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John Benjamin Knox
served 24 years with XX The Lancashire Fusiliers.

John Benjamin Knox served 24 years with XX The Lancashire Fusiliers.
He enlisted in the 1st Bn LFs in 1911.

and went to India with them in 1911.

He fought with the 1st Bn in WW1 for 3 years, seeing action with the Med Expeditionary Force ( Gallipoli ) and then at some stage during WW1 he transferred to the 2nd Bn.

This is a link to his medal card from WW1 :-

He then went with the 2nd Bn to India,

After 9 years in India, he served in Egypt and Gibralter.

He next appears at Catterick with the 1st Battalion when he formed part of a detachment of 6 men chosen to go to London to attend the unveiling of a statue of General Wolfe in Greenwich Park.

Back row L to R J.B. Knox Sgt A. Gambie. and Fus Jones
In front L to R CQMS H. Hall. CSM Denan and CSM F Cupon DCM

In 1934 at Colchester the Officers and Ships Company of HMS Eurylus presented their ships bell to the 1st Battalion.
Admiral Rudolph Burmaster made the presentation and made a moving speech in which he said" The bell has struck the hour of their going forth, and later, alas, tolled for the passing of their glorious dead"

He was discharged at Colchester in 1936.

1928 Gallipoli Reunion
in the centre is Sgt Richards VC

1967 Gallipoli Reunion

Story updated 22nd April 2013

You may recall that you put an article on the LF website a few years ago about my grandfather.

I have since been contacted by a long lost cousin, Jason Blake which by the sounds of it you had a hand in helping with his endeavours to track my family down as I believe he contacted you requesting information.

Jason is in the Canadian Forces Military Intelligence Branch and has recently been posted to Israel for a six month stint. Initially we thought he was on the wrong track as some of the information he gave us did not make sense. However after further investigation by my mother and younger sister it turns out that my grandfather had more siblings than my mum ever knew he had.

Jason has sent a number of pictures to us. I attach one of the photos. Grand dad I believe is top right in the first picture. I also attach a copy of my grandparents wedding photos at Catterick with grand dad in uniform.

I wonder if you can assist with a query I have with these photos. On his left arm are stripes. I think Jason got confused as being sergeant stripes although granddad started and left the regiment as a private. What are these stripes?

Thanking you in advance for your continued help and assistance

sent in by his grandson Steve Williamson