H 2nd Bn.
2564 Private Edwards J 2nd Bn.
2359 Private Edwards J 2nd Bn.
7721 Private Edwards J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
6500 Private Edwards J 5th Bn.
6125 Private Edwards J 6th Bn.
6466 Private Edwards J 6th Bn.
5912 Private Edwards R 6th Bn.
1091 Private Edwards S 2nd Bn.
7341 Private Edwards T 2nd Bn.
4304 Private Edwards W 2nd Bn.
349 Sergt. Egan J 5th Bn.
3881 Corporal Egan J 5th Bn.
3076 Private Egan P 2nd Bn.
8789 Private Egglestone T 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
6311 Private Elford J 5th Bn.
3368 Private Ellis G 2nd Bn.
4708 Private Ellis T 2nd Bn.
2458 Private Ellison J 2nd Bn.
3449 Private Ellison T 2nd Bn.
Major Elmslie Wilmot Foster 2nd Bn.
9364 Private Elsworth G 2nd Bn.
8790 Lce. Corporal Elwell E 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
2674 Private Emery F 2nd Bn.
6276 Private Englesfield E 17th M.I.
274 Private Entwistle H 5th Bn.
5944 Private Entwistle T 6th Bn.
5684 Private Escritt H 2nd Bn.
482 Private Etchells E 5th Bn.
6427 Private Evans G 17th M.I.
1112 Private Evans J 2nd Bn.
1088 Private Evans J 2nd Bn.
3154 Private Evans R 2nd Bn.
9715 Private Evans R 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
2184 Col. Sergt. Evans W 2nd Bn.
1008 Private Everett F 2nd Bn.
7006 Private Evison J 5th Bn.
9776 Private Ewington S 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5374 Private Eyles S 6th Bn.
7441 Private Eyres H 5th Bn.
Captain Ezra E.E. 6th Bn.
4699 Private Facer J 2nd Bn.
728 Private Fagan J 5th Bn.
2540 Col. Sergt. Fagan P 6th Bn.
5140 Private Fahey J 5th Bn.
2933 Private Fahey S 5th Bn.
5046 Private Fahy P 6th Bn.
5988 Private Fairclough J 2nd Bn.
5197 Private Fairhurst A 2nd Bn.
965 Private Fallon F 5th Bn.
5802 Private Fallon W 5th Bn.
4839 Private Fallows W 2nd Bn.
7078 Private Falshaw J 5th Bn.
Captain Farmer H.M. 4th Bn.
3774 Sergt. Farmer T 2nd Bn.
5070 Private Farraker J 2nd Bn.
3538 Private Farran P 5th Bn.
4826 Private Farrar J 2nd Bn.
5001 Sergt. Farrell J.T. 2nd Bn.
6982 Private Farrell M 5th Bn.
2566 Private Farrell T 2nd Bn.
4663 Private Farrell T 6th Bn.
701 Private Farrier A 5th Bn.
5696 Private Farrington E 6th Bn.
3057 Private Farrington S 2nd Bn.
4722 Private Farrow J 2nd Bn.
5019 Private Farthing P 6th Bn.
3687 Private Faulkner M 2nd Bn.
3101 Private Faulkner S 2nd Bn.
9752 Private Fearnley F 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
7909 Private Feasey W 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
652 Private Feeney J 5th Bn.
2023 Private Fells W 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
5563 Private Felton J 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
2842 Private Fenlon E 2nd Bn.
4574 Private Fenn W 2nd Bn.
7341 Private Fennell M 5th Bn.
1361 Private Fenning J 2nd Bn.
107 Lce. Corporal Fenton A 6th Bn.
8791 Private Fenton J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5031 Private Fenton W 2nd Bn.
2nd Lieut. Fenwick N.A.F. 2nd Bn.
7350 Private Ferguson J 2nd Bn.
7013 Private Fernie D 5th Bn.
7095 Private Ferris C 6th Bn.
7499 Private Ferris J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
3808 Private Ferris J 6th Bn.
9349 Private Field T.W. 2nd Bn.
7559 Private Fielding E 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
6418 Private Fielding S 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
2890 Private Fillingham W 6th Bn.
3151 Private Finan J 2nd Bn.
5118 Sergt. Finan J 5th Bn.
7036 Private Finch E 3rd Bn., M.I.
6400 Private Finch G 2nd Bn.
3643 Private Finch S 2nd Bn.
1354 Private Finneran W 5th Bn.
83 Private Finnerty J 6th Bn.
9781 Private Firth F 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
212 Private Fisher W.E. 5th Bn.
1266 Private Fishwick W 5th Bn.
2950 Private Fitton H 2nd Bn.
4089 Private Fitzgerald J 2nd Bn.
1351 Private Fitzgerald J 2nd Bn.
8901 Private Fitzgerald J 2nd Bn.
6242 Private Fitzpatrick J 2nd Bn.
9784 Private Fitzpatrick J 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4156 Private Fitzpatrick J 6th Bn.
6390 Private Fitzsimmons J 6th Bn.
6495 Private Flaherty J 17th M.I.
204 Private Flanagan J 5th Bn.
7408 Private Flannary T 5th Bn.
7582 Private Flannery J 6th Bn.
4247 Lce. Corporal Fleming A 2nd Bn.
5367 Private Fleming J 2nd Bn.
6978 Private Fleming J 2nd Bn.
241 Private Fleming J.J. 6th Bn.
656 Private Fleming P 5th Bn.
5845 Private Fleming T 5th Bn.
2288 Private Flesher J 2nd Bn.
3701 Private Fletcher F 2nd Bn.
5380 Private Fletcher H 6th Bn.
2474 Private Fletcher J 2nd Bn.
4903 Private Fletcher J 2nd Bn.
1027 Private Fletcher J 2nd Bn.
4926 Lce. Sergt. Fletcher J.H. 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
2987 Lce. Corporal Fletcher T 6th Bn.
2958 Private Flitcroft J 6th Bn.
3644 Private Flood B 2nd Bn.
4241 Private Flynn J 5th Bn.
5277 Private Flynn T 2nd Bn.
4521 Private Flynn T 2nd Bn.
1018 Private Flynn T 5th Bn.
2745 Private Fogarty J 2nd Bn.
4552 Private Foley F 2nd Bn.
5063 Private Foley J 2nd Bn.
730 Private Foley M 2nd Bn.
1312 Private Follen C 2nd Bn.
3115 Private Fone T 2nd Bn.
4959 Private Ford A 2nd Bn.
8822 Private Ford C 2nd Bn.
6685 Private Ford J 2nd Bn.
2985 Private Ford J 6th Bn.
4927 Private Ford L 2nd Bn.
3266 Private Ford P 2nd Bn.
4876 Private Ford T 6th Bn.
596 Private Forest W 5th Bn.
5752 Private Forkin R 6th Bn.
8792 Private Forshaw R 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
1220 Col. Sergt. Foskett J 5th Bn.
3528 Private Foster G 2nd Bn.
6380 Private Foster J 5th Bn.
1487 Col. Sergt. Foster J 5th Bn.
3112 Sergt. Foster W 5th Bn.
4966 Private Fothergill J 2nd Bn.
6419 Private Fowler G 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
8712 Private Fox Harry 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3588 Sergt. Fox J 2nd Bn.
7895 Private Fox W 2nd Bn.
2478 Lce. Corporal Foy N 2nd Bn.
1913 Private Foy P 6th Bn.
Captain Frankland A.P. 2nd Bn.
9012 Corporal Frankland E 5th Bn.
Lieut. Fraser E 2nd Bn.
2867 Private Frawley J 6th Bn.
9350 Private Frazer J 2nd Bn.
2373 Private Freeman E 2nd Bn.
7099 Private Freeman J 6th Bn.
Captain Freeth George Henry Basil 2nd Bn. DSO
4175 Private Friars A.R. 2nd Bn.
2201 Sergt. Frost F 2nd Bn.
332 Private Fullam J 5th Bn.
6421 Drummer Fullcher C 17th M.I.
8242 Private Furgison R 2nd Bn.
9764 Private Furness W 2nd Bn.
3437 Private Fury T 5th Bn.
3236 Private Fyar J 2nd Bn.
Major Fyffe Bertram Oliphant 2nd Bn.

3283 Private Gaffey F 2nd Bn.
4214 Private Gainley M 2nd Bn.
1737 Private Gainley P 6th Bn.
Lieut. Gaitskell C.W. 6th Bn.
2716 Col. Sergt. Gallagher F 6th Bn.
5451 Private Gallagher J 5th Bn.
4548 Private Gallagher J 5th Bn.
4541 Private Gallagher M 2nd Bn.
3858 Private Gallagher P 2nd Bn.
9183 Private Gallagher T 2nd Bn.
1966 Private Gallagher T 6th Bn.
4837 Private Galloway J 2nd Bn.
785 Private Galvin J 2nd Bn.
3284 Private Galvin M 2nd Bn.
3917 Private Galvin T 2nd Bn.
658 Private Galvin W 5th Bn.
4029 Private Galway P 2nd Bn.
5109 Private Gamble G 5th Bn.
6 Private Gambles W 5th Bn.
Lieut. & QM Ganly W.W. 2nd Bn.
4059 Private Gannon G 2nd Bn.
5371 Private Gannon J 2nd Bn.
2394 Private Gannon J 2nd Bn.
2779 Private Gannon J 2nd Bn.
5830 Private Gannon P 2nd Bn.
2846 Lce. Corporal Gannon T 2nd Bn.
5646 Corporal Garland J 6th Bn.
6377 Sergt. Garland T 17th M.I.
5886 Private Garlin F 5th Bn.
7576 Private Garlin T 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
7684 Private Garner J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
Lieut. Garratt F.S. 6th Bn.
5103 Private Garstang J 2nd Bn.
484 Private Garswood F 5th Bn.
4963 Sergt. Garswood T 5th Bn.
217 Private Garthwright T 5th Bn.
1386 Private Garvey M 2nd Bn.
5263 Private Garvin J 2nd Bn.
3754 Private Garvin J 2nd Bn.
775 Private Gaskill J 2nd Bn.
5247 Private Gaskin H 17th M.I.
2852 Private Gaskins G 2nd Bn.
4478 Private Gatenby T 2nd Bn.
4586 Private Gavin E 5th Bn.
6874 Private Gayter J 28th M.I.
6206 Private Gaythorpe J 6th Bn.
7448 Private Geard G 5th Bn.
530 Private Geard W 5th Bn.
9351 Private Gee A 2nd Bn.
4969 Lce. Corporal Gee F 2nd Bn.
7286 Private Gee H 5th Bn.
4942 Private Gee R 5th Bn.
3136 Private Geeder F 2nd Bn.
6715 Private Gelder W 5th Bn.
7361 Private Gemmell D 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
4324 Private George W 2nd Bn.
6797 Sergt. Geraghty A 6th Bn.
3049 Private Gerighty T 2nd Bn.
7676 Corporal Gess T 2nd Bn.
4118 Private Gething H 2nd Bn.
566 Private Gevers J 5th Bn.
4998 Private Gherrity J 2nd Bn.
7119 Private Gibbins J 6th Bn.
596 Corporal Gibbons M 5th Bn.
4181 Private Gibbons T 2nd Bn.
3573 Private Gibson J 2nd Bn.
987 Private Gibson J 5th Bn.
4685 Corporal Gibson S 2nd Bn.
1070 Corporal Gibson S 5th Bn.
4106 Private Gilbert E 2nd Bn.
9716 Corporal Gilbert E 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
1229 Private Gilbert J 5th Bn.
2434 Private Gilbert W 2nd Bn.
Captain Gildea G.A. 6th Bn.
438 Private Gill J 5th Bn.
3344 Private Gill W 2nd Bn.
3540 Lce. Sergt. Gillbrook J 2nd Bn.
1149 Private Gillespie G.A. 2nd Bn.
3032 Private Gillespie J 2nd Bn.
6087 Private Gillingham P 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
1170 Private Gillott J 2nd Bn.
5735 Private Gilmore W 6th Bn.
2761 Private Gimson J 2nd Bn.
3507 Private Glass R 2nd Bn.
6413 Private Gleaves H 5th Bn.
Lieut. Gledhill M.P. 2nd Bn.
2nd Lieut. Glencross J.W.C.O. 2nd Bn.
5953 Private Glover J.H. 6th Bn.
4330 Private Glover T 2nd Bn.
6740 Private Godwin T 5th Bn.
4315 Private Goggins G 2nd Bn.
6510 Lce. Corporal Golby T 5th Bn.
926 Private Gollop W 5th Bn.
3308 Col. Sergt. Goodchild J 6th Bn.
6532 Lce. Corporal Goodman E 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
237 Private Goodwin G 2nd Bn.
1326 Private Goodwin G 2nd Bn.
1296 Private Goodwin R 5th Bn.
7148 Private Gordan J 5th Bn.
6708 Private Gordon H 28th M.I.
8870 Private Gordon J 2nd Bn.
5710 Private Gordon J 6th Bn.
4978 Private Gore W 2nd Bn.
7154 Lce. Corporal Gorman F 2nd Bn.
1996 Private Gorman J 6th Bn.
4663 Private Gorton J 2nd Bn.
6921 Private Gorton W 6th Bn.
5871 Private Gough A 5th Bn.
2628 Private Gough J 2nd Bn.
2684 Private Gough J 6th Bn.
5329 Private Gough T 2nd Bn.
4138 Sergt. Goulding H 2nd Bn.
6176 Private Grace G 6th Bn.
6796 Private Grady J 6th Bn.
4695 Private Graham A 2nd Bn.
6376 Private Graham J 2nd Bn.
2365 Private Graham J 6th Bn.
4444 Corporal Grahamslow J 6th Bn.
4885 Private Graley J 2nd Bn.
3602 Private Granahan P 2nd Bn.
4134 Private Graney J 6th Bn.
4391 Private Grant C 6th Bn.
4626 Private Grant E 2nd Bn.
4931 Private Grant J 6th Bn.
2646 Private Gray J 6th Bn.
7041 Private Grayson J 5th Bn.
4190 Sergt. Green A 6th Bn.
6621 Private Green E 5th Bn.
905 Sergt. Green F.J. 6th Bn.
3367 Private Green G 2nd Bn.
5270 Private Green G 2nd Bn.
4807 Drummer Green J 17th M.I.
8825 Private Green J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4902 Private Green J 2nd Bn.
5455 Private Green J 2nd Bn.
9365 Private Green J.C. 2nd Bn.
8824 Private Green J.W. 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4449 Private Green M 2nd Bn.
8475 Private Green M 6th Bn.
3437 Private Green T 2nd Bn.
168 Private Green W 5th Bn.
2525 Private Greenall T 6th Bn.
1588 Private Greenhalgh E 2nd Bn.
3479 Private Greenhalgh J 2nd Bn.
2792 Corporal Greenhalgh J 5th Bn.
4095 Private Greenhalgh J 5th Bn.
3282 Private Greenhalgh S 2nd Bn.
1792 Lce. Corporal Greenhalgh W 6th Bn.
3647 Sergt. Greenhough L 5th Bn.
7174 Private Greenhough P 28th M.I.
2692 Lce. Corporal Greenless J 6th Bn.
8748 Private Greenwood B 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4306 Private Greenwood F 2nd Bn.
3241 Private Greenwood W 2nd Bn.
412 Private Greenwood W 5th Bn.
7637 Private Greenwood W 6th Bn.
4399 Drummer Gregg R 2nd Bn.
8749 Private Gregory B 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
419 Private Gregory C 5th Bn.
4143 Private Gregory E 2nd Bn.
4762 Sergt. Gregory J 28th M.I.
5078 Private Gregory J 6th Bn.
9729 Private Gregory M 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
7683 Private Gregory M 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
1299 Private Gregory R 5th Bn.
590 Private Gregory W 5th Bn.
3760 Private Gregson J 2nd Bn.
3463 Private Grenville T 2nd Bn.
6596 Private Gresty E 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
2747 Private Grey J 2nd Bn.
2616 Private Gribben J 2nd Bn.
5396 Private Grier P 6th Bn.
7717 Private Grier T 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
Captain Griffin C.J. 2nd Bn.
918 Private Griffin J 5th Bn.
4643 Private Griffin J 6th Bn.
3734 Private Griffin J 6th Bn.
2418 Private Griffin J 6th Bn.
3785 Private Griffin J 6th Bn.
3590 Private Griffiths A 6th Bn.
2496 Private Griffiths F 2nd Bn.
2317 Private Griffiths J 2nd Bn.
1062 Private Griffiths J 2nd Bn.
4572 Private Griffiths J 5th Bn.
5854 Private Griffiths J.W. 6th Bn.
6995 Private Grimshaw A 5th Bn.
6322 Private Grimshaw C 5th Bn.
3532 Corporal Grimshaw D 2nd Bn.
5214 Private Grimshaw J 2nd Bn.
4767 Private Grimshaw W 2nd Bn.
6821 Lce. Corporal Grindrod J 6th Bn.
8871 Private Grindrod J.W. 2nd Bn.
5232 Private Grocott R 6th Bn.
4562 Private Groves A 2nd Bn.
2556 Private Groves J 2nd Bn.
8793 Private Grundy A 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4569 Private Grundy J 2nd Bn.
4101 Private Grundy W 2nd Bn.
3517 Private Gudgeon J 5th Bn.
3132 Lce. Corporal Guest G.C. 2nd Bn.
4567 Private Guirk P 2nd Bn.
1532 Col. Sergt. Gunn C.P. 5th Bn.
966 Private Hadfield T 5th Bn.
7284 Private Hagan J 17th M.I.
4086 Private Hagan J 2nd Bn.
3823 Private Hagerty W 2nd Bn.
5238 Private Hagney J 2nd Bn.
852 Private Hague G 5th Bn.
4835 Private Haigh J 6th Bn.
8903 Private Haines F 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
9878 Private Hairs F 6th Bn.
7124 Private Hall A 6th Bn.
4281 Private Hall D 5th Bn.
7228 Private Hall J 5th Bn.
4265 Private Hall J.E. 2nd Bn.
5276 Private Hall M 5th Bn.
9615 Private Hall R 2nd Bn.
7269 Bugler Hall R.W. 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
3473 Private Hall W 2nd Bn.
5278 Private Hallam G 28th M.I.
1300 Lce. Corporal Hallam L 6th Bn.
3700 Private Hallighan J 2nd Bn.
2676 Private Hallighan T 2nd Bn.
4610 Private Halliwell P 2nd Bn.
1157 Corporal Hallows E 5th Bn.
4598 Sergt. Hamer A 2nd Bn.
702 Private Hamer E 2nd Bn.
6763 Private Hamer F 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
4580 Sergt. Hamer F 2nd Bn.
7061 Private Hamer J 5th Bn.
6719 Private Hamer J 5th Bn.
9746 Private Hamer W 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
1788 Private Hamill W 2nd Bn.
5830 Private Hamilton G 5th Bn.
47 Private Hamilton J 5th Bn.
Lieut. Hamilton M.J. 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
Lt. Col. Hammersley Frederick 4th Bn.
