The Feature
Sgt Henry James Batt
1st 2nd and 3rd Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
1886 to 1907

Band Sergeant Henry James Batt
June 1867 to October 1936

by John Batt

Dear Dennis and Geoff,
Here is the project on my grandfather as promised. It may be of interest to someone but it has been great fun to research with a couple of dead ends and the occasional historical oddity. Despite various emails to St Lucia I have not had any luck trying to find out more about his stay there.
Thanks again for all your help.


The Web site team Write up

Name:H J Surname Batt
Rank: Sergeant
Service Number: 1597
Service 1886 to 01/07/1907
British Army Lancashire Fusiliers
Archive Reference:
More information about Lancashire Fusiliers
Formed: 1881 Disbanded: 1968
The Regiment was first formed in 1688, in Devon as the Peyton's Regiment of Foot, named after the commanding colonel Sir Richard Peyton. It was formed following the Glorious
Army Long Service & Good Conduct awards 1831-1979
Gallantry Awards:
Long Service And Good Conduct Medal
We don't currently have any additional information on this medal.
* Medal entitlement listed above is worked out using the same methodology the MOD used for issuing them

Sergeant Batt's discharge papers. It says under medals and decorations some abbreviations that look like Cer of Eac then Malta 30 10 90. Google searches have failed on this one. Any ideas who may know or where I can look.

Notes from Geoff Also the abbreviations I suspect refer to a Certificate of Service issued in Malta on 30.10.1900 When the 1st Battalion where there it also looks like he moved around the 3 battalions

In other words he did not qualify for any campaign medals at all but was issued with a Certificate of Service in respect of his service with the LF's in Malta.It can be checked at...

This is a photograph of what appears to be a card but it is on a material that feels like plastic. A curiosity which may be of interest.

These photos are from Henry James Batt's photo album

This photo is when Henry served with the 1st Battalion

2nd in from the left is John Lynn VC DCM

This photo is C/Sgt Pilkington DCM from Henry's scrap book

P Pilkington
Incident Date:
Rank: Acting Sergeant Major
Service Number: 6167
Gazette Date:
Duty Location:
South Africa 1899-1902. (Klein Roodepoort)
British Army
Lancashire Fusiliers
Lancashire Fusiliers during the Boer War 1899-1902
Recipients of the Distinguished Conduct Medal 1854 onwards

Gallantry Awards:
Distinguished Conduct Medal
Established on 4th December 1854, during the Crimean War, the Distinguished Conduct Medal (D.C.M.) was a high level award for bravely, being a second levelmilitary decoration to other ranks, and Non-Commissioned Personnel of the British Army and Commonwealth Countries eligible for this award.

The Distinguished Conduct Medal was regarded as second only to the Victoria Cross in prestige.

The D.C.M. was awarded to P Pilkington for gallantry in the field in the face of the enemy. P Pilkington was also entitled to use the letters D.C.M. after his name.

Bars were awarded to recipients of the D.C.M. in recognition of the performance of further acts of gallantry meriting the award.

Conferment of the D.C.M. gallantry award was announced in the London Gazette and accompanied by a citation.

Colour Sergeant
Rank (2nd): Col Sergt
Service Number: 6167
Clasps Awarded:
British Army
Lancashire Fusiliers
Lancashire Fusiliers during the Boer War 1899-1902

The Boer war medals to British and Commonwealth forces 1899-1902

Campaign Medals:
Queens South Africa Medal
The Queen's South Africa Medal (QSA) was awarded to P Pilkington and Military Personnel who served in the Boer War in South Africa between 11th October 1899 and 31 May 1902.

The QSA was the medal issued to all who served in South Africa until the end of the war in May 1902.
Ehis photo and write up below taken from the LF Jpurnal 1902

Letter from Captain Crocker to Colonel Bruxner-Randall: — New Club, Johannesburg, 26th March, 1902.
I have lost Color-Sergeant Pilkington, I'm sorry to say, as he has been made Regimental Sergeant-Major . He is a very plucky chap, arid has had four horses shot under him. He will certainly get the D.C.M . The Lancashire Fusilier section of the 3rd Battalion is the best in the regiment, and, I wish I had them in my company. By the way, Pilkington showed me with great pride a very kind letter he had from you some time ago, which he keeps with his other treasures.

story sent in by John Batt Henry's grandson