Income and expenditure must meet the criteria implicit in the mission statement.
Expenditure must be agreed by at least 3 of the fund managers;

Peter Barton, Dennis Laverick, David Platt, Clifford Tilly and Geoffery Pycroft.
the passed finance reports are at bottom of the page

From Jan 1st 2018
Updated 16th October 2018
Income Item
Expenditure Item
1st Jan
Brought Forward from Cambridge
13th Jan
Donation Don Kilgallon (funeral)
13th Jan
Donation B Robinson (funeral)
13th Jan
Donation B and V Bailey(funeral)
13th Jan
Donation Lynn Nhuka (funeral)
27th Jan
Donation Clifford Tilley (Joe's Memorial stone)
29th Jan
Donation Peter Clinton (Joe's Memorial stone)
29th Jan
Web Site Housing Fees 1 and 1
2nd Feb
Donation Pat and Brian Oldham (Joe's Memorial stone)
10th Feb
Donation Val and Jason Ferrier (Joe's Memorial stone)
1st May
Web site Fees 1 and 1
21st Jun
Donations for Joe's Stone to Stone Masons
31st Jul
1 and 1 Internet web site fees
2nd Aug
Chris and Barbara Parker Donation
3rd Aug
Donations left after paying for Joe's Stone to Stone Masons
8th Aug
Donation from Clifford Tilley
8th Aug
Donation to Blackpool Coach for Salford Branch
22nd Aug
Donation from Steven's Family for Norman Prior
25th Aug
Donation from John Brady's Family
21st Sept
Donation Norman Prior
21st Sept
Donation William Lee's Family
16th Oct
Donation Anthony White for J H Johnstone research
16th Oct
Poppy Wreath
Total Income
Total Expence
Total Balance

We thank previous and the following donors for their help with the upkeep of the web site since December 2017
previous donators are named in the old balance sheets see below below:

Don Killgallon, Valerie Bailey, B Robinson, Lynn Nhuka, Cliff Tilley, Peter Clinton, Pat and Brian Oldham, Val and Jason Ferrier, Chris and Barbara Parker
(Ray Cunningham, Des Sinclaire, David Prince, Allan Stott, Keith Benner, also donated to Joe's memorial stone fund)
Norma Stevens for Norman Prior, Andrew Brady and Family for John Brady, Les Ingham, John Foy, Norman Prior's Family, William Lee's Family,
Anthony White for J H Johnstone,

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