4160 Private Hammerton J 2nd Bn.
9375 Private Hammond H 2nd Bn.
3001 Private Hammond T 5th Bn.
8794 Private Hampson J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3838 Private Hampton T 2nd Bn.
1064 Private Hancock G 6th Bn.
7038 Private Hand T 6th Bn.
3933 Private Handley M 2nd Bn.
5081 Private Hands W 2nd Bn.
2552 Private Hanley A 6th Bn.
3228 Private Hanley C 2nd Bn.
731 Private Hanlon G 2nd Bn.
9352 Private Hanna J 2nd Bn.
4423 Private Hanna W 6th Bn.
848 Private Hannaghan J 2nd Bn.
6563 Lce. Corporal Hannah J 2nd Bn.
5018 Private Hannon E 6th Bn.
5985 Private Hannon J 6th Bn.
9735 Private Hannon W.H. 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3921 Private Hanton P 2nd Bn.
4838 Private Haran J 2nd Bn.
5004 Private Harden J 2nd Bn.
5019 Private Hardiker R 2nd Bn.
7285 Private Harding W 5th Bn.
8826 Private Hardman E 2nd Bn.
Lieut. Hardman G.H. 6th Bn.
6197 Private Hardman J 6th Bn.
5655 Private Hardman R 2nd Bn.
8077 Private Hardman T 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
4239 Private Hardman W 2nd Bn.
4945 Private Hardstone F 2nd Bn.
Captain Hardy H.S. 2nd Bn.
6257 Private Hardy J 6th Bn.
5789 Private Harford J 28th M.I.
4725 Private Hargreaves J 2nd Bn.
3407 Private Hargreaves J 5th Bn.
6150 Private Hargreaves J 5th Bn.
3568 Private Hargreaves J.H. 2nd Bn.
5028 Sergt. Hargreaves R 28th M.I.
4012 Corporal Hargreaves R.L. 2nd Bn.
8713 Private Hargreaves Samuel 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
2596 Private Hargreaves W 2nd Bn.
9786 Private Hargreaves W 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5217 Private Harkin M 2nd Bn.
3099 Private Harland C 2nd Bn.
8827 Private Harling J 2nd Bn.
2916 Private Harmer J 6th Bn.
6568 Private Harper W 5th Bn.
3002 Private Harpin O 2nd Bn.
8265 Private Harrington A 5th Bn.
6382 Private Harrington F 5th Bn.
5012 Private Harrington O 6th Bn.
5992 Private Harris C 17th M.I.
3106 Lce. Corporal Harris C 2nd Bn.
960 Private Harris C.H. 5th Bn.
4428 Private Harris E 2nd Bn.
4785 Private Harris J 2nd Bn.
9379 Private Harris J 2nd Bn.
2674 Private Harris J 5th Bn.
1305 Private Harris W 6th Bn.
6543 Private Harrison B 5th Bn.
927 Private Harrison E 5th Bn.
6031 Private Harrison J 2nd Bn.
5583 Private Harrison J 5th Bn.
2074 Private Harrison J 6th Bn.
9207 Private Harrison T 2nd Bn.
356 Private Harrison W 5th Bn.
2nd Lieut. Harriss R.E. 3rd Bn.
5365 Private Harrop J 2nd Bn.
344 Private Hart D 5th Bn.
3468 Private Hart J 2nd Bn.
6267 Private Hart J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
1175 Private Hart J 5th Bn.
2639 Sergt. Hart M 6th Bn.
4668 Private Hart R 2nd Bn.
5899 Private Hart T 6th Bn.
5296 Private Hartington A 2nd Bn.
5345 Private Hartley D 2nd Bn.
4153 Lce. Sergt. Hartley J 2nd Bn.
7255 Private Hartley J 5th Bn.
3425 Private Hartley T 2nd Bn.
5874 Sergt. Hartney W 5th Bn.
2885 Private Harvey J 2nd Bn.
422 Col. Sergt. Harvey J 6th Bn.
7504 Private Harwood J 28th M.I.
9772 Private Harwood J 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3997 Corporal Harwood T 6th Bn.
5417 Private Haselton F 6th Bn.
3006 Private Haslam A 2nd Bn.
6270 Private Haslam A 2nd Bn.
3688 Sergt. Haslam J 6th Bn.
8750 Private Haslam R 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3125 Private Haslam T 2nd Bn.
6444 Private Hastings E 6th Bn.
5191 Private Hastings F 2nd Bn.
Lieut. Hastings G.H. 2nd Bn.
5222 Lce. Corporal Hastings H 2nd Bn.
3592 Drummer Hastings J 2nd Bn.
1339 Col. Sergt. Hastings M 5th Bn.
3391 Private Hastings S 5th Bn.
670 Private Hastings T 6th Bn.
477 Private Hatton J.J. 5th Bn.
1356 Private Hatton W 5th Bn.
4506 Private Haugh T 2nd Bn.
2804 Private Hawker E 2nd Bn.
4322 Private Hawkins A 6th Bn.
2818 Col. Sergt. Hawkley R 2nd Bn.
5076 Private Hawkyard H 6th Bn.
5301 Private Hawkyard J 2nd Bn.
867 Private Haworth J 5th Bn.
9372 Private Haworth R 2nd Bn.
4637 Private Haworth W 5th Bn.
5167 Lce. Corporal Hayes G 2nd Bn.
3542 Private Hayes J 5th Bn.
202 Private Hayes J 6th Bn.
6387 Private Haynes E 2nd Bn.
3945 Private Haynes W 2nd Bn.
1393 Corporal Haytree T 2nd Bn.
3207 Sergt. Hayward F 2nd Bn.
394 Sergt. Heacock G 2nd Bn.
6021 Private Heald J 5th Bn.
3535 Private Heald R 2nd Bn.
6865 Private Healey D 6th Bn.
4217 Lce. Corporal Healey E 2nd Bn.
792 Private Healey F 5th Bn.
8872 Private Healey H 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
6873 Private Healey J 2nd Bn.
2471 Private Healey J 5th Bn.
4352 Private Healey J 6th Bn.
3624 Private Healey M 2nd Bn.
4417 Private Healey T 2nd Bn.
5312 Private Healey W 2nd Bn.
7098 Private Healey W 6th Bn.
7105 Private Healy J 17th M.I.
2/Lieut. Heape E.A. 6th Bn.
8714 Lce. Corporal Hearne George J. 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3305 Sergt. Hearne W 2nd Bn.
6607 Private Hearne W 5th Bn.
7291 Private Heath G 28th M.I.
4044 Private Heath J 2nd Bn.
7235 Private Heath W 5th Bn.
2472 Corporal Heaton J 2nd Bn.
8715 Private Heaton James 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
7258 Drummer Heaton T.R. 5th Bn.
2352 Lce. Corporal Heeney J 2nd Bn.
6089 Private Heeney T 5th Bn.
4529 Sergt. Heevey J 2nd Bn.
6084 Private Hefferan T 5th Bn.
5517 Lce. Corporal Heffernan F 5th Bn.
592 Private Heisley J 5th Bn.
9728 Private Hemmings T 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
6334 Private Henderson G 2nd Bn.
6062 Private Henderson J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
5492 Private Henderson P 2nd Bn.
9431 Private Hennessey P 6th Bn.
4907 Private Henry J 2nd Bn.
4883 Private Henry J 2nd Bn.
5625 Private Henry J 5th Bn.
7922 Private Henry W 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
5166 Private Henshaw J 2nd Bn.
5422 Private Henshaw J 2nd Bn.
7295 Private Henthorne A 5th Bn.
4735 Private Hepworth C 2nd Bn.
6636 Private Hepworth H 5th Bn.
8905 Corporal Herbert G.H. 2nd Bn.
8906 Private Herley W 2nd Bn.
5194 Private Hesketh C 2nd Bn.
7037 Private Hesketh G 6th Bn.
7252 Private Hesketh W 5th Bn.
7305 Private Hewitson J 5th Bn.
4860 Private Hewitt J 6th Bn.
6241 Private Hewitt J 6th Bn.
6981 Private Hewitt W 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
2967 Private Heyes J 2nd Bn.
4908 Private Heyes J 2nd Bn.
5457 Private Heyes J 2nd Bn.
5511 Corporal Heyes R 28th M.I.
4109 Private Heyes R 2nd Bn.
1117 Private Heyes R 6th Bn.
7937 Private Heyes T 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
2704 Private Heyes T 6th Bn.
8829 Private Heywood E 2nd Bn.
3293 Private Heywood J 2nd Bn.
3965 Private Heywood J 2nd Bn.
572 Private Heywood J.H. 5th Bn.
1161 Sergt. Heywood J.P. 5th Bn.
4758 Private Heywood W 6th Bn.
6814 Private Heyworth E 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
8716 Private Hibbert Daniel 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4615 Private Hibbs J 2nd Bn.
3444 Sergt. Hickey J 2nd Bn.
687 Private Hickey J 5th Bn.
9783 Private Hickie A 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
Captain Hicks C.H. 2nd Bn.
8602 Private Hicks J 6th Bn.
32 Private Hickson T 5th Bn.
4434 Private Hickson W 2nd Bn.
Captain Higgin-Birket M. 5th Bn.
Lieutenant Higgin-Birket W 5th Bn.
1439 Private Higginbotham J 2nd Bn.
3154 Private Higgins J 6th Bn.
1943 Private Higgins J 6th Bn.
4255 Private Higgins M 2nd Bn.
1806 Sergt. Higgins M 2nd Bn.
1256 Private Higgins P 2nd Bn.
1862 Lce. Sergt. Higginson W 6th Bn.
2821 Private Higgs J 2nd Bn.
1020 Private Higham E 2nd Bn.
7453 Private Hill A 28th M.I.
928 Private Hill A 5th Bn.
7103 Private Hill C 28th M.I.
6670 Private Hill C 2nd Bn.
3923 Private Hill D 2nd Bn.
9850 Private Hill E 2nd Bn.
6871 Private Hill H 28th M.I.
8830 Private Hill H 2nd Bn.
3419 Private Hill J 2nd Bn.
970 Private Hill J 5th Bn.
2357 Private Hill J.T. 6th Bn.
831 Private Hill L 5th Bn.
7415 Private Hill T 5th Bn.
6470 Private Hill T 6th Bn.
5011 Private Hillyard C 2nd Bn.
5230 Lce. Corporal Hillyer T 2nd Bn.
3310 Private Hilton E 2nd Bn.
5847 Private Hilton G 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
3058 Drummer Hilton J 2nd Bn.
1342 Private Hilton P 5th Bn.
3734 Sergt. Hilton T 2nd Bn.
7165 Private Hinchcliffe A 28th M.I.
6683 Private Hind J 2nd Bn.
9377 Private Hindle F 2nd Bn.
3234 Private Hindle J 5th Bn.
5147 Sergt. Hindley W 2nd Bn.
4863 Private Hinds J 2nd Bn.
6762 Corporal Hinds J 5th Bn.
4413 Private Hinds J 6th Bn.
4161 Private Hine C 2nd Bn.
3814 Private Hird R 2nd Bn.
5710 Private Hisley T 28th M.I.
1855 Sergt. Hislop J 6th Bn.
1837 Private Hitchon H 6th Bn.
7002 Private Hobbs A 28th M.I.
4676 Private Hobgen A 2nd Bn.
4524 Private Hoctor D 2nd Bn.
3486 Corporal Hoctor P 5th Bn.
2618 Private Hodgkinson J 2nd Bn.
4383 Private Hodgkinson W 6th Bn.
4389 Private Hodgson F 2nd Bn.
3966 Lce. Corporal Hodson J 2nd Bn.
4136 Private Hodson R 2nd Bn.
5522 Private Hodson T 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
3906 Lce. Corporal Hodson W 2nd Bn.
4343 Private Hoe C 2nd Bn.
4248 Private Hogan J 2nd Bn.
6612 Private Hogan J 5th Bn.
3294 Private Hogan J 6th Bn.
5438 Private Hogan T 2nd Bn.
8831 Private Hogg J 2nd Bn.
840 Private Hogg W 6th Bn.
7266 Private Holbrook W 5th Bn.
3558 Sergt. Holden A 2nd Bn.
1377 Private Holden G 5th Bn.
5107 Private Holden J 2nd Bn.
3074 Private Holden J 5th Bn.
8873 Private Holden J.B. 2nd Bn.
3194 Private Holden R 2nd Bn.
6407 Private Holden R 5th Bn.
4745 Private Holden W 2nd Bn.
3871 Private Holden W 2nd Bn.
1250 Private Holding J 5th Bn.
6713 Private Holding W 17th M.I.
5376 Private Hole J 2nd Bn.
2700 Private Holgate R 2nd Bn.
3749 Private Holland D 6th Bn.
4410 Private Holland F 2nd Bn.
7213 Private Holland J 5th Bn.
5068 Private Holland J 6th Bn.
9141 Private Holland R 2nd Bn.
4550 Private Holleran J 2nd Bn.
5009 Private Holleran M 2nd Bn.
9740 Private Holleran W 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
7286 Private Hollingsworth J 28th M.I.
4433 Private Hollis F 2nd Bn.
1565 Private Hollows J 6th Bn.
5467 Private Holmes B 5th Bn.
4969 Private Holmes F 5th Bn.
2774 Sergt. Holmes G 6th Bn.
5639 Private Holmes J 17th M.I.
8752 Private Holmes J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4737 Sergt. Holmes J 2nd Bn.
5529 Private Holmes J 2nd Bn.
2905 Private Holmes J 2nd Bn.
2620 Private Holmes J 2nd Bn.
5906 Sgt. Mr. Tailor Holmes J 2nd Bn.
5153 Corporal Holmes J 5th Bn.
5218 Corporal Holmes J 6th Bn.
3198 Private Holmes T 2nd Bn.
2503 Lce. Sergt. Holmes T 5th Bn.
9803 Private Holt A 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
8833 Private Holt C 2nd Bn.
2750 Private Holt E 2nd Bn.
5552 Private Holt E 6th Bn.
3696 Lce. Corporal Holt F 2nd Bn.
5530 Private Holt J 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
3890 Private Holt J 2nd Bn.
8874 Private Holt J.H. 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
8717 Private Holt John 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
9721 Private Holt R 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4874 Private Holt R 6th Bn.
9742 Private Holt R.R. 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3613 Private Holt S 2nd Bn.
2519 Private Holt W 2nd Bn.
2508 Sergt. Holt W 6th Bn.
537 Private Holt W.C. 5th Bn.
5104 Sergt. Hope F 2nd Bn.
6121 Private Hope G 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
8834 Drummer Hope H 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4932 Private Hope J 2nd Bn.
9484 Private Hope P 6th Bn.
5595 Private Hopkins F 5th Bn.
5125 Private Hopkins R 2nd Bn.
4361 Private Hopkins T 6th Bn.
Lieut. Hopkinson C.R.T. 2nd Bn.
9354 Private Hopley A.D. 2nd Bn.
1102 Private Hopton W 2nd Bn.
7776 Private Horan C 2nd Bn.
1391 Private Horan T 5th Bn.
3470 Private Horlock A 2nd Bn.
7134 Private Hornby G 5th Bn.
316 Private Horne J 5th Bn.
3616 Private Horner F.M. 2nd Bn.
3909 Sergt. Horridge J 2nd Bn.
4188 Private Horrocks G 2nd Bn.
5134 Private Horrocks J 2nd Bn.
5832 Private Horrocks J 2nd Bn.
8751 Private Horrocks J.W. 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
9527 Private Horrocks R 6th Bn.
5242 Private Horsley J 2nd Bn.
2647 Private Hough H 2nd Bn.
326 Private Hough J 5th Bn.
7437 Private Hough T 5th Bn.
4507 Corporal Houghton L 2nd Bn.
6623 Private Houghton R 5th Bn.
4968 Private Houltram A 2nd Bn.
3281 Corporal Housley J 2nd Bn.
8795 Private Howard E 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
7785 Private Howard J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
6723 Private Howard J 5th Bn.
6914 Lce. Corporal Howard J 6th Bn.
3667 Corporal Howard R 2nd Bn.
6476 Private Howard W 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
5022 Private Howarth A 6th Bn.
9761 Private Howarth C 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
8835 Private Howarth E 2nd Bn.
1393 Private Howarth E 6th Bn.
2965 Private Howarth E 6th Bn.
7259 Private Howarth F 5th Bn.
6192 Private Howarth F 6th Bn.
2313 Private Howarth G 2nd Bn.
3962 Private Howarth J 2nd Bn.
3999 Private Howarth J 2nd Bn.
5872 Private Howarth J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
3897 Drummer Howarth J 6th Bn.
7092 Private Howarth J 6th Bn.
8875 Private Howarth J.H. 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
635 Private Howarth J.J. 5th Bn.
640 Sergt. Howarth J.S. 6th Bn.
4548 Private Howarth R 2nd Bn.
3448 Private Howarth R 2nd Bn.
7144 Private Howarth S 28th M.I.
3881 Private Howarth S 2nd Bn.
3534 Private Howarth S 2nd Bn.
3876 Private Howarth W 2nd Bn.
7424 Private Howarth W 5th Bn.
4562 Private Howe M 5th Bn.
789 Private Howe P 2nd Bn.
4382 Private Howe W 2nd Bn.
6990 Private Howell A 5th Bn.
5176 Private Howes W 2nd Bn.
15 Private Howker F 5th Bn.
4243 Private Howley P 2nd Bn.
8719 Private Hoyle J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
9734 Private Hoyle R.A. 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
8836 Private Hoyle W 2nd Bn.
9736 Private Hoyle W 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
6530 Private Hudson D 5th Bn.
6525 Private Hudson R 5th Bn.
7040 Private Huff W.F. 5th Bn.
6112 Private Hughes A 5th Bn.
182 Private Hughes F 5th Bn.
7274 Private Hughes J 28th M.I.
7329 Private Hughes J 5th Bn.
3496 Private Hughes J 5th Bn.
5714 Corporal Hughes L.E. 6th Bn.
6369 Private Hughes P 5th Bn.
2811 Private Hughes W 2nd Bn.
412 Private Hughes W 6th Bn.
7396 Private Hulme J 2nd Bn.
3546 Private Hulme W 2nd Bn.
8968 Private Hulme W 6th Bn.
1716 Private Humes A 6th Bn.
Captain Humphreys E.T. 2nd Bn.
