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John Edward (Jack) Cannon




" Fred Hood of 8 Wellington Terrace Morecombe was enjoying a social drink with a neighbor, Mr Neville Kennedy.

In conversation Fred told Neville about his connection with the Lancashire Fusiliers.

Neville then told Fred that his wife Jean Kennedy is the grandaughter of a very well known LF by the name of Jack Cannon, born in 1881.

Neville mentioned that Jack Cannon had been presented with a silver plated Tea Pot when he left the Regiment, and that the family still owned this tea pot.

Fred phoned Joe Eastwood, the editor of the LF web site at and asked if it would be of any interest to follow up the story.
Joe was keen that Fred get as much detail of Jack Cannon as possible.

The following story in pictures is the result of Fred's work.

The first thing we found out about Jack was that he attended the Royal Military School of Music at Kneller Hall in 1902 when he was just 21 years of age.

In 1902, probably as part of his studies at the Royal Military Academy, Jack wrote a piece of music for 1st Cornet.

He gave it the title "Minden Rose"

This piece of music has now been placed into the care of Lt Col Eric Davidson MBE and is with the Fusilier Museum in Bury by the LF web site team.

Jack must have enlisted in approximately 1896 as, following his success at Kneller Hall, we know little of Jack's service up to and including WW1, but we do know that he served a short spell as the Bandmaster of a Royal Artillery Unit before serving 23 years with the XX Lancashire Fusiliers.

This period of his life culminated in him being the Bandmaster at Wellington Barracks Bury at the end of WW1.

Jack is the man in Blues uniform.

He then went on to serve in the TA with the 5th Battalion the XX Lancashire Fusiliers as Musical director and Conductor of the Bury Military Band.
By 1941 he had created a 9 man Dance band which went by the name of "The Nine Ritz Boys"
Their theme tune was "Smile, Darn you, Smile"

Jack is standing on the right of the pic.

In 1939 Jack became the conductor of music at the Bury Palais De Danse.

In 1941 The Nine Ritz Boys broadcast to the Armed Forces from a Manchester Studio.

In 1953 Jack is listed as the Musical Director of the Bury Military Band .

Many many bookings were played at the Bury Palais throughout the 50s and 60s.

Bury Palais Burnt down in 1970

Jack's Military Band played many engagements in parks and other open air venues across Lancashire for over 25 years.

Jack retired in 1964 .

Jack died on the 18th December 1968 at 41 Chesham road Bury Lancashire.

A truly remarkable Lancashire Fusilier.

My thanks to his 2 grandaughters and to Fred Hood for helping me compile this record. of a truly remarkable Lancashire Fusilier