6340 Corporal Humphreys G.W. 5th Bn.
8718 Private Humphries J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4693 Private Humphries T 2nd Bn.
3674 QM Sergt. Hunt R 6th Bn.
6740 Lce. Sergt. Hunt W 5th Bn.
4746 Private Hunter A 2nd Bn.
1598 Sergt. Hunter S 6th Bn.
5400 Private Hunter W 2nd Bn.
5442 Corporal Hurine J 6th Bn.
4522 Sergt. Hurley A 5th Bn.
1526 Private Hurley J 2nd Bn.
4822 Corporal Hurley J 6th Bn.
1220 Private Hurst A 2nd Bn.
4984 Lce. Corporal Hurst F 2nd Bn.
5977 Private Hurst J 6th Bn.
2913 Private Hurst W 2nd Bn.
2529 Private Hurst W 2nd Bn.
2479 Drummer Hutchings H 2nd Bn.
Captain Hutchinson H.E.M. 2nd Bn.
7009 Private Hutchinson J 5th Bn.
6016 Lce. Corporal Hutton J 6th Bn.
5841 Private Huxley S 2nd Bn.
3911 Corporal Hyam T 2nd Bn.
4227 Private Hyde C 2nd Bn.
9704 Private Hyland E 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4016 Private Hynes J 2nd Bn.
2018 Private Hynes J 6th Bn.
4532 Private Hynes M 6th Bn.
2810 Private Hynes T 2nd Bn.
1855 Sergt. Hyslop J 6th Bn.
5327 Private Ingham J 2nd Bn.
5182 Private Ingham J 2nd Bn.
2555 Private Ingham R 2nd Bn.
8837 Private Ingham W 2nd Bn.
6329 Private Inskip A 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
6363 Lce. Sergt. Ionn A.C. 5th Bn.
6365 Private Ionn C.F. 5th Bn.
9355 Lce. Corporal Ireland W.W. 2nd Bn.
9356 Private Irvine J 2nd Bn.
Lieut. Isaac T.W.T. 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
5162 Corporal Isherwood E 2nd Bn.
8385 Private Isherwood E 5th Bn.
3721 Private Isherwood J 6th Bn.
5183 Private Isherwood W 6th Bn.
5683 Private Ivers J 5th Bn.
5724 Private Jackson A 17th M.I.
5265 Private Jackson A 2nd Bn.
269 Private Jackson A 5th Bn.
7371 Private Jackson C 17th M.I.
3707 Lce. Corporal Jackson C 2nd Bn.
2547 Corporal Jackson C.L. 5th Bn.
1180 Private Jackson G 2nd Bn.
5204 Private Jackson H 2nd Bn.
7010 Lce. Corporal Jackson H 2nd Bn.
5738 Private Jackson J 2nd Bn.
5408 Private Jackson J 2nd Bn.
2742 Sergt. Jackson J 6th Bn.
5544 Private Jackson J.T. 6th Bn.
3517 Private Jackson R 2nd Bn.
8720 Private Jackson Samuel 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4920 Private Jackson T 5th Bn.
5664 Private Jackson T 5th Bn.
7189 Private Jackson W 28th M.I.
9366 Private Jackson W 2nd Bn.
5648 Sergt. Jacques G.H. 5th Bn.
1206 Private Jacques H 2nd Bn.
3869 Corporal James J 2nd Bn.
5412 Private James W 6th Bn.
1226 Private Jarratt W 5th Bn.
5043 Lce. Corporal Jefferies J.W. 6th Bn.
7661 Private Jenkins F 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
8753 Lce. Corporal Jepson F 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5370 Private Jetson J 2nd Bn.
8754 Sergt. Johnson A 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
9747 Private Johnson A 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5237 Sergt. Johnson F.R. 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
4715 Private Johnson G 2nd Bn.
8042 Private Johnson H 2nd Bn.
2843 Private Johnson H 5th Bn.
7279 Private Johnson J 28th M.I.
4750 Private Johnson J 2nd Bn.
3630 Private Johnson J 2nd Bn.
806 Private Johnson J 5th Bn.
515 Private Johnson J 5th Bn.
4447 Private Johnson P 2nd Bn.
5766 Private Johnson P 2nd Bn.
3642 Lce. Corporal Johnson R 2nd Bn.
6321 Lce. Corporal Johnson R 6th Bn.
4728 Private Johnson S 6th Bn.
4875 Private Johnson T 2nd Bn.
5980 Private Johnson W.S. 6th Bn.
8721 Private Johnson William 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4367 Private Johnston J 2nd Bn.
3303 Private Johnston J 6th Bn.
3662 Private Johnston J 6th Bn.
6885 Private Johnston J 6th Bn.
4337 Private Johnstone J 2nd Bn.
7660 Private Johnstone J 2nd Bn.
707 Private Johnstone P 2nd Bn.
2025 Private Jones B 5th Bn.
9751 Private Jones C 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5642 Private Jones F 6th Bn.
3005 Private Jones G 2nd Bn.
4186 Sergt. Jones G 2nd Bn.
5651 Private Jones G 6th Bn.
4154 Lce. Corporal Jones J 2nd Bn.
3318 Private Jones J 2nd Bn.
9357 Private Jones J 2nd Bn.
4724 Private Jones J 2nd Bn.
9804 Private Jones J 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
7658 Private Jones J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
319 Private Jones J 5th Bn.
2683 Private Jones K 6th Bn.
3146 Private Jones L 2nd Bn.
3998 Private Jones L 2nd Bn.
5350 Private Jones S 5th Bn.
9748 Private Jones T 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
7308 Private Jones T 5th Bn.
4906 Private Jones T 6th Bn.
4909 Private Jones W 2nd Bn.
8347 Private Jones W 2nd Bn.
4340 Private Jones W 5th Bn.
6210 Private Jones W 6th Bn.
2622 Private Jones W 6th Bn.
8908 Private Jones W.A. 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
9797 Private Jones W.H. 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5834 Lce. Corporal Jordan E 2nd Bn.
722 Private Jordan E 2nd Bn.
3182 Private Jordan J 2nd Bn.
917 Private Jordan J 5th Bn.
2253 Corporal Jordan J 5th Bn.
4921 Private Jordan P 2nd Bn.
7119 Private Joules J 6th Bn.
4468 Private Joyce D 2nd Bn.
2576 Private Joyce J 6th Bn.
5489 Private Judd T 2nd Bn.
8839 Private Judge J 2nd Bn.
6463 Private Judge J.M. 6th Bn.
7157 Private Judson A 2nd Bn.
4340 Private Jump T 2nd Bn.
5625 Private Jupp J 2nd Bn .
4400 Drummer Kane A 6th Bn.
1282 Private Kavanagh J 2nd Bn.
5406 Private Kavanagh T 2nd Bn.
5210 Private Kay A 2nd Bn.
5750 Private Kay C 6th Bn.
4349 Private Kay F 2nd Bn.
5961 Private Kay F 5th Bn.
8722 Private Kay J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
9726 Private Kay J.W. 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4347 Private Kay O 2nd Bn.
6650 Private Kay P 5th Bn.
7140 Private Kay R 28th M.I.
3334 Private Kay W 2nd Bn.
6161 Private Kealey P 17th M.I.
667 Private Kearney J 5th Bn.
773 Sergt. Kearns B 5th Bn.
K (Cont )
rns to Young
4212 Private Kearns E 2nd Bn.
3503 Private Kearns J 2nd Bn.
8755 Private Keate E 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
1247 Sergt. Keating W 5th Bn.
2988 Sergt. Keay L 2nd Bn.
5540 Private Keegan J 2nd Bn.
9753 Private Keegan P 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4629 Lce. Corporal Keel C 2nd Bn.
3243 Private Keeley F 2nd Bn.
2415 Private Keeley J 2nd Bn.
247 Private Keeling J.R. 5th Bn.
6880 Private Keenan J 6th Bn.
3897 Private Keith G 2nd Bn.
2271 Private Keith T 2nd Bn.
5820 Private Kellar T 5th Bn.
990 Private Kellett H 5th Bn.
8909 Private Kellner H 2nd Bn.

7102 Private Kelly D 28th M.I.
4997 Sergt. Kelly E 2nd Bn.
9572 Sergt. Kelly F 6th Bn.
5649 Private Kelly H 2nd Bn.
3457 Private Kelly J 2nd Bn.
4954 Private Kelly J 2nd Bn.
4238 Private Kelly J 2nd Bn.
6179 Private Kelly J 2nd Bn.
6399 Private Kelly J 5th Bn.
6982 Private Kelly J 5th Bn.
2659 Private Kelly J 5th Bn.
7325 Private Kelly J 5th Bn.
7863 Private Kelly J 6th Bn.
5890 Private Kelly J 6th Bn.
4227 Private Kelly J 6th Bn.
3122 Private Kelly P 2nd Bn.
3905 Private Kelly P 2nd Bn.
5600 Private Kelly S 5th Bn.
6122 Private Kelly T 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
8247 Private Kelly T 5th Bn.
5497 Sergt. Kelly T 5th Bn.
3676 Private Kelly T 6th Bn.
4994 Lce. Corporal Kelly T 6th Bn.
6942 Private Kelshaw R 6th Bn.
6903 Private Kelvey G 6th Bn.
3430 Private Kemp A 5th Bn.
2690 Private Kendrick W 2nd Bn.
635 Private Kennedy G 5th Bn.
983 Private Kennedy J 2nd Bn.
3790 Private Kennedy J 2nd Bn.
7218 Private Kennedy T 2nd Bn.
4467 Private Kennedy T 2nd Bn.
5779 Private Kennedy W 2nd Bn.
5877 Private Kennedy W 5th Bn.
2874 Band Sergt. Kennelly J 2nd Bn.
2902 Private Kennerley F 2nd Bn.
4184 Private Kenny J 2nd Bn.
4791 Private Kenny J 2nd Bn.
6239 Private Kenny J 6th Bn.
4578 Private Kenny M 2nd Bn.
1077 Private Kenny M 6th Bn.
8910 Private Kent W.E. 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
9708 Private Kenyon J 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3108 Lce. Corporal Kenyon W 5th Bn.
2103 Private Keogh T 2nd Bn.
984 Private Kerfoot E 5th Bn.
719 Private Kerry T 5th Bn.
2774 Private Kershaw F 2nd Bn.
7176 Private Kershaw R 28th M.I.
4891 Private Kershaw R 2nd Bn.
71 Private Kershaw W 5th Bn.
4649 Private Keyes E 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
2540 Private Kilgannon J 2nd Bn.
3943 Private Killalea T 2nd Bn.
6469 Private Killeen J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
2513 Private Killinaul J 6th Bn.
5174 Private Killion M 2nd Bn.
4249 Private Kilroy J 2nd Bn.
7351 Private Kilroy M 6th Bn.
5157 Private Kimblin J 2nd Bn.
4312 Private Kindley S 2nd Bn.
7715 Corporal King F 2nd Bn.
751 Private King H 5th Bn.
5334 Corporal King J 5th Bn.
5397 Private King J 6th Bn.
6536 Private King M 2nd Bn.
4523 Corporal King T 2nd Bn.
2222 Private King W 2nd Bn.
2014 Sgt. Major Kingston J 5th Bn.
4992 Private Kirby F 2nd Bn.
5834 Private Kirby M 5th Bn.
4683 Private Kirk W 2nd Bn.
3728 Private Kirkman E 6th Bn.
3716 Private Kirkman E.A. 2nd Bn.
2612 Private Kirkman W 6th Bn.
6382 Lce. Corporal Kitchen E.A. 2nd Bn.
449 Private Knapsey P 5th Bn.
8796 Private Knight J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
2409 Private Knight J 6th Bn.
996 Private Knight S 2nd Bn.
4018 Private Knight W 2nd Bn.
Lieut. Knook A.D.C. 6th Bn.
2718 Private Knott A 2nd Bn.
Captain Lakeman C.S. 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.

1074 Private Lally T 6th Bn.
1012 Private Lamb W.H. 5th Bn.
4032 Private Lambert J 2nd Bn.
5661 Private Lambert J 2nd Bn.
3714 Private Lambert T 2nd Bn.
5792 Private Lambert W 6th Bn.
579 Private Landers G 5th Bn.
4097 Private Lane A 5th Bn.
1375 Private Lane J 2nd Bn.
4863 Private Lang J 2nd Bn.
4865 Private Langton J 2nd Bn.
2389 Private Langton J 2nd Bn.
5990 Private Langtry J 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
3820 Private Langworth S 2nd Bn.
6353 Corporal Lanigan D 5th Bn.
6656 Private Lanigan T 5th Bn.
7404 Private Lannon M 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
4558 Private Lapping P 6th Bn.
1056 Private Largue J 2nd Bn.
6090 Private Larvin E 5th Bn.
5281 Private Latchford J 2nd Bn.
4650 Private Latham A 2nd Bn.
6095 Private Latham A 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
3176 Private Latham E 2nd Bn.
5875 Private Latham W 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
745 Private Latham W.E. 5th Bn.
5399 Private Lavery H 6th Bn.
3781 Private Lavin J 2nd Bn.
7859 Private Lavin T 2nd Bn.
677 Private Law J 5th Bn.
6683 Private Lawler J 5th Bn.
6828 Private Lawless J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
6357 Corporal Lawless J 5th Bn.
4554 Private Lawless J 6th Bn.
7086 Private Lawrence H 5th Bn.
4893 Private Lawrence T 2nd Bn.
4680 Private Lawson G 6th Bn.
8723 Private Lawson J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
7059 Private Lawson R 28th M.I.
371 Private Lawson T 5th Bn.
9765 Private Laycock G 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
Captain Le Marchant G. de C. 2nd Bn.
6980 Private Leach C 5th Bn.
5703 Private Leach J 2nd Bn.
4209 Private Leach R.H. 2nd Bn.
7216 Private Leach W 5th Bn.
7052 Private Leadbeater A 17th M.I.
271 Private Leah W 5th Bn.
4277 Private Leahy W 2nd Bn.
2597 Private Lear J 2nd Bn.
5677 Private Leary J 5th Bn.
7391 Private Ledwidge J 5th Bn.
5859 Private Lee A 5th Bn.
177 Private Lee C.W. 5th Bn.
4868 Private Lee E 6th Bn.
5626 Private Lee J 28th M.I.
3286 Private Lee J 2nd Bn.
7029 Private Lee J 5th Bn.
7320 Private Lee J 5th Bn.
5730 Private Lee J 6th Bn.
5185 Private Lee J 6th Bn.
3254 Private Lee J.J. 2nd Bn.
8756 Private Lee R 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
2843 Private Lee W 2nd Bn.
5636 Private Lee W 6th Bn.
6692 Private Leek J 5th Bn.
4987 Private Leeming A 2nd Bn.
5458 Private Leeming J 5th Bn.
5044 Corporal Lees J 2nd Bn.
4870 Private Lees T 2nd Bn.
5429 Private Leggatt J 6th Bn.
726 Private Leigh J 5th Bn.
215 Private Leigh J.W. 5th Bn.
5111 Private Leigh W 2nd Bn.
2632 Private Leigh W 2nd Bn.
6717 Corporal Leighton S 2nd Bn.
9757 Bugler Leonard H 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4605 Private Leonard J 2nd Bn.
2625 Private Leonard J 6th Bn.
3007 Private Leonard J 6th Bn.
3190 Sergt. Leonard P 5th Bn.
3026 Private Leonard W 2nd Bn.
5991 Private Lever J.J. 6th Bn.
4057 Private Levitt T 2nd Bn.
7891 Private Lewis C 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
5203 Private Lewis J 2nd Bn.
2783 Private Lewis J 2nd Bn.
5227 Lce. Corporal Lewis J 6th Bn.
9384 Private Lewis R 2nd Bn.
5161 Private Lewis W 2nd Bn.
4552 Private Leyland E 5th Bn.
7429 Private Leyland J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
5178 Private Lightfoot R 2nd Bn.
3202 Sergt. Lightfoot R 2nd Bn.
4192 Private Lilley E 2nd Bn.
7503 Lce. Corporal Lilley S 2nd Bn.
4672 Private Lindley A 6th Bn.
3288 Private Lindley R 2nd Bn.
4944 Private Linney F 5th Bn.
1835 Private Little A 6th Bn.
3567 Private Little J 2nd Bn.
1927 Private Little J 6th Bn.
2664 Private Littleford S 5th Bn.
2544 Private Livesey J 6th Bn.
3782 Private Lloyd A 2nd Bn.
2nd Lieut. Lloyd H 5th Bn.
114 Private Lloyd I 2nd Bn.
3324 Private Lloyd J 2nd Bn.
2439 Private Lloyd J 2nd Bn.
5074 Private Lloyd J 6th Bn.
1223 Private Lloyd W 2nd Bn.
2nd Lieut. Lluellyn R 5th Bn.
7216 Private Locke J 28th M.I.
4011 Private Locker A 2nd Bn.
6993 Private Lockett J 5th Bn.
Major Lockhart-Ross H.S. 5th Bn.
2880 Private Lockley G 2nd Bn.
6973 Private Lodge F 5th Bn.
1068 Private Lofthouse T 2nd Bn.
3625 Private Loftus F 6th Bn.
7089 Private Logan J 5th Bn.
5687 Private Lomas S 5th Bn.
5283 Private Lomax F 2nd Bn.
8797 Private Lomax H 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
6238 Corporal Lomax M 6th Bn.
9719 Private Lomax R 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4977 Private Lomax W 2nd Bn.
3053 Private Long J 2nd Bn.
5085 Drummer Longshaw R 2nd Bn.
3941 Private Longthorne J 2nd Bn.
3830 Private Longworth S 2nd Bn.
3085 Private Longworth T.E. 2nd Bn.
171 Corporal Looker J 5th Bn.
8757 Private Lord C.A. 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5040 Private Lord D 2nd Bn.
4634 Lce. Corporal Lord F 2nd Bn.
5491 Private Lord H 5th Bn.
5303 Private Lord J 2nd Bn.
2295 Private Lord J 5th Bn.
8758 Private Lord J.T. 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4122 Private Lord W 2nd Bn.
1038 Private Lovatt H 2nd Bn.
1336 Private Lovell J 2nd Bn.
5579 Sergt. Lowe E 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
4714 Private Lowe J 2nd Bn.
5670 Private Lowe J 5th Bn.
5048 Corporal Lowe J 6th Bn.
3510 Private Lowe M DCM DCM2nd Bn.
2909 Private Lowe P 2nd Bn.
4665 Private Lowe W 2nd Bn.
5262 Corporal Lucas J 2nd Bn.
6162 Private Lucas J 6th Bn.
1267 Private Luke G 5th Bn.
2nd Lieut. Luker R 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
6135 Private Lundy P 5th Bn.
3125 Corporal Lunn J 2nd Bn.
5115 Corporal Lydon J 5th Bn.
3827 Private Lynch J 2nd Bn.
6370 Private Lynch J 2nd Bn.
1324 Private Lynch J 2nd Bn.
3340 Corporal Lynch J 5th Bn.
4898 Private Lynch J 6th Bn.
4420 Corporal Lynch W 2nd Bn.
6247 Private Lyndenburg S 2nd Bn.
8911 Private Lyons C 2nd Bn.
6756 Private Lyons C 6th Bn.
2718 Private Lyons J 2nd Bn.
1355 Private Lyons J 2nd Bn.
3634 Private Lyons J 2nd Bn.
514 Private Lyons J 5th Bn.
5763 Private Lyons J 5th Bn.
919 Private Lyons J 5th Bn.
6256 Private Lyons J 6th Bn.
4224 Private Lyons M 2nd Bn.
390 Sergt. Lyons M 6th Bn.
8094 Private Lyons P 6th Bn.
3277 Private Lythgoe J 2nd Bn.7535 Private Mack J 28th M.I.

Lieut. Col. Mackenzie Frederick Finch 5th Bn.
4358 Private MacKindue T 5th Bn.
7211 Lce. Corporal Mackintosh A 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
7210 Private Mackintosh W.H. 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
4957 Private Macklin T 2nd Bn.
Captain & Hon. Major Maclean D.F.D. 5th Bn.
6058 Drummer MacNamara T.P. 5th Bn.
Lieut. Macnee K 2nd Bn.
26 Private Madden T 5th Bn.
8912 Private Maddock J 2nd Bn.
3878 Private Maddon P 2nd Bn.
3656 Lce. Corporal Madigan J 6th Bn.
2743 Private Magnall G 2nd Bn.
1589 Col. Sergt. Maguire J 2nd Bn.
5181 Private Maguire M 2nd Bn.
4088 Private Maguire T 5th Bn.
4148 Private Maher T 2nd Bn.
5738 Lce. Corporal Mahon P 6th Bn.
3939 Private Mahon T 2nd Bn.
2176 Private Mahon W 2nd Bn.
2361 Private Mahoney J 6th Bn.
8841 Sergt. Mahoney Michael 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
2093 Private Mahoney W 2nd Bn.
9791 Private Malin G 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
8798 Private Malladine C 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
9758 Private Mallalieu J 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4557 Private Malley J 2nd Bn.
7426 Private Malley M 5th Bn.
6662 Private Mallock J 5th Bn.
Lieut. Mallock J.J.R. 2nd Bn.
7231 Private Malone J 28th M.I.
3606 Private Malone J 6th Bn.
5896 Private Malone J 6th Bn.
5239 Private Malone S 2nd Bn.
3721 Private Maloney E 2nd Bn.
208 Private Maloney J 5th Bn.
6228 Private Manifold E 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
1000 Private Manley G 5th Bn.
Captain Manley H.T. 2nd Bn.
1586 Private Mann J 5th Bn.
3182 Corporal Mann T 5th Bn.
7232 Private Manning W 28th M.I.
3912 Private Mannion J 2nd Bn.
1310 Private Mannion J 2nd Bn.
2604 Private Mannion M 2nd Bn.
3790 Private Mannion M 5th Bn.
3633 Private Mannion P 2nd Bn.
963 Private Mannion T 6th Bn.
5317 Private Mansell J 28th M.I.
7234 Sergt. March F 5th Bn.
3645 Private Marchington J 2nd Bn.
5665 Private Marcroft J 5th Bn.
6414 Private Mardon T 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
4692 Private Margerison A 2nd Bn.
1108 Private Margerson T 5th Bn.
Lieut. Markes J.C. 2nd Bn.
6605 Private Marks A 17th M.I.
9637 Private Marland R 2nd Bn.
4036 Private Marley J 2nd Bn.
5040 Private Marr P 2nd Bn.
Captain Marrable T.J. 2nd Bn.
2518 Private Marrion J 2nd Bn.
9358 Private Marriott W 2nd Bn.
4128 Private Marry J 2nd Bn.
3515 Private Marsden A 2nd Bn.
6830 Private Marsden A 6th Bn.
261 Private Marsden E 5th Bn.
4869 Private Marsden H 28th M.I.
7188 Private Marsden J 5th Bn.
1172 Private Marsden T 5th Bn.
1443 Lce. Corporal Marsden W 6th Bn.
7471 Private Marsh L 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
4561 Private Marsh W 2nd Bn.
5284 Sergt. Marsh W 2nd Bn.
4776 Sergt. Marshall G 5th Bn.
6344 Private Marshall R 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
9400 Private Marshall T 6th Bn.
4702 Private Marshall W 2nd Bn.
609 Private Marshall W.H. 5th Bn.
4147 Private Martin E 2nd Bn.
3495 Private Martin J 2nd Bn.
2724 Private Martin J 2nd Bn.
3228 Lce. Corporal Martin S 6th Bn.
4543 Private Martin T 2nd Bn.
3866 Sergt. Martin T 6th Bn.
8877 Drummer Martindale R.H. 2nd Bn.
4545 Private Martindale W 5th Bn.
5233 Private Mason C 2nd Bn.
8799 Corporal Mason E 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5778 Private Mason E 6th Bn.
9782 Private Mason G.H. 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
304 Corporal Mason H 5th Bn.
4572 Private Mason J 2nd Bn.
4930 Private Mason J 2nd Bn.
199 Private Mason J 5th Bn.
8759 Sergt. Mason John 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
1280 Private Mason T 2nd Bn.
6295 Private Mason W 2nd Bn.
1 Private Massey S 5th Bn.
3643 Private Massey T 6th Bn.
862 Private Masters J 5th Bn.
237 Private Mather A 5th Bn.
5702 Private Mather E 6th Bn.
4169 Private Mather J 2nd Bn.
3864 Private Mather J 2nd Bn.
4055 Private Mather R 2nd Bn.
6773 Private Mather T 5th Bn.
2657 Private Mathews J 2nd Bn.
4216 Private Mathews J 2nd Bn.
941 Private Mathews T 2nd Bn.
7028 Private Matthews C 5th Bn.
550 Sergt. Matthews F 6th Bn.
4774 Corporal Matthews J 5th Bn.
2079 Private Matthews P 5th Bn.
2668 Private Maude M 6th Bn.
798 Private Maudesley J 2nd Bn.
6336 Sergt. Maxwell G 17th M.I.
1367 Private Maxwell G 2nd Bn.
6129 Private May H 2nd Bn.
7000 Private May T 28th M.I.
2532 Private May T 2nd Bn.
4295 Private Mayor J 2nd Bn.
4299 Private McAllister J 2nd Bn.
1253 Private McAllister W 2nd Bn.
9124 Private McCabe C 5th Bn.
5659 Private McCabe J 2nd Bn.
418 Lce. Corporal McCabe J 2nd Bn.
3850 Private McCabe P 2nd Bn.
7315 Private McCabe T 5th Bn.
183 Corporal McCabe T 6th Bn.
3945 Private McCall M 2nd Bn.
4425 Lce. Corporal McCann A 6th Bn.
3427 Private McCann E 2nd Bn.
4820 Sergt. McCann E.J. 28th M.I.
3256 Private McCann P 2nd Bn.
2476 Col. Sergt. McCarity W 6th Bn.
5388 Private McCarthy C 6th Bn.
6033 Private McCarthy E 2nd Bn.
6081 Private McCaw T 5th Bn.
690 Private McClimon W 2nd Bn.
4021 Corporal McClusky J 6th Bn.
5075 Corporal McConville A 2nd Bn.
6246 Private McCoppin G 6th Bn.
4913 Private McCormack E 2nd Bn.
3270 Private McCormick M 5th Bn.
7441 Private McCormick W 28th M.I.
5954 Private McCormick W 6th Bn.
6070 Private McCrudden D 5th Bn.
2628 Private McCullock A 2nd Bn.
1070 Private McCullock M 2nd Bn.
5985 Private McDermott E 6th Bn.
913 Private McDermott G 5th Bn.
1809 Private McDermott J 2nd Bn.
5824 Private McDermott J 2nd Bn.
3009 Private McDermott J 2nd Bn.
1023 Private McDermott J 2nd Bn.
5832 Private McDermott J 5th Bn.
2259 Corporal McDermott M 6th Bn.
1193 Private McDermott P 5th Bn.
2777 Private McDermott T 2nd Bn.
5938 Private McDonald H 6th Bn.
2994 Private McDonald J 2nd Bn.
3196 Sergt. McDonald J 2nd Bn.
7762 Private McDonald J 2nd Bn.
2799 Private McDonald J 2nd Bn.
9778 Private McDonald J 6th Bn.
347 Private McDonald P 5th Bn.
3356 Private McDonald T 5th Bn.
6070 Private McDonald W 6th Bn.
4022 Private McDonnell J 2nd Bn.
2591 Lce. Corporal McDonnell P 2nd Bn.
2752 Private McDonough A 2nd Bn.
1182 Corporal McDonough W 6th Bn.
7329 Lce. Corporal McFadden J 2nd Bn.
158 Private McFarland F 5th Bn.
4470 Lce. Corporal McFarland G 6th Bn.
2358 Private McGanley T 6th Bn.
6562 Private McGann J 2nd Bn.
1228 Sgt. Major McGarry A 6th Bn.
2673 Private McGarry J 2nd Bn.
7700 Private McGee J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
200 Private McGinn J 5th Bn.
6298 Private McGlennon R 5th Bn.
1070 Private McGlynn W 5th Bn.
2671 Private McGovan J 2nd Bn.
2350 Corporal McGovern J 6th Bn.
4331 Private McGowan T 2nd Bn.
7138 Private McGowran J 28th M.I.
9343 Private McGowran J 2nd Bn.
152 Private McGrath D 5th Bn.
4836 Private McGrath J 6th Bn.
9040 Private McGrath J 6th Bn.
570 Private McGrath W 5th Bn.
1138 Corporal McGrath W 6th Bn.
3128 Private McGreavey J 2nd Bn.
3362 Lce. Corporal McGuinness B 5th Bn.
5482 Private McGuinness P 5th Bn.
4557 Private McGuire H 6th Bn.
3193 Private McGuire J 2nd Bn.
1685 Private McGuire P 2nd Bn.
3496 Private McGuire T 2nd Bn.
4769 Private McGuire T 2nd Bn.
1013 Private McGuire T 5th Bn.
6691 Private McHale D 5th Bn.
3552 Private McHale W 2nd Bn.
4769 Private McIntyre E 2nd Bn.
1105 Private McIntyre J 2nd Bn.
2752 Sergt. McIntyre P 5th Bn.
8913 Corporal McKee J 2nd Bn.
6074 Private McKenna H 5th Bn.
4466 Private McKenna J 2nd Bn.
4630 Private McKenna M 2nd Bn.
867 Col. Sergt. McKenna P 6th Bn.
3977 Col. Sergt. McKeown P 5th Bn.
447 Private McKeown W.H. 5th Bn.
678 Private McKervey J 5th Bn.
1162 Private McKillop J 5th Bn.
8037 Sergt. McKnight E.H. 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
6980 Private McKnight S 28th M.I.
3404 Private McLaughlan J 2nd Bn.
4152 Private McLaughlan J.J. 2nd Bn.
5869 Private McLelland J 5th Bn.
Lieutenant McLeod M.R.M. 5th Bn.
5497 Private McLoughlan J 2nd Bn.
6530 Private McLoughlin J 6th Bn.
6546 Private McLoughlin T 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
401 Private McLoughlin T 5th Bn.
3130 Private McLoughlin T 6th Bn.
5694 Private McLoughlin T 6th Bn.
4494 Private McLoughlin W 5th Bn.
1229 Private McLow A.J. 2nd Bn.
4815 Private McMahon J 2nd Bn.
6975 Private McMahon J 2nd Bn.
1865 Private McMahon W 6th Bn.
7009 Private McMann C 28th M.I.
4059 Private McMenemy M 2nd Bn.
3593 Private McMinn D 2nd Bn.
4253 Private McMullen J 28th M.I.
1079 Private McNab C 2nd Bn.
4593 Private McNamara J 2nd Bn.
2907 Private McNamara J 2nd Bn.
2076 Private McNamara J 6th Bn.
9747 Private McNamara M 6th Bn.
2632 Private McNamara T 2nd Bn.
6258 Private McNamara T 6th Bn.
4847 Private McNay T 2nd Bn.
3477 Lce. Corporal McNeill J 2nd Bn.
7233 Private McNulty D 5th Bn.
7240 Lce. Corporal McNulty H 2nd Bn.
2069 Private McNulty T 2nd Bn.
2658 Corporal McParland J 6th Bn.
3322 Private McTague M 2nd Bn.
5207 Private McVeigh M 6th Bn.
5060 Sergt. McWhinney S 2nd Bn.
5385 Private Meadowcroft W 6th Bn.
560 Private Meadows J 5th Bn.
6486 Private Meddings W 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
5915 Private Mee P 2nd Bn.
4277 Private Meehan T 5th Bn.
1955 Private Melia J 6th Bn.
3781 Private Melia J 6th Bn.
8871 Lce. Corporal Melling W 6th Bn.
5458 Private Mellor G 28th M.I.
6630 Corporal Mellor G 5th Bn.
7238 Private Mellor J 17th M.I.
1008 Lce. Corporal Mellor R 5th Bn.
3782 Private Mellor R 6th Bn.
3431 Sergt. Mellor T 5th Bn.
Lieut. Mellor W 2nd Bn.
444 ORS & Col. Sergt. Mellows J.J. 5th Bn.
4591 Lce. Corporal Melody J 2nd Bn.
5585 Private Melvin J 28th M.I.
6233 Private Mercer E 2nd Bn.
6487 Private Mercer G 5th Bn.
9756 Lce. Corporal Meridith J 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
940 Private Merrick S 2nd Bn.
1590 Private Metcalf J 2nd Bn.
850 Private Metcalf R 5th Bn.
3897 Lce. Corporal Mettam R 2nd Bn.
4131 Sergt. Meurant A.R. 6th Bn.
4070 Private Middleton J 2nd Bn.
1283 Private Middleton T 5th Bn.
2646 Private Midgley J 2nd Bn.
4777 Private Midgley M 2nd Bn.
6878 Private Milan P 28th M.I.
6684 Private Millen J 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
3150 Private Miller A 6th Bn.
4126 Private Miller C 2nd Bn.
2859 Private Miller E 2nd Bn.
5745 Private Miller F 2nd Bn.
4827 Private Miller G 2nd Bn.
2876 Private Miller H.E. 2nd Bn.
4458 Private Miller H.O. 6th Bn.
7070 Private Miller J 28th M.I.
2726 Corporal Miller J 2nd Bn.
6209 Private Miller J 6th Bn.
2860 Private Miller T 2nd Bn.
7257 Lce. Corporal Millett J.B. 2nd Bn.
6142 Private Milley M 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
4112 Private Milling R 2nd Bn.
7406 Private Millington R 5th Bn.
3235 Private Mills J 2nd Bn.
4514 Private Mills T 2nd Bn.
5589 Private Mills T 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
2204 Corporal Mills W 6th Bn.
4099 Private Milne F 2nd Bn.
Lieut. Milnes James 2nd Bn.
3159 Private Minchington B 2nd Bn.
3580 Private Minor E 6th Bn.
973 Private Minshull J 5th Bn.
Major Mitchell Arthur James 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
4326 Lce. Corporal Mitchell C 2nd Bn.
6834 Private Mitchell C 6th Bn.
4471 Private Mitchell J 2nd Bn.
7293 Private Mitchell J 5th Bn.
5663 Private Mitchell J 5th Bn.
5901 Private Mitchell J 6th Bn.
5255 Private Mitchell J 6th Bn.
7398 Private Mitchell P 5th Bn.
8760 Private Mitchell T 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
2634 Corporal Mitchell T 2nd Bn.
3229 Lce. Sergt. Mitchell T 5th Bn.
948 Private Mitchell T 5th Bn.
5495 Private Mitchell W 28th M.I.
7066 Private Mitchell W 28th M.I.
1829 Private Mitten F 6th Bn.
2771 Private Moarn J 6th Bn.
8761 Private Mobberley J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4254 Private Mockridge G 2nd Bn.
5454 Private Moffatt F 2nd Bn.
924 Private Moffatt W 5th Bn.
9741 Private Moggeridge G 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
1592 Private Molloy G 5th Bn.
6737 Private Molloy L 5th Bn.
1105 Private Molloy T 2nd Bn.
6894 Private Molyneaux A 17th M.I.
6544 Private Monaghan J 5th Bn.
2224 Private Monaghan J 5th Bn.
4670 Private Monaghan W 5th Bn.
846 Private Monday C 5th Bn.
2993 Private Moneypenny R 2nd Bn.
6861 Private Monk R 6th Bn.
3167 Private Monk W 2nd Bn.
6232 Private Monk W 6th Bn.
963 Private Monks G 5th Bn.
5681 Private Moody J 2nd Bn.
Captain Moody R.H.M. 2nd Bn.
5238 Private Mooney E 6th Bn.
6051 Private Mooney J 5th Bn.
5865 Private Mooney M 5th Bn.
2nd Lieut. Moore A.B.D. 5th Bn.
5943 Private Moore D 6th Bn.
3787 Private Moore G 2nd Bn.
2203 Private Moore G 2nd Bn.
3511 Private Moore J 2nd Bn.
5641 Private Moore J 6th Bn.
4177 Private Moore M 2nd Bn.
4171 Drummer Moore O 2nd Bn.
4549 Private Moore T 2nd Bn.
5205 Lce. Corporal Moore T 2nd Bn.
5315 Private Moore T 2nd Bn.
4237 Lce. Corporal Moore T 6th Bn.
4959 Corporal Moores J.S. 5th Bn.
5208 Private Moores W 2nd Bn.
413 Private Moorhouse J 5th Bn.
7281 Private Moran A 5th Bn.
4912 Corporal Moran J 2nd Bn.
2089 Private Moran J 6th Bn.
4852 Sergt. Moran P 6th Bn.
6469 Private Moran T 6th Bn.
3033 Private Moran W 2nd Bn.
3138 Private Morgan J 2nd Bn.
7117 Private Morgan J 6th Bn.
4928 Private Morris A 2nd Bn.
6355 Private Morris G 17th M.I.
4173 Drummer Morris G 2nd Bn.
3500 Private Morris H 2nd Bn.
8724 Private Morris J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4576 Private Morris J 2nd Bn.
6406 Private Morris J 5th Bn.
7411 Private Morris J 5th Bn.
5561 Private Morris J 6th Bn.
6083 Private Morris P 5th Bn.
4989 Private Morris P 5th Bn.
9809 Lce. Corporal Morris R.W. 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3385 Sergt. Morris T 2nd Bn.
7471 Private Morris T 5th Bn.
5051 Private Morris T 6th Bn.
5983 Private Morris T 6th Bn.
5903 Private Morris T 6th Bn.
4081 Private Morris W 2nd Bn.
189 Private Morris W 5th Bn.
765 Private Morrison J 2nd Bn.
6101 Private Morrison J 5th Bn.
6499 Private Morton E 5th Bn.
9725 Private Morton J 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
7195 Private Morton R 5th Bn.
3400 Private Morton T 2nd Bn.
6749 Lce. Corporal Moseley A 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
2998 Private Moseley J 2nd Bn.
7765 Private Moseley J 6th Bn.
1009 Private Moss G 5th Bn.
1318 Private Moss H 2nd Bn.
7335 Private Moss J 5th Bn.
2936 Private Moss W 2nd Bn.
2308 Sergt. Major Moss W DCM 2nd Bn.
647 Private Mottershead S 5th Bn.
8762 Private Mottram J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3232 Private Mottram J 2nd Bn.
5827 Private Moulding W 5th Bn.
5572 Private Moultan J 2nd Bn.
2730 Private Mounsey S 2nd Bn.
5083 Private Mountfield T 2nd Bn.
6473 Private Moxam W 2nd Bn.
5243 Lce. Sergt. Mulholland J 6th Bn.
6409 Private Mullarkey M 17th M.I.
4900 Private Mullen J 6th Bn.
6746 Private Mullen M 5th Bn.
949 Private Mulligan D 5th Bn.
6410 Private Mulligan H 2nd Bn.
618 Private Mullin A 5th Bn.
3244 Private Mullin T 5th Bn.
1285 Private Mullins J 5th Bn.
4447 Private Mulloy E 6th Bn.
6450 Private Mulready C 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
995 Private Mulvaney H 5th Bn.
9634 Private Mulvey M 6th Bn.
8914 Corporal Mumford A 2nd Bn.
4557 Private Murphy A 5th Bn.
7225 Sergt. Murphy C 5th Bn.
4739 Private Murphy E 2nd Bn.
1253 Private Murphy E 2nd Bn.
8715 Private Murphy E 6th Bn.
6395 Private Murphy E 6th Bn.
5228 Private Murphy H 6th Bn.
1839 Private Murphy J 2nd Bn.
3071 Private Murphy J 2nd Bn.
6059 Private Murphy J 5th Bn.
1358 Private Murphy J 5th Bn.
2214 Private Murphy M 6th Bn.
5904 Corporal Murphy M.J. 6th Bn.
3287 Corporal Murphy P 5th Bn.
7206 Private Murphy T 5th Bn.
5980 Corporal Murphy T 6th Bn.
5506 Private Murphy W 28th M.I.
7060 Private Murray C 28th M.I.
4144 Corporal Murray D 2nd Bn.
2710 Sergt. Murray J 5th Bn.
3241 Private Murray J 5th Bn.
3953 Private Murray M 2nd Bn.
2619 Private Murray P 6th Bn.
1524 Private Murray T 6th Bn.
3074 Private Murray W 2nd Bn.
9703 Private Murray W 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
7126 Private Myers J 28th M.I.
5072 Private Myers M 2nd Bn.
911 Private Myers R 5th Bn.
3455 Private Myles W 2nd Bn.
9794 Private Nabb W 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
1183 Private Nadin H 6th Bn.*
5674 Private Nalty P 6th Bn.
5811 Private Nangle C 5th Bn.
690 Private Nash W 2nd Bn.
1973 Private Naughton B 2nd Bn.
2016 Private Naughton J 6th Bn.
565 Private Naughton M 5th Bn.
128 Private Navin T 2nd Bn.
4328 Private Naylor J 2nd Bn.
187 Private Naylor R 5th Bn.
4654 Private Naylor S 2nd Bn.
4709 Private Naylor T 2nd Bn.
6007 Corporal Neagle J 6th Bn.
2524 Lce. Corporal Neal J 2nd Bn.
167 Private Neall J 5th Bn.
5221 Drummer Neary H 2nd Bn.
5893 Private Needham T 6th Bn.
5948 Private Neild A.J. 6th Bn.
Lieutenant Neill N 5th Bn.
5416 Private Nelson R 5th Bn.
9760 Private Nesbitt A 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5957 Private Neville W 6th Bn.
6838 Lce. Corporal Newall J 6th Bn.
444 Private Newbiggin A 5th Bn.
9754 Private Newbrook T 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4741 Private Newsome G 2nd Bn.
1217 Private Newton A 5th Bn.
4352 Private Newton W 2nd Bn.
7348 Private Ney E 5th Bn.
5685 Lce. Corporal Nicholls A 2nd Bn.
2080 Corporal Nicholson A 6th Bn.
2661 Private Nicholson J 2nd Bn.
6110 Private Nicholson J 5th Bn.
6994 Private Nicholson R 5th Bn.
6772 Private Nickeas T 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
2nd Lieut. Nickerson E.A.L. 2nd Bn.
5077 Private Nightengale F 6th Bn.
4542 Private Nilan P 2nd Bn.
7182 Private Nixon J 28th M.I.
3369 Private Noble A 2nd Bn.
6742 Private Nockton F 2nd Bn.
9810 Private Noden H 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
1125 Corporal Nolan J 2nd Bn.
4463 Private Nolan J 2nd Bn.
934 Private Nolan J 5th Bn.
96 Private Nolan J 5th Bn.
4734 Private Nolan J 6th Bn.
1233 Private Nolan M 2nd Bn.
3392 Corporal Nolan M 5th Bn.
7118 Private Nolan T 17th M.I.
5840 Private Nolan T 5th Bn.
4008 Private Noon A 2nd Bn.
8993 Private Noon F 6th Bn.
2586 Private Noon J 6th Bn.
2943 Private Noon J 6th Bn.
2896 Private Norbury S 2nd Bn.
7115 Private Normally J 6th Bn.
6927 Private Norman A 28th M.I.
3538 Private Norman F 2nd Bn.
8800 Private Norris A 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
526 Private Norris A 5th Bn.
2849 Private Norris M 2nd Bn.
9779 Sergt. Norris W 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3020 Lce. Sergt. North H 2nd Bn.
2nd Lieut. North O.H. 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
3574 Private North W 6th Bn.
988 Private Norton G 2nd Bn.
3133 Private Norton G.H. 6th Bn.
710 Private Norton J 2nd Bn.
7081 Private Nuttall J 28th M.I.
5188 Private Nuttall J 2nd Bn.
8843 Private Nuttall W 2nd Bn.
6633 Sergt. Oakes J 17th M.I.
1448 Corporal O'Brien C.E. 2nd Bn.
2679 Private O'Brien E.J. 2nd Bn.
7166 Private O'Brien F 17th M.I.
2919 Private O'Brien J 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
6862 Private O'Brien J 28th M.I.
2973 Private O'Brien J 2nd Bn.
4169 Sergt. O'Brien J.H. 6th Bn.
6415 Sergt. O'Brien S 6th Bn.
5205 Private O'Brien T 6th Bn.
4501 Private O'Connell W 2nd Bn.
5544 Private O'Connor W 6th Bn.
1281 Private O'Day T 5th Bn.
3245 Private O'Donnell J 2nd Bn.
4729 Private O'Gara H 2nd Bn.
3285 Private Ogden H 5th Bn.
5763 Private Ogden J 28th M.I.
5339 Lce. Corporal Ogden J 2nd Bn.
3831 Private Ogden T 2nd Bn.
4276 Private O'Hara J 2nd Bn.
272 Private Olarenshaw J 6th Bn.
5378 Sergt. Oldfield G.F. 5th Bn.
5792 Private Oldland G 6th Bn.
9720 Private Olive S 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5924 Private Oliver E 5th Bn.
7190 Private Oliver W 5th Bn.
1808 Private Oliver W 6th Bn.
5856 Lce. Corporal O'Malley F 5th Bn.
193 Private O'Mara P 2nd Bn.
4145 Private O'Neil W 28th M.I.
8082 Drummer O'Neill B 6th Bn.
4329 Private O'Neill J 2nd Bn.
7614 Private O'Neill L 2nd Bn.
4995 Private O'Neill P 6th Bn.
3889 Private O'Neill T 2nd Bn.
759 Private O'Neill T 2nd Bn.
6895 Private O'Neill T 6th Bn.
5138 Private O'Neill V 2nd Bn.
172 Private O'Neill W 5th Bn.
6305 Private Onions E 5th Bn.
3481 Private Onsworth H 2nd Bn.
9711 Private Openshaw J 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3634 Private Openshaw S 2nd Bn.
100 Private Orford J 5th Bn.
362 Private Orme J.J. 5th Bn.
3961 Private Ormisher J 2nd Bn.
Captain Ormond Harold Vere Selby 2nd Bn.
8801 Private Ormrod W 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5663 Private Ormsby G 28th M.I.
8844 Private Orrell C.E. 2nd Bn.
9373 Private Orrell J 2nd Bn.
9722 Private Orrell J 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
2448 Private Orrell S 2nd Bn.
307 Private Orton G 5th Bn.
9771 Private Osbaldeston R 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
1644 Sergt. Osborne F 2nd Bn.
4763 Private O'Shaughnessey M 2nd Bn.
5328 Private O'Shea T 2nd Bn.
Captain Osmond Donald Blunt 1st Bn.
4648 Private Outram W 5th Bn.
5161 Private Owen C 2nd Bn.
7143 Private Owen H 28th M.I.
4951 Private Owen J 2nd Bn.
3292 Private Owen T 2nd Bn.
6065 Private Owen W 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
Capt. & Adjt. Owen-Lewis A.F. 6th Bn.
7470 Private Owens J 2nd Bn.
3151 Private Owens J 6th Bn.
2827 Col. Sergt. Owens J.J. 6th Bn.
7109 Private Owens S 6th Bn.
186 Private Owens T 6th Bn.
158 Private Page J 2nd Bn.
7001 Corporal Pallant H 28th M.I.
4341 Private Palmer G 2nd Bn.
1820 Private Palmer W.H. 6th Bn.
6172 Private Panetta A 6th Bn.
7228 Col. Sergt. Parish H 5th Bn.
4589 Private Park F 2nd Bn.
Lieut. Parker D.H. 2nd Bn.
4030 Private Parker J 28th M.I.
4616 Private Parker J 2nd Bn.
5169 Private Parker J 2nd Bn.
3013 Private Parker J 2nd Bn.
7280 Private Parker J 5th Bn.
5997 Private Parker M 2nd Bn.
774 Private Parker M 2nd Bn.
6896 Private Parker W 6th Bn.
521 S.A. Sergt. Parkes F 2nd Bn.
1263 Private Parkes W 2nd Bn.
2590 Private Parkin C 2nd Bn.
3481 Private Parkin C 5th Bn.
2459 Private Parkinson A 6th Bn.
4332 Lce. Corporal Parkinson J 2nd Bn.
4208 Private Parkinson J 2nd Bn.
5369 Private Parkinson J 2nd Bn.
3203 Private Parkinson J 2nd Bn.
5644 Lce. Corporal Parkinson J 2nd Bn.
9785 Private Parkinson J 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
463 Private Parkinson J 5th Bn.
5362 Private Parkinson R 5th Bn.
1944 Private Parks E 6th Bn.
5810 Private Parr J 2nd Bn.
3557 Lce. Corporal Parr J 5th Bn.
2185 Private Parr T 2nd Bn.
147 Private Parry E 6th Bn.
718 Private Parry G 5th Bn.
6961 Private Parry J 5th Bn.
3914 Coy. Sergt. Major Parry W 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
1470 Private Partington E 6th Bn.
7902 Private Partington H 2nd Bn.
6275 Private Partington T 5th Bn.
3995 Private Patchett D 2nd Bn.
6237 Private Paterson H 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
6347 Private Paterson J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
91 Private Patlin J 5th Bn.
3610 Private Patterson A 6th Bn.
2nd Lieut. Patterson C 2nd Bn.
6447 Private Patterson M.J. 6th Bn.
3794 Private Payne F 6th Bn.
289 Private Payton A 5th Bn.
8725 Private Peacock A.H. 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5430 Private Peacock J 2nd Bn.
7716 Private Peacock J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
714 Private Pears J 5th Bn.
4846 Lce. Sergt. Pearson C.J. 2nd Bn.
8802 Private Pearson G 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4376 Private Pearson G 2nd Bn.
1183 Private Pearson H 5th Bn.
3098 Private Pearson J 2nd Bn.
6842 Private Pearson J 6th Bn.
7689 Private Pearson W 2nd Bn.
1189 Private Pearson W 5th Bn.
Captain Pearson Walter Bagot 2nd Bn.
7439 Private Peat J 28th M.I.
5129 Lce. Corporal Pedder W 2nd Bn.
1094 Private Pedley A 2nd Bn.
3260 Private Pedley E 2nd Bn.
3239 Private Pemberton O 2nd Bn.
4821 Private Pendlebury J 2nd Bn.
429 Private Pendlebury J.R. 5th Bn.
2381 Corporal Pennington B.J. 6th Bn.
6205 Drummer Pennington E 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
4921 Private Pennington J 2nd Bn.
683 Private Pennington J 5th Bn.
3428 Private Pennock J 2nd Bn.
6083 Corporal Penson J 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
6083 Lce. Sergt. Penson J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
5393 Private Penworth G 6th Bn.
1967 Private Penworth J 6th Bn.
993 Private Pepper C 2nd Bn.
2243 Private Pepper G 2nd Bn.
2645 Lce. Sergt. Pepper P 2nd Bn.
5227 Private Percy T 2nd Bn.
686 Private Perkins W 5th Bn.
5125 Lce. Corporal Perry G 2nd Bn.
4270 Private Pettener C 2nd Bn.
8767 Sergt. Philbin M 6th Bn.
2321 Private Phillips C 2nd Bn.
6868 Private Phillips T 28th M.I.
6718 Private Pickering J 5th Bn.
7199 Private Pickering J.E. 5th Bn.
4037 Private Pickford T 2nd Bn.
5612 Private Pickford W 5th Bn.
2586 Private Pickles J 2nd Bn.
3751 Corporal Pickles R 6th Bn.
5958 Lce. Corporal Pickstone R 6th Bn.
4447 Private Pickup A 2nd Bn.
5475 Private Pickup D 2nd Bn.
7619 Sergt. Pierce A.J. 2nd Bn.
6557 Private Pierce J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
6448 Sergt. Pierce T 5th Bn.
1173 Private Piercey W 2nd Bn.
9835 Private Pilkington G 6th Bn.
6284 Private Pilkington J 17th M.I.
6636 Private Pilkington J 2nd Bn.
1827 Private Pilkington J 6th Bn.
6143 Private Pilkington James 5th Bn.
6167 Col. Sergt. Pilkington P 3rd Bn., M.I.
3017 Private Pilkington T 5th Bn.
4547 Private Pilling W 5th Bn.
399 Private Pimbry W 5th Bn.
2848 Private Pinder W 2nd Bn.
1166 Lce. Sergt. Pinnell Percy 5th Bn.
102 Private Pitchford T 5th Bn.
5398 QM Sergt. Pitt W 2nd Bn.
6905 Private Plant W 28th M.I.
9368 Private Platt H 2nd Bn.
3411 Private Platt W 2nd Bn.
693 Private Plested E 5th Bn.
6297 Private Pollard J 17th M.I.
3788 Private Pollard J 2nd Bn.
4644 Private Pollard J 2nd Bn.
2447 Private Pollard J 2nd Bn.
283 Private Pollard J 5th Bn.
5062 Private Pollet J 17th M.I.
5084 Private Pollitt A 2nd Bn.
3374 Private Pollitt F 2nd Bn.
7071 Private Pollitt G 5th Bn.
8916 Sergt. Pollitt H 2nd Bn.
5071 Private Pollitt J 6th Bn.
6375 Private Poole J 5th Bn.
4537 Corporal Porter F 2nd Bn.
1353 Private Porter G 2nd Bn.
6553 Private Portlock H 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
3139 Col. Sergt. Potter C 5th Bn.
2175 Private Potter G 2nd Bn.
2891 Col. Sergt. Potter R.J. 2nd Bn.
3005 Private Potts J 2nd Bn.
5047 Private Potts M 2nd Bn.
7357 Private Potts T 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
4388 Private Powell G 2nd Bn.
8878 Private Powell R 2nd Bn.
3384 Private Powell T 2nd Bn.
3819 Private Power J 2nd Bn. DCM?
1355 Private Power J 5th Bn.
6236 Private Power J 6th Bn.
3985 Private Power R 2nd Bn.
6349 Private Pownall F 5th Bn.
935 Private Powney W 5th Bn.
114 Private Prangs C 5th Bn.
190 Private Pratt H 5th Bn.
2912 Private Pratt J 2nd Bn.
6544 Private Prescott C 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
4790 Private Prescott H 2nd Bn.
42 Private Prescott J 5th Bn.
3992 Private Prescott W 2nd Bn.
5260 Private Preston G 2nd Bn.
3887 Private Preston J 2nd Bn.
9706 Private Preston J 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
117 Private Preston T 6th Bn.
8846 Private Prestwich W 2nd Bn.
4677 Private Price C 2nd Bn.
1842 Lce. Corporal Price D 2nd Bn.
3322 Private Price E 2nd Bn.
7923 Private Price J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
1095 Private Price R 2nd Bn.
5627 Lce. Corporal Price S 6th Bn.
476 Private Price T 5th Bn.
6454 Private Price T 5th Bn.
4879 Private Price W 6th Bn.
3835 Private Pridden J 2nd Bn.
2969 Private Priestley H 2nd Bn.
6657 Private Prior H 5th Bn.
4658 Private Pritchard J 2nd Bn.
9763 Bugler Pritchard T 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
7618 Private Prosser W 2nd Bn.
5206 Private Prothero F.A. 2nd Bn.
5483 Corporal Pryce E.A. 2nd Bn.
685 Private Pull A 5th Bn.
710 Private Pullen E 2nd Bn.
1710 Private Pullen E 2nd Bn.
8236 Private Pullen F 2nd Bn.
1042 Private Purdham T 2nd Bn.
Captain Purnell E. Kelly 28th M.I.
4754 Private Pye W 2nd Bn.
7421 Private Pykeman G 5th Bn.

7999 Private Quance J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
733 Private Quigley J 2nd Bn.
4551 Private Quigley J 6th Bn.
3222 Private Quillon T 2nd Bn.
5813 Private Quinlan D 5th Bn.
5282 Private Quinlan J 2nd Bn.
2718 Sergt. Quinn E 6th Bn.
4738 Private Quinn M 2nd Bn.
2557 Private Quinn S 2nd Bn.
93 Private Quinn T 5th Bn.
3143 Sergt. Quinton J.B. DCM 2nd Bn.
Captain Radcliffe F.J. 2nd Bn.
5200 Private Radnall S 2nd Bn.
7898 Private Rafferty A 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
9737 Private Rafferty J 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3709 Private Ramford T 2nd Bn.
4638 Sergt. Ramsden C 17th M.I.
6198 Private Ramsden G 6th Bn.
867 Private Ramsden J 2nd Bn.
3763 Private Ramsden J 2nd Bn.
5521 Private Ramsden J 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
1852 Private Ramsden W 2nd Bn.
3703 Private Ramsden W.H. 2nd Bn.
6760 Lce. Corporal Ramsell W 5th Bn.
4654 Private Ramsey G 2nd Bn.
9745 Private Randall E 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5804 Sergt. Randles J 5th Bn.
2809 Private Ratchford W 2nd Bn.
6586 Private Ratcliffe E 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
5298 Private Rathbone W 2nd Bn.
8726 Private Ratledge W 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3769 Private Raven J 2nd Bn.
506 Private Rawlinson A 5th Bn.
5034 Private Raynor J 2nd Bn.
8727 Private Reade W 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
6138 Corporal Reardon J 17th M.I.
2472 Private Reddy A 6th Bn.
5702 Private Redfern A 6th Bn.
6577 Private Redgrave A 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
6906 Private Redhead J 2nd Bn.
3163 Private Redstone J 2nd Bn.
6929 Private Redwood J 2nd Bn.
2453 Private Reece T 2nd Bn.
2713 Private Reece W 2nd Bn.
4943 Private Reed H 2nd Bn.
4289 Private Reed J 2nd Bn.
4632 Private Reed M 2nd Bn.
6566 Private Reed T 5th Bn.
222 Private Reedy M 5th Bn.
5729 Private Reeves G 28th M.I.
2651 Private Reeves J 2nd Bn.
3929 Private Regan B 2nd Bn.
7078 Private Regan J 28th M.I.
2660 Private Regan P 2nd Bn.
6360 Private Regan W 5th Bn.
3172 Drummer Regent J 2nd Bn.
6989 Private Reid T 28th M.I.
725 Private Renshaw C.E. 5th Bn.
7687 Private Renshaw G 2nd Bn.
7322 Private Renshaw J 5th Bn.
7316 Private Renshaw J.H. 5th Bn.
6076 Private Renshaw W 5th Bn.
1108 Private Reynolds H 2nd Bn.
5931 Drummer Reynolds H 6th Bn.
423 Private Reynolds J 5th Bn.
3686 Private Reynolds R 6th Bn.
2659 Private Reynolds T 2nd Bn.
2055 Private Reynolds W 2nd Bn.
97 Private Reynolds W 5th Bn.
4441 Private Rhodes H 2nd Bn.
3361 Private Rhodes J 2nd Bn.
8847 Private Rhodes S 2nd Bn.
7212 Private Rhodes T 5th Bn.
3018 Private Rhomback H 2nd Bn.
3312 Private Rice J 2nd Bn.
5736 Private Rice P 28th M.I.
5613 Private Richards G 28th M.I.
7023 Private Richards H 5th Bn.
5066 Private Richards J 2nd Bn.
3027 Corporal Richards J.M. 2nd Bn.
2637 Private Richardson E 2nd Bn.
9718 Private Richardson H 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3775 Private Richardson J 6th Bn.
4165 Corporal Richardson W 2nd Bn.
7702 Private Richardson W 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
6859 Private Richmond J 28th M.I.
2408 Private Ridgway J 2nd Bn.
4368 Private Ridings B 6th Bn.
8763 Private Ridings E 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
6324 Private Ridings J 5th Bn.
2121 Private Ridyard W 6th Bn.
5295 Private Rigby E 2nd Bn.
694 Private Rigby H 5th Bn.
3990 Lce. Corporal Rigby W 2nd Bn.
5046 Private Riley C 2nd Bn.
4920 Sergt. Riley J 2nd Bn.
2492 Private Riley J 2nd Bn.
1398 Private Riley J 2nd Bn.
6907 Private Riley J 2nd Bn.
496 Private Riley J 6th Bn.
7472 Private Riley J.W. 5th Bn.
1889 Private Riley T 2nd Bn.
31 Private Riley T 5th Bn.
8849 Private Riley W 2nd Bn.
6794 Private Riley W.A. 6th Bn.
4743 Private Rishton J 2nd Bn.
3542 Private Roach J 2nd Bn.
2653 Corporal Roach J 2nd Bn.
3578 Private Roach T 2nd Bn.
6019 Private Roberts A 2nd Bn.
3780 Private Roberts E 2nd Bn.
993 Private Roberts H 5th Bn.
1138 Private Roberts J 5th Bn.
5537 Private Roberts P 6th Bn.
620 Private Roberts R 5th Bn.
140 Private Roberts R 5th Bn.
2659 Private Roberts T 6th Bn.
2084 Private Roberts W 2nd Bn.
6457 Private Roberts W 6th Bn.
5304 Private Robinshaw D 17th M.I.
Major Robinson Charles Lucena 2nd Bn.
Captain Robinson D.F. 6th Bn.
8803 Private Robinson E 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
2741 Private Robinson E 2nd Bn.
2149 Private Robinson E 2nd Bn.
6204 Sergt. Robinson E 6th Bn.
4890 Private Robinson G 2nd Bn.
8804 Private Robinson J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
8850 Private Robinson J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4575 Sergt. Robinson J 28th M.I.
1078 Private Robinson J 2nd Bn.
1163 Private Robinson J 5th Bn.
4751 Corporal Robinson J 5th Bn.
310 Private Robinson J 5th Bn.
8805 Private Robinson P 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5456 Private Robinson R 2nd Bn.
8917 Private Robinson R.H. 2nd Bn.
7238 Private Robinson W 5th Bn.
774 Private Robinson W 5th Bn.
6847 Private Roby W 28th M.I.
5022 Private Rodgers J 2nd Bn.
3305 Private Rodgers J 2nd Bn.
5380 Private Rodgers J.J. 2nd Bn.
7960 Private Rodgers N 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
92 Private Rodway S 5th Bn.
540 Private Roe J 5th Bn.
7294 Private Roe W 28th M.I.
6186 Private Roebuck R 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
Captain Roffey H.B. 2nd Bn.
8184 Drummer Rogers E 5th Bn.
7407 Private Rogers G 5th Bn.
1221 Private Rogers H 5th Bn.
3876 Private Rogers J 2nd Bn.
5208 Private Rogers J 6th Bn.
1180 Private Rogers R 5th Bn.
7422 Private Rogerson A 5th Bn.
5415 Private Rogerson H 2nd Bn.
Colonel Romer F.C. 6th Bn.
Lieut. Romer M 6th Bn.
5437 Private Room J 28th M.I.
2464 Private Rooney M 2nd Bn.
816 Private Rose J 5th Bn.
Major Rosmead H.A.T., Lord 6th Bn.
2nd Lieut. Ross A.L. 2nd Bn.
3302 Private Ross R 6th Bn.
5267 Private Rostron F 28th M.I.
3488 Private Rostron G 2nd Bn.
5963 Private Rostron J 6th Bn.
2683 Private Rothwell A 6th Bn.
4996 Private Rothwell H 2nd Bn.
3733 Corporal Rothwell J.T. 6th Bn.
5720 Private Rothwell T 5th Bn.
891 Private Rourke J 2nd Bn.
4732 Private Rourke J 5th Bn.
1160 Private Rourke J 6th Bn.
5203 Private Rourke W 6th Bn.
3784 Drummer Rouse W 2nd Bn.
5300 Private Rowan J 2nd Bn.
281 Private Rowan J 5th Bn.
730 Private Rowan P 5th Bn.
5234 Private Rowbotham T 2nd Bn.
7400 Private Rowe E 5th Bn.
3335 Private Rowe H 2nd Bn.
4528 Private Rowe J 6th Bn.
4899 Private Rowe L 6th Bn.
5123 Private Rowe R 2nd Bn.
5487 Private Rowe T 5th Bn.
6260 Private Rowland W 6th Bn.
3480 Private Rowlands J 2nd Bn.
6260 Private Rowlands N 6th Bn.
1003 Private Rowlands T 5th Bn.
4187 Col. Sergt. Roylance G 2nd Bn.
2513 Private Roylance R 2nd Bn.
4761 Private Royle J 2nd Bn.
4788 Private Rudd J 5th Bn.
5287 Private Rudd T 2nd Bn.
4877 Private Rudd W 2nd Bn.
6923 Private Ruddick W 17th M.I.
4529 Private Ruddy P 6th Bn.
2598 Private Ruffle J 6th Bn.
8852 Private Rugg H 2nd Bn.
2156 Drummer Rumens R 6th Bn.
2992 Private Rush M 2nd Bn.
4405 Private Rush M 2nd Bn.
392 Private Rushman J 2nd Bn.
8728 Private Rushton R 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
279 Private Rushton W 5th Bn.
6443 Private Rushworth W 5th Bn.
7239 Private Russell A 28th M.I.
4307 Private Russell D 2nd Bn.
1048 Private Russell G 5th Bn.
2457 Private Russell J 2nd Bn.
8853 Private Russell J 2nd Bn.
7330 Private Russell J 5th Bn.
4730 Private Russell P 2nd Bn.
1034 Private Russell W 5th Bn.
2799 Private Ruth P 2nd Bn.
2956 Private Ryan D 2nd Bn.
7004 Private Ryan J 5th Bn.
7068 Private Ryan J 5th Bn.
7265 Private Ryan P 2nd Bn.
5879 Private Ryan P 5th Bn.
1292 Private Ryan P 5th Bn.
4796 Private Ryan T 2nd Bn.
5880 Private Ryan T 5th Bn.
4536 Private Ryan W 6th Bn.
462 Private Rycroft A 5th Bn.
1013 Private Ryles E 2nd Bn.
6909 Private Sales F 28th M.I.
5279 Lce. Corporal Salisbury T 2nd Bn.
3162 Private Salisbury W 2nd Bn.
8918 Private Salt J 2nd Bn.
687 Private Samons O 6th Bn.
Captain Samson L.L.R. 6th Bn.
7098 Private Sander F 28th M.I.
Major Sanders F.L. 6th Bn.
2446 Private Sanders H 2nd Bn.
260 Private Sandham L 5th Bn.
2729 Private Sankey W 2nd Bn.
91 Bugler Saunders F 2nd Bn.
457 Private Saunders M 6th Bn.
7404 Private Saunders T 5th Bn.
6304 Sergt. Saunders W 5th Bn.
9764 Private Saunderson J 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3766 Sergt. Savage R 2nd Bn.
5383 Drummer Saville J 2nd Bn.
4538 Private Saville W 2nd Bn.
8764 Private Saxon J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
7682 Private Saxton H 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
9790 Private Scales T 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
Captain Schank Henry Alex. 5th Bn.
8765 Private Schofield C.E. 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3269 Col. Sergt. Schofield H 28th M.I.
6381 Corporal Schofield J 17th M.I.
7142 Private Schofield J 5th Bn.
2957 Private Schofield R 2nd Bn.
6089 Lce. Corporal Scholes G 2nd Bn.
9759 Private Scholes R 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5688 Private Scholes R 5th Bn.
6202 Private Scholes T 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
3133 Private Scholes W 2nd Bn.
7429 Private Scott A 5th Bn.
6004 Private Scott D 6th Bn.
3643 Private Scott J 2nd Bn.
3296 Private Scott J 2nd Bn.
643 Private Scott J 5th Bn.
5900 Private Scott J 6th Bn.
5543 Private Scott J 6th Bn.
916 Private Scott R 5th Bn.
9777 Private Scrowther W 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
4346 Private Scully E 2nd Bn.
4167 Private Scully T 5th Bn.
3576 Private Searson R 6th Bn.
Captain Seckham D.J. 2nd Bn.
2499 Private Seddon R 2nd Bn.
6836 Private Seddon T 6th Bn.
3740 Private Seed R 6th Bn.
7511 Corporal Sefton J DCM 2nd Bn.
3048 Private Segley J 2nd Bn.
4568 Private Settle A 2nd Bn.
6517 Private Settle J 5th Bn.
2644 Private Seward H 6th Bn.
5036 Corporal Sewell C 2nd Bn.
Lieut. Seymour A.V.F., Sir 6th Bn.
6995 Private Seymour W 28th M.I.
9842 Lce. Sergt. Shacklady E 6th Bn.
3701 Sergt. Shackleton J 6th Bn.
5056 Private Shackleton T 2nd Bn.
552 Sergt. Shackleton W.E. 2nd Bn.
7239 Private Shand J 5th Bn.
9732 Private Shanley F 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5742 Private Shannon A 6th Bn.
4606 Sergt. Shannon E 2nd Bn.
607 Private Shannon T 5th Bn.
7708 Private Sharp J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
8766 Private Sharpe W 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
2857 Private Sharples J 6th Bn.
8729 Private Sharples R 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
7219 Private Sharples S 5th Bn.
6629 Lce. Sergt. Sharples W 28th M.I.
3502 Sergt. Shaw A 2nd Bn.
7460 Private Shaw A 5th Bn.
3663 Private Shaw A 6th Bn.
4521 Private Shaw E 5th Bn.
8066 Private Shaw G 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
Lieutenant Shaw G 5th Bn.
Captain Shaw H 2nd Bn.
4255 Private Shaw J 5th Bn.
2193 Private Shaw M 6th Bn.
7675 Private Shaw O 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
4938 Private Shaw R 2nd Bn.
5744 Private Shaw T 17th M.I.
5423 Private Shaw T 2nd Bn.
7337 Private Shaw T 5th Bn.
294 Private Shaw T 5th Bn.
206 Private Shaw T 5th Bn.
6267 Private Shaw T 6th Bn.
3213 Private Shaw W 2nd Bn.
3655 Private Shaw W 2nd Bn.
4462 Private Shea F 6th Bn.
9378 Private Sheard J 2nd Bn.
7540 Drummer Shearon R 5th Bn.
1381 Private Sheddon J 2nd Bn.
2101 Private Sheeley M 2nd Bn.
6838 Private Sheldon T 6th Bn.
2840 Private Shelly T 2nd Bn.
4655 Private Shepherd J 2nd Bn.
459 Private Sheridan E 5th Bn.
1505 Private Sheridan J 2nd Bn.
1846 Private Sheridan J 6th Bn.
7248 Private Sheridan T 28th M.I.
5976 Private Sherlock P 17th M.I.
5086 Private Sherlock T 2nd Bn.
4380 Private Sherratt A 2nd Bn.
6103 Corporal Sherratt W 5th Bn.
3615 Private Sherry J 6th Bn.
3981 Private Shiel P 2nd Bn.
3556 Private Shipperbotham J 2nd Bn.
6988 Private Shipperbottom J 5th Bn.
3214 Col. Sergt. Shoebotham A 2nd Bn.
6079 Private Shonocks H 5th Bn.
7712 Private Shore E 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
6704 Private Shoreman C 5th Bn.
451 Private Short J 5th Bn.
67 Private Shufflebottom J 5th Bn.
4408 Corporal Shufflebottom T 5th Bn.
3901 Private Silk S 2nd Bn.
9738 Corporal Simister E 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3571 Private Simmonds R 2nd Bn.
3749 Private Simmonds R 2nd Bn.
4523 Private Simpson A 5th Bn.
628 Private Simpson A 5th Bn.
2875 Private Simpson D 2nd Bn.
822 Private Simpson F 5th Bn.
4486 Sergt. Simpson G 28th M.I.
1851 Private Simpson W 6th Bn.
9583 Private Sinclair A 2nd Bn.
2443 Private Sinclair F 2nd Bn.
4261 Private Singleton C 2nd Bn.
525 Private Singleton J 2nd Bn.
5356 Private Singleton J 2nd Bn.
6821 Private Singleton J 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
6580 Private Singleton J 5th Bn.
5634 Corporal Singleton J 6th Bn.
2481 Private Sinnett T 2nd Bn.
5697 Private Sivery H 6th Bn.
4134 Lce. Corporal Skinner C 2nd Bn.
5150 Private Slater J 2nd Bn.
9669 Private Slater T 6th Bn.
5399 Sergt. Slattery J.E. 5th Bn.
2652 Private Small R 2nd Bn.
5339 Private Smalley P 2nd Bn.
6823 Private Smallwood F 5th Bn.
1097 Corporal Smedley E 2nd Bn.
1098 Corporal Smedley J 2nd Bn.
5713 Private Smedley J 5th Bn.
101 Private Smee W 5th Bn.
5274 Private Smethurst J 2nd Bn.
8806 Private Smith A 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3166 Private Smith A 2nd Bn.
994 Private Smith A 5th Bn.
Lieut. & QM Smith A 6th Bn.
6801 Corporal Smith C 17th M.I.
9717 Private Smith Charles 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3772 Private Smith E 2nd Bn.
4656 Sergt. Smith E 2nd Bn.
8730 Private Smith F 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
6154 Col. Sergt. Smith F.J. 17th M.I.
7726 Sergt. Smith F.W.C. 5th Bn.
1407 Private Smith G 2nd Bn.
4975 Private Smith G 2nd Bn.
8880 Private Smith G 2nd Bn.
2548 Private Smith G 6th Bn.
8767 Private Smith H 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
8731 Private Smith H 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
2403 Private Smith H 2nd Bn.
67 Private Smith H 5th Bn.
4639 Private Smith H 6th Bn.
6275 Private Smith J 17th M.I.
4354 Private Smith J 2nd Bn.
4229 Lce. Sergt. Smith J 2nd Bn.
2549 Private Smith J 2nd Bn.
4444 Private Smith J 2nd Bn.
3185 Private Smith J 2nd Bn.
4995 Drummer Smith J 2nd Bn.
957 Private Smith J 2nd Bn.
799 Private Smith J 2nd Bn.
2643 Private Smith J 2nd Bn.
7365 Corporal Smith J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
6370 Private Smith J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
7720 Private Smith J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
7966 Private Smith J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
6984 Private Smith J 5th Bn.
144 Private Smith J 5th Bn.
1248 Private Smith J 5th Bn.
568 Private Smith J 5th Bn.
4141 Private Smith J 6th Bn.
7795 Private Smith J 6th Bn.
5336 Drummer Smith J 6th Bn.
6889 Private Smith J.C. 6th Bn.
5139 Sergt. Smith J.H. 2nd Bn.
9768 Private Smith J.W. 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
105 Private Smith L 5th Bn.
5743 Private Smith N 2nd Bn.
6609 Private Smith O 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
3902 Private Smith P 2nd Bn.
5379 Corporal Smith R 2nd Bn.
8768 Private Smith S 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5211 Private Smith S 2nd Bn.
3032 Private Smith S 2nd Bn.
4644 Corporal Smith S 6th Bn.
3832 Private Smith T 2nd Bn.
8854 Private Smith T 2nd Bn.
4787 Private Smith T 5th Bn.
6171 Private Smith W 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
739 Private Smith W 5th Bn.
1169 Private Smith W 5th Bn.
6339 Sergt. Smith W 6th Bn.
232 Private Smith W 6th Bn.
5271 Private Smithson H 2nd Bn.
7460 Private Smyth M 2nd Bn.
729 Private Snalan T 5th Bn.
925 Private Snape A 5th Bn.
4438 Private Snelson T 5th Bn.
Lieut. Soames G.H. 2nd Bn.
2333 Sergt. Sorby J 2nd Bn.
7456 Private Southall J 5th Bn.
5764 Private Sowerby H.V. 5th Bn.
Lieut. Spafford A.L. 6th Bn.
3458 Private Sparrow W 2nd Bn.
412 Col. Sergt. Speakman F.J. 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5379 Private Speight J.H. 6th Bn.
2594 Lce. Corporal Spellman A 6th Bn.
1015 Private Spellman J 5th Bn.
1199 Lce. Corporal Spence J 2nd Bn.
8732 Private Spencer A 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
435 Private Spencer A 5th Bn.
3590 Private Spencer G 2nd Bn.
6120 Private Spencer J 2nd Bn.
7345 Private Spencer P 5th Bn.
366 Private Spencer T 5th Bn.
6223 Private Spruce W 17th M.I.
3108 Private Squires E 2nd Bn.
1886 Private Stafford A 5th Bn.
2124 Private Stamper E 2nd Bn.
8855 Private Standring J 2nd Bn.
343 Private Standring W 5th Bn.
810 Private Stanley M 2nd Bn.
5843 Corporal Stansfield J.T. 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
2991 Private Stanton J 2nd Bn.
122 Private Stanton T 6th Bn.
4915 Private Stark D 2nd Bn.
427 Private Starkey J 5th Bn.
5335 Private Starkie A.J. 2nd Bn.
7346 Private Starkie J 5th Bn.
3605 Private Stead R 2nd Bn.
5283 Private Stead W 5th Bn.
597 Private Steele B.J. 5th Bn.
1021 Private Steele H 2nd Bn.
907 Private Steele J 2nd Bn.
2482 Private Steele W 2nd Bn.
5673 Private Stemp W 28th M.I.
3348 Private Stenson J 2nd Bn.
5573 Private Stephens C 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
4470 Col. Sergt. Stephens J 2nd Bn.
7167 Private Stephens P 17th M.I.
4159 Private Stevens J 2nd Bn.
4368 Sergt. Stevens J.S. 2nd Bn.
5027 Private Stevenson J 2nd Bn.
6299 Private Stevenson J 5th Bn.
2149 Private Stevenson R 5th Bn.
6354 Private Stevenson S 2nd Bn.
Captain Stewart Gilbert Macdonald 2nd Bn.
3184 Private Stewart J 2nd Bn.
7299 Private Stewart J 5th Bn.
6776 Sergt. Stewart J 6th Bn.
8809 Private Stewart J 6th Bn.
9359 Private Stewart J.E. 2nd Bn.
5580 Private Stilley A 5th Bn.
4681 Private Stimpson R 2nd Bn.
2348 Private Stinson J 2nd Bn.
3138 Lce. Corporal Stinton J 6th Bn.
8769 Private Stocks J.W. 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
2nd Lieut. Stoker R.J.G. 2nd Bn.
4311 Private Stone J 6th Bn.
5225 Private Stones T 2nd Bn.
6265 Private Stonier W 17th M.I.
5175 Private Stott J 2nd Bn.
8882 Corporal Stott J 2nd Bn.
7030 Private Stott J 5th Bn.
8883 Private Stott J.W. 2nd Bn.
4758 Private Stott R 2nd Bn.
5108 Private Stott T 2nd Bn.
5145 Private Street A 2nd Bn.
6494 Private Street J 2nd Bn.
5952 Private Street P 6th Bn.
4134 Private Stridgen M 2nd Bn.
8770 Private Stridgeon J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
1020 Private Stridgeon J.E. 5th Bn.
5592 Private Stringer G 5th Bn.
6045 Private Strong W 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
2562 Private Sturgess J 2nd Bn.
788 Private Sullivan D 2nd Bn.
5315 Private Sullivan D 5th Bn.
7288 Private Sullivan G 17th M.I.
3617 Private Sullivan J 2nd Bn.
2197 Private Sullivan J 2nd Bn.
1314 Private Sullivan J 6th Bn.
5898 Private Sullivan J 6th Bn.
3667 Lce. Corporal Sullivan T 6th Bn.
4509 Corporal Sullivan W 2nd Bn.
5183 Private Sumner H 2nd Bn.
5318 Sergt. Sumner H 2nd Bn.
8771 Private Sunderland H 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
782 Private Sunderland J 2nd Bn.
2996 Private Sunners T 6th Bn.
1807 Private Surr F 5th Bn.
5071 Private Sutcliffe K 2nd Bn.
827 Sergt. Sutcliffe W 5th Bn.
4934 Private Suthers R 2nd Bn.
1251 Private Sutton H 2nd Bn.
Lieut. Swainson J.L. 2nd Bn.
3447 Private Swales W 2nd Bn.
5236 Private Swallow W 6th Bn.
2720 Private Sweeney J 2nd Bn.
4210 Private Sweeney J 6th Bn.
6025 Sergt. Sweeney M 6th Bn.
5696 Private Sweeney T 2nd Bn.
3110 Private Sweeting T 2nd Bn.
7247 Private Swift P 28th M.I.
5444 Private Swift W 28th M.I.
397 Private Swindells J 5th Bn.
6484 Private Swindles W 5th Bn.
4115 Private Swinyard J 2nd Bn.
1269 Private Sydall J 5th Bn.
7984 Private Sykes T 2nd Bn.
736 Private Sykes W 5th Bn.
Captain Sykes W.E. 2nd Bn.
8920 Private Syrett L.R. 2nd Bn.
2711 Corporal Taaffe H 2nd Bn.
7057 Private Tabner J 2nd Bn.
3946 Private Tabner R 2nd Bn.
7151 Private Taggart J 5th Bn.
6459 Private Tann G.E. 6th Bn.
946 Private Tansey J 5th Bn.
6298 Private Tarbuck J.T. 6th Bn.
4219 Private Tarlington S 6th Bn.
Lieut. Tate J.F.F. 3rd Bn., M.I.
3627 Lce. Corporal Tate J.W. 2nd Bn.
5523 Private Tattersall G 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
3812 Corporal Tattersall J 2nd Bn.
8857 Private Tattersfield J 2nd Bn.
3632 Private Tawkes E 6th Bn.
7206 Private Taylor A 28th M.I.
4288 Private Taylor A 2nd Bn.
3929 Private Taylor A 2nd Bn.
531 Private Taylor A 5th Bn.
496 Private Taylor A 5th Bn.
5422 Private Taylor A 6th Bn.
3272 Lce. Corporal Taylor C 2nd Bn.
9724 Private Taylor C 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
6687 Private Taylor C 5th Bn.
7016 Private Taylor C 5th Bn.
9739 Private Taylor F 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
6523 Private Taylor F.C. 5th Bn.
508 Private Taylor F.E. 5th Bn.
8772 Drummer Taylor G 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3916 Private Taylor G 2nd Bn.
3117 Private Taylor G 2nd Bn.
6046 Private Taylor H 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
3758 Private Taylor H 2nd Bn.
5218 Lce. Corporal Taylor H 2nd Bn.
7699 Private Taylor H 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
1669 Corporal Taylor H 6th Bn.
8858 Private Taylor J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
8921 Private Taylor J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5731 Private Taylor J 28th M.I.
5082 Private Taylor J 2nd Bn.
3297 Private Taylor J 2nd Bn.
5424 Private Taylor J 2nd Bn.
5088 Private Taylor J 2nd Bn.
4358 Private Taylor J 2nd Bn.
3847 Private Taylor J 2nd Bn.
9702 Private Taylor J 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
1148 Boy Taylor J 5th Bn.
5279 Private Taylor J 5th Bn.
6419 Private Taylor J 5th Bn.
1235 Private Taylor J 6th Bn.
3301 Private Taylor J 6th Bn.
3694 Private Taylor J.G. 2nd Bn.
9705 Private Taylor J.H. 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5401 Private Taylor J.W. 2nd Bn.
4426 Private Taylor M 2nd Bn.
8733 Private Taylor R 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
2924 Private Taylor R 2nd Bn.
345 Private Taylor R 5th Bn.
3281 Private Taylor S 5th Bn.
4230 Private Taylor T 2nd Bn.
365 Private Taylor T 5th Bn.
5750 Private Taylor W 28th M.I.
4813 Private Taylor W 2nd Bn.
7178 Private Taylor W 5th Bn.
4767 Private Taylor W 5th Bn.
1573 Private Taylor W 6th Bn.
5549 Private Taylor W 6th Bn.
5089 Drummer Taylor W.R. 5th Bn.
7439 Private Teasdale E 5th Bn.
4804 Private Teblin F 5th Bn.
989 Private Tellis H 2nd Bn.
3595 Private Templin A 2nd Bn.
5913 Private Terry A 6th Bn.
303 Private Testy J 6th Bn.
4 Private Theckston H 5th Bn.
5114 Private Thomas C 5th Bn.
2681 Lce. Corporal Thomas E 2nd Bn.
9755 Sergt. Thomas E 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
7467 Private Thomas G 5th Bn.
4601 Private Thomas J DCM 2nd Bn.
6527 Private Thomas J 5th Bn.
4378 Private Thompson A 6th Bn.
5747 Private Thompson D 28th M.I.
4260 Private Thompson E 5th Bn.
5261 Private Thompson G 2nd Bn.
2937 Private Thompson H 2nd Bn.
842 Private Thompson H 5th Bn.
1336 Private Thompson H 5th Bn.
2760 Col. Sergt. Thompson H.J. 6th Bn.
5460 Private Thompson J 28th M.I.
3070 Private Thompson J 2nd Bn.
3406 Private Thompson J 2nd Bn.
7150 Private Thompson J 5th Bn.
7205 Private Thompson J 5th Bn.
3121 Private Thompson J 5th Bn.
4483 Private Thompson J 5th Bn.
3177 Private Thompson J 5th Bn.
4078 Private Thompson J 5th Bn.
1849 Corporal Thompson M 6th Bn.
6262 Private Thompson R 2nd Bn.
5083 Private Thompson S 6th Bn.
3638 Private Thompson W 2nd Bn.
1248 QM Sergt. Thompson W 6th Bn.
4174 Private Thornber E 5th Bn.
5841 Sergt. Thornes J.T. 6th Bn.
4749 Private Thornhill J 2nd Bn.
9795 Lce. Corporal Thornley H 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5535 Private Thornley J 6th Bn.
8734 Private Thornton E 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3072 Private Thornton F 2nd Bn.
6034 Private Thornton J 2nd Bn.
6913 Private Thornton W 28th M.I.
6244 Private Thorpe J 6th Bn.
3836 Private Tichborne J 2nd Bn.
Major Tidswell Edward Cecil DSO 2nd Bn.
7300 Private Tidswell W 5th Bn.
7237 Private Tierney G 28th M.I.
5762 Lce. Corporal Tierney J 6th Bn.
9033 Sergt. Tilley A 5th Bn.
4882 Private Tillotson S 2nd Bn.
5007 Private Timmins P 2nd Bn.
8183 Drummer Timms J 5th Bn.
3581 Private Tinker J 2nd Bn.
2368 Private Tobin J 2nd Bn.
3992 Private Tobin R 2nd Bn.
3471 Private Tomkinson J 2nd Bn.
7701 Private Tomlinson J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
2225 Private Tomney T 2nd Bn.
4456 Private Toms R 2nd Bn.
2250 Col. Sergt. Toms W 2nd Bn.
6649 Private Tonge J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
8922 Private Tonge W.H. 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3922 Private Toohey P 2nd Bn.
4095 Private Toohey P 2nd Bn.
7137 Private Took F 28th M.I.
6445 Private Toole G 6th Bn.
4884 Private Towers E 6th Bn.
4120 Private Towler P 2nd Bn.
5023 Private Townley G 2nd Bn.
4726 Lce. Corporal Townley R 2nd Bn.
2050 Private Townley R 2nd Bn.
426 Private Tracey J 6th Bn.
5280 Private Tracey W 2nd Bn.
5224 Private Travis P 2nd Bn.
912 Private Travis R 5th Bn.
9788 Private Traynor E.E. 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
7723 Private Treagust W 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
5082 Private Trundley W 6th Bn.
6467 Private Tucker J 6th Bn.
7818 Sergt. Tucker W 5th Bn.
3227 Private Tuckley J 2nd Bn.
5774 Private Tudor W 28th M.I.
6698 Private Tuffs J.J. 5th Bn.
3303 Sergt. Tunny J 2nd Bn.
5405 Private Turner A 2nd Bn.
2466 Private Turner E 2nd Bn.
4360 Private Turner G 2nd Bn.
3942 Private Turner J 2nd Bn.
1308 Private Turner J 2nd Bn.
4684 Private Turner J 2nd Bn.
Captain Turner J.A. 6th Bn.
6954 Private Turner T 2nd Bn.
887 Private Turner T 6th Bn.
691 Private Turner W 2nd Bn.
6528 Private Turner W 5th Bn.
5149 Lce. Corporal Tweedale C.H. 2nd Bn.
1092 Private Twemlow P 2nd Bn.
5675 Sergt. Twigden C 28th M.I.
4619 Private Twist J 6th Bn.
5934 Private Udall H 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
9801 Private Ulrich F.C. 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
2888 Private Umbers M 2nd Bn.
5053 Private Unsworth C 2nd Bn.
5806 Private Unsworth F 5th Bn.
4781 Private Unsworth W 5th Bn.
Lieut. Unwin C.H. 2nd Bn.
3215 Private Upton T 2nd Bn.
5709 Private Valentine E 28th M.I.
933 Private Valentine W 2nd Bn.
Lieutenant Van-Someren E.L. 5th Bn.
4881 Private Vanstone B 2nd Bn.
4432 Private Varley H 2nd Bn.
7148 Private Vaughan E 28th M.I.
2856 Private Vaughan J 2nd Bn.
8884 Private Veevers G 2nd Bn.
2547 Private Veldon J 2nd Bn.
5671 Private Venables R.J. 5th Bn.
6261 Private Vent R 17th M.I.
4537 Lce. Corporal Vercoe J 2nd Bn.
5812 Private Vernon J 2nd Bn.
4940 Private Vernon W 2nd Bn.
1722 Private Vernon W 5th Bn.
7093 Private Vesty R 5th Bn.
1278 Private Vickers J 5th Bn.
1156 Private Vyse F 2nd Bn.
6592 Private Waddicker J 5th Bn.
5102 Private Waddington F 2nd Bn.
3462 Private Waddington H 5th Bn.
8807 Sergt. Waddington W.J. 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
8773 Private Wade F 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3183 Lce. Corporal Wade P 2nd Bn.
5106 Private Wade P 2nd Bn.
1563 Private Wainwright A 2nd Bn.
4257 Lce. Corporal Wainwright P 2nd Bn.
3568 Col. Sergt. Wainwright W 2nd Bn.
5363 Lce. Corporal Wainwright W 2nd Bn.
4609 Private Waldron W 6th Bn.
6781 Lce. Corporal Walkden H 2nd Bn.
3515 Private Walker E 5th Bn.
8774 Corporal Walker F 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5738 Private Walker G 2nd Bn.
3582 Private Walker G 2nd Bn.
5215 Private Walker J 2nd Bn.
1427 Private Walker J 2nd Bn.
2582 Corporal Walker J 2nd Bn.
709 Private Walker J 5th Bn.
5649 Private Walker J 6th Bn.
859 Private Walker J.E. 5th Bn.
336 Private Walker M 5th Bn.
4435 Private Walker S 5th Bn.
4688 Private Walker W 2nd Bn.
704 Private Walker W 5th Bn.
3673 Corporal Wallace C.H. 2nd Bn.
4338 Private Wallace T 2nd Bn.
6330 Private Wallace T 2nd Bn.
8735 Lce. Corporal Wallace T.R.C. 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
6959 Private Walling R 28th M.I.
Major Wallington Charles Digby 2nd Bn.
4333 Lce. Corporal Wallwork J 2nd Bn.
6567 Private Wallworth W 5th Bn.
5907 Private Walmesley J 6th Bn.
2816 Private Walmsley F 2nd Bn.
9802 Private Walmsley J 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
6406 Private Walmsley J 6th Bn.
6393 Private Walmsley T 6th Bn.
4561 Private Walpole J 2nd Bn.
4244 Private Walsh A 2nd Bn.
5631 Private Walsh E 17th M.I.
6386 Private Walsh E 5th Bn.
2014 Private Walsh E 6th Bn.
2771 Private Walsh H 2nd Bn.
4911 Private Walsh J 2nd Bn.
4999 Corporal Walsh J 2nd Bn.
7971 Private Walsh J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
2336 Private Walsh J 6th Bn.
4002 Private Walsh J 6th Bn.
4342 Private Walsh M 2nd Bn.
8885 Private Walsh M 2nd Bn.
9374 Private Walsh M 2nd Bn.
3346 Private Walsh M 6th Bn.
5404 Private Walsh M 6th Bn.
4500 Private Walsh R 2nd Bn.
4701 Private Walsh R 2nd Bn.
4996 Private Walsh R 2nd Bn.
4370 Private Walsh T 2nd Bn.
4267 Lce. Corporal Walsh T 2nd Bn.
889 Private Walsh T 5th Bn.
5030 Private Walsh T 6th Bn.
7484 Private Walsh T 6th Bn.
8038 Private Walsh W 2nd Bn.
9709 Private Walsh W 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
764 Private Walsh W 5th Bn.
5195 Corporal Walsh W 6th Bn.
2642 Private Walsh W 6th Bn.
Major Walter William Frederick 2nd Bn.
7310 Private Walton A 5th Bn.
4819 Private Walton H 2nd Bn.
4351 Sergt. Walton W 2nd Bn.
6102 Private Wanless J 2nd Bn.
2541 Private Warburton C 2nd Bn.
5410 Private Warburton H 2nd Bn.
5319 Private Warburton J 2nd Bn.
5487 Private Warburton J 6th Bn.
163 Private Warburton S 5th Bn.
6866 Private Warburton T 6th Bn.
Lieut. Ward A.C. 6th Bn.
94 Private Ward D 5th Bn.
6725 Lce. Corporal Ward D 5th Bn.
7296 Private Ward E 5th Bn.
5914 Private Ward F 6th Bn.
3828 Private Ward G 2nd Bn.
5395 Private Ward H 6th Bn.
4601 Lce. Corporal Ward H 6th Bn.
5737 Corporal Ward J 28th M.I.
974 Private Ward J 2nd Bn.
2100 Private Ward J 2nd Bn.
4604 Private Ward J 6th Bn.
5949 Private Ward M 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
6519 Private Ward R 17th M.I.
4178 Private Ward R 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
3989 Private Ward T 6th Bn.
8923 Private Wardle E 2nd Bn.
7780 Private Wardle W 6th Bn.
6864 Private Wareham E 6th Bn.
1161 Private Wareham H 2nd Bn.
7886 Private Warham T 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
5362 Private Waring J 2nd Bn.
7973 Private Waring W 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
5202 Private Warren J 2nd Bn.
4839 Private Warren J 6th Bn.
4530 Private Washington W 5th Bn.
4266 Private Wastall H 2nd Bn.
7234 Private Waterhouse W 5th Bn.
5764 Private Waters G.E. 6th Bn.
6587 Private Waters J 6th Bn.
6804 Private Waters M.F. 6th Bn.
4207 Private Waterworth J 2nd Bn.
414 Private Waterworth W 5th Bn.
9811 Private Watkins S 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
8860 Private Watson A 2nd Bn.
8924 Lce. Corporal Watson A 2nd Bn.
9798 Private Watson A 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
Lieutenant Watson A.H. 5th Bn.
3789 Sergt. Watson J 2nd Bn.
6063 Private Watson J 5th Bn.
5556 Private Watson M 17th M.I.
4914 Private Watson S 5th Bn.
3919 Private Watson T 2nd Bn.
7055 Private Watson T 5th Bn.
5397 Col. Sergt. Watson W 1st Vol. Coy. DCM, 2nd Bn.
967 Private Watson W 5th Bn.
7036 Private Watts W.H. 5th Bn.
4236 Sergt. Webb G 2nd Bn.
3056 Private Webb J 5th Bn.
7454 Private Webb R 5th Bn.
Lieut. Webb W 2nd Bn.
4302 Lce. Corporal Webb W 2nd Bn.
507 Private Webster A 5th Bn.
960 Private Webster G 5th Bn.
5707 Private Webster J 2nd Bn.
1429 Private Webster J 6th Bn.
5829 Private Webster R 5th Bn.
3918 Private Wedlake S 2nd Bn.
4620 Drummer Weilding J 2nd Bn.
5154 Private Weir A 2nd Bn.
7952 Private Weir J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
699 Private Welch T 2nd Bn.
975 Private Welsby T 2nd Bn.
4516 Private Welsford J 2nd Bn.
6322 Private Welsh J 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
2310 Private Welsh J 6th Bn.
5419 Private Welsh M 2nd Bn.
3451 Private Welsh R 5th Bn.
699 Private Welsh T 5th Bn.
219 Private West D 5th Bn.
4061 Private Westhead G 2nd Bn.
1155 Private Westhead J 2nd Bn.
4019 Private Westhead W 2nd Bn.
Major & Adjt. Westropp Henry Charles Edward 5th Bn.
5316 Private Whalley A 2nd Bn.
4024 Private Whalley F 2nd Bn.
4595 Private Whalley J 2nd Bn.
7899 Private Whalley J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
619 Private Whalley T 5th Bn.
7567 Private Wharton J 2nd Bn.
4544 Private Wharton W 5th Bn.
3933 Private Whatmough J 5th Bn.
5892 Private Whelan J 6th Bn.
2352 Private Whelan W 2nd Bn.
6250 Private Wheway G 2nd Bn.
8886 Private Wheyham C 2nd Bn.
5451 Private Whiston R 2nd Bn.
8861 Private Whitby J 2nd Bn.
980 Private White B 5th Bn.
5116 Lce. Sergt. White G 2nd Bn.
9360 Private White H 2nd Bn.
2887 Private White J 2nd Bn.
6064 Private White J 5th Bn.
5756 Private White J 5th Bn.
1131 Lce. Corporal White J 6th Bn.
5200 Private White T 6th Bn.
77 Private White W 5th Bn.
4034 Private White W 6th Bn.
7220 Private Whitehead A 28th M.I.
4794 Private Whitehead C 2nd Bn.
8775 Corporal Whitehead H 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5785 Private Whitehead J 28th M.I.
2658 Private Whitehead J 2nd Bn.
2262 Private Whitehead J 2nd Bn.
3840 Private Whitehead J 2nd Bn.
Captain Whitehead J.J. 5th Bn.
5652 Private Whitehead R 28th M.I.
6397 Lce. Corporal Whiteley J 2nd Bn.
838 Private Whiteling H 5th Bn.
203 Private Whittaker A 5th Bn.
8736 Private Whittaker E 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5020 Private Whittaker E 6th Bn.
4527 Private Whittaker G 6th Bn.
8737 Private Whittaker J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
1239 Private Whittaker J 2nd Bn.
5479 Corporal Whittaker O 2nd Bn.
720 Private Whittaker T 2nd Bn.
7386 Private Whittaker T 2nd Bn.
3951 Private Whittaker W 2nd Bn.
5323 Private Whittaker W 2nd Bn.
1934 Private Whittaker W 5th Bn.
746 Private Whittle C 2nd Bn.
6291 Private Whittle J 2nd Bn.
7168 Corporal Whittle T 2nd Bn.
4332 Private Whitworth J 5th Bn.
4929 Sergt. Whitworth M 2nd Bn.
3796 Sergt. Whorton T 6th Bn.
Captain Whyte J.N. 2nd Bn.
3622 Lce. Corporal Wichall A 2nd Bn.
Lieutenant Wigley A.B. 5th Bn.
Lieut. Wike W 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3290 Private Wilcock C 2nd Bn.
3620 Corporal Wilcock R 6th Bn.
324 Private Wilcocks G 5th Bn.
7344 Private Wild A 5th Bn.
9369 Private Wild F 2nd Bn.
8887 Private Wild J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
2372 Private Wild J 2nd Bn.
5101 Private Wilde W 2nd Bn.
5983 Private Wilding H 6th Bn.
5416 Private Wilding J 28th M.I.
4643 Private Wildman R 2nd Bn.
6056 Private Wilkinson H 5th Bn.
3984 Private Wilkinson J 2nd Bn.
5637 Sergt. Wilkinson J 6th Bn.
5375 Private Wilkinson R 2nd Bn.
295 Private Wilkinson W 5th Bn.
Major Willcock S 2nd Bn.
4013 Private Williams A 2nd Bn.
464 Private Williams C 5th Bn.
8808 Corporal Williams E 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
6849 Private Williams G 28th M.I.
5029 Private Williams G 2nd Bn.
6255 Private Williams G 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
998 Private Williams G 5th Bn.
2927 Private Williams H 2nd Bn.
1007 Private Williams H 5th Bn.
5163 Drummer Williams J 2nd Bn.
4951 Private Williams J 2nd Bn.
3726 Private Williams J 2nd Bn.
2894 Private Williams J 2nd Bn.
962 Private Williams J 5th Bn.
4035 Private Williams J 6th Bn.
8822 Private Williams J 6th Bn.
696 Private Williams J.W. 5th Bn.
5488 Private Williams S 2nd Bn.
6767 Lce. Corporal Williams S 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
7722 Private Williams T 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
8809 Private Williams W 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5611 Private Williams W 28th M.I.
7698 Private Williams W 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
1297 Private Williamson J 2nd Bn.
6827 Private Williamson J 2nd Bn.
4765 Corporal Williamson J 2nd Bn.
6208 Private Williamson J 6th Bn.
4540 Sergt. Willoughby H.R. 2nd Bn.
Lieut. Wilmot H. Eardley 6th Bn.
4560 Private Wilshaw J 2nd Bn.
4228 Private Wilshaw L 2nd Bn.
1045 Private Wilshaw T 2nd Bn.
7195 Private Wilson A 28th M.I.
5650 Private Wilson A 6th Bn.
2780 Private Wilson A 6th Bn.
Captain Wilson C.E.
5474 Private Wilson F 2nd Bn.
4402 Lce. Corporal Wilson G 2nd Bn.
4381 Private Wilson G 2nd Bn.
254 Private Wilson G 5th Bn.
3412 Lce. Corporal Wilson H 2nd Bn.
5288 Private Wilson H 5th Bn.
6966 Private Wilson H 5th Bn.
6593 Private Wilson J 17th M.I.
6968 Private Wilson J 28th M.I.
2493 Private Wilson J 2nd Bn.
9769 Private Wilson J 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
306 Private Wilson J 5th Bn.
4885 Private Wilson J 6th Bn.
6829 Private Wilson J 6th Bn.
3714 Private Wilson J 6th Bn.
5218 Lce. Corporal Wilson R 6th Bn.
Captain Wilson R.S. 2nd Bn.
1822 Private Wilson S 2nd Bn.
9370 Private Wilson S 2nd Bn.
9082 Private Wilson S 2nd Bn.
7277 Private Wilson T 5th Bn.
7253 Private Wilson T 5th Bn.
3292 Sergt. Wilson T 6th Bn.
5215 Private Wilson T 6th Bn.
5234 Private Wilson T 6th Bn.
1102 Private Wilson W 2nd Bn.
6520 Corporal Wilson W 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
6728 Private Wilson W 5th Bn.
1300 Private Wilson W 5th Bn.
5610 Corporal Wilton J 28th M.I.
4114 Lce. Sergt. Windmill R 2nd Bn.
5795 Private Wing C 28th M.I.
1555 Private Winkworth G 2nd Bn.
779 Private Winstanley J 2nd Bn.
3421 Private Winters W 2nd Bn.
7047 Private Winwood J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
3301 Private Wiseman E 2nd Bn.
6343 Private Witts A 2nd Bn.
8738 Private Wolfenden F 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
2942 Private Wolfenden R 2nd Bn.
Captain Wolley-Dod O.C. 2nd Bn.
4631 Private Wolstenholme J 2nd Bn.
9744 Private Wolstenholme T 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
5233 Private Wood E 6th Bn.
4246 Private Wood F 2nd Bn.
7568 Private Wood F 2nd Bn.
7418 Private Wood F 5th Bn.
4445 Private Wood G 2nd Bn.
Lieut. Wood G.B.G. 17th M.I.
1073 Private Wood H 2nd Bn.
18 Private Wood H 5th Bn.
8810 Corporal Wood J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
8811 Private Wood J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
3748 Lce. Corporal Wood J 2nd Bn.
1242 Private Wood J 2nd Bn.
6442 Sergt. Wood J 3rd Bn., M.I.
1011 Private Wood J 5th Bn.
7002 Private Wood J 5th Bn.
5644 Private Wood J 6th Bn.
8888 Lce. Corporal Wood J.B. 2nd Bn.
3872 Private Wood J.M. 2nd Bn.
Captain Wood J.T. 2nd Bn.
6391 Lce. Corporal Wood S 5th Bn.
8862 Private Wood W 2nd Bn.
8863 Private Wood William 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
Lieut. Woodcock F.A. 2nd Bn.
943 Private Woodcock J 2nd Bn.
Captain Woodcock W.J. 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
5064 Private Woodford H 2nd Bn.
6660 Private Woodhead S 5th Bn.
4318 Private Woods B 2nd Bn.
7657 Private Woods J 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
7178 Private Woods W 28th M.I.
1236 Private Woods W 2nd Bn.
5386 Private Woodside W 6th Bn.
3158 Corporal Woodward T 2nd Bn.
3287 Private Woodward W 2nd Bn.
4709 Private Wooley J 2nd Bn.
4925 Private Woolley T 5th Bn.
4272 Private Wormwell T 2nd Bn.
3645 Private Worrell T 6th Bn.
5062 Private Worsley J 6th Bn.
5503 Private Worthington C 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
267 Private Worthington F 5th Bn.
8739 Private Worthington G 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
7008 Private Worthington J 5th Bn.
2663 Private Worthington W 2nd Bn.
773 Private Worthington W 5th Bn.
1142 Private Wright A 2nd Bn.
5837 Private Wright A 2nd Bn.
456 Private Wright A 5th Bn.
8776 Private Wright G 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
8812 Private Wright J 1st Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
498 Private Wright J 5th Bn.
3539 Private Wright J 5th Bn.
1171 Private Wright J 5th Bn.
4614 Private Wright R 2nd Bn.
5164 Private Wright T 2nd Bn.
7470 Private Wright T 5th Bn.
3435 Lce. Corporal Wright V 2nd Bn.
5402 Private Wrigley A 2nd Bn.
Lieut. Wrigley E.F. 2nd Bn.
8889 Private Wrigley J 2nd Bn.
5860 Private Wrotchford J 2nd Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
9337 Private Wynn J 6th Bn.
6221 Private Wynne J 1st Malta Coy., 9th Bn. M.I.
3511 Private Wynne J 5th Bn.
3428 Private Yates C 2nd Bn.
4430 Private Yates E 2nd Bn.
533 Private Yates G.H. 5th Bn.
9707 Private Yates J 3rd Vol. Coy., 2nd Bn.
917 Private Yates W 2nd Bn.
7964 Private Yates W 4th Bn., 20th M.I.
58 Private Yearsley W 5th Bn.
5751 Private Yeo T.H. 6th Bn.
4001 Private Yould J 6th Bn.
5091 Private Young H 5th Bn.
6341 Private Young J 17th M.I.
827 Private Young W 2nd Bn.
5757 Private Young W 5th Bn.


Mentioned in Despatches at Spion Kop.

( Editors note -3275 Sgt Walter DYER-The model for "The Shouting Fusilier "

The Lancashire Fusiliers.

Major C. D. Wallington.
Major F. Amber.
Major C. M. Brunker.
Major E. C. Tidswell
Major W. F. Elmslie.
'Captain J. N. Whyte.
Captain R. B. Blunt.
Captain A.'J. Allardyce.
Captain W. E. Sykes.
Quartermaster and Honorary Lieutenant W. W. Ganly.
Sergeant-Major W. Moss.
5880 Colour-Sergeant R. V. Coachman.
1589 Colour-Sergeant J. Maguire.
5397 Colour-Sergeant W. Watson.
3275 Sergeant W. Dyer.
3143 Sergeant J. B. Quinton.
2333 Sergeant J. Sorby.
5158 Lance-Sergeant G. Brooks.
3502 Corporal A. Shaw.
3667 Corporal R. Howard.
7511 Lance-Corporal J. Sef ton.
3272 Lance-Corporal C. Taylor.
2176 Private T. Bamford.
4711 Private J. Coldwell.
5367 Private T. Fleming.
4959 Private A. Ford.
3510 Private M. Lowe.
3819 Private F. Power.
4601 Private J. Thomas.

"Medals and awards known to have been won during this campaign by the 2nd Battalion

" Info from theCatalogue of medals from Dr A W Stott's collection,sold in London 1997 at DNW Auction house."
Click here for the link to Dr Stott