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Fusilier Harold (Tiny) Henthorn
1st / 8th Lancashire Fusiliers
Killed in Action
26th April 1944


Service Number 3453642

Died 26/04/1944

Aged 27

1/8th Bn.
Lancashire Fusiliers

Husband of Georgina Henthorn, of Hull.



Harold is the on the right in white tee shirt

David Barkley and his new wife



I came across your site today whilst researching and framing some of my Uncle Harold Henthorn,s possessions, something I have meant to do for a long time. Harold's wife Georgine [Jean] was very dear to me, I regarded her as a mum rather than an aunty.
Harold was a member of the Lancashire Fusileiers 1/8th Battalion and died in Burma on 26th April 1944. He is buried in Kohima Military Cemetery

My Aunty went out to Burma with the British Legion and visited the cemetery. She gained a massive amount from this visit, some sort of closure. She belonged to the Burma Star Association and 'marched' with the Lancashire Fusiliers on several occasions wearing Harold's medals until she had a small replica set made which where lighter. She knew John McCann well and I have all his books on Kohima I have quite a few photos of Uncle Harold and some of his regiment. Also his medals, cap badge, blazer badge and a swimming badge earned in an Indian inter regiment swimming tournament. I also have his pay book, the original letter telling Aunty Jean of his death and the War office official notifications, and his commemoratory scroll. There are also a couple of photos of other soldiers probably to do with the regiment as they were with Harold's things.

I have enjoyed looking at your link about Bill Dalton and looking at his photos and videos. I was also thrilled to find, on the site, a photo with my Uncle Harold on. It was taken in Minden in 1943. I wouldn't have picked him out myself although I think many of the photos I have of him are without the hat and he had a distinctive hair cut. I looked up Minden and it is in Germany [or Louisiana!] would you know why they were in Germany in 1943.
I think it is so important to remember what these men, and women, went through and I am very happy to send you everything I have.
Well you have really sparked my interest and enthusiasm but I don't want to flood you with things you don't want. Feel free to delete anything not of interest.

I came across a letter sent to Aunty Jean by Andrew Watson G M who I believe was Harolds Platoon Commander.
He says;
"Well we are moving towards 60th Anniversary on 26 April - the day I was wounded attacking a bunker and the day "Tiny" went for reinforcements and was killed before he could get to Sgt Shepherd. I have a photo of your husband's grave - I'm sure you have one too. It has been wonderful to see you marching at York - but now this year will be the Last Time. Please let me know if you feel fit to travel by yourself. I don't know whether John McCann is well enough - though they do provide wheelchairs.
Best wishes Andrew."
He also sent a letter to me when Aunty Jean died which was kind of him. I also had a letter from Doreen Wilks who I think was the wife of another of the LF?

I have a lot of photos in an album taken in Burma in 1989 when Aunty Jean went out there with the British Legion. Do you think any of these would be of interest? There is also a newspaper article written in the Times after this date 'The battle of Burma relived' about the pilgrimage. I expect you have that but I can scan it if not.
I also have an envelope with photos taken in York in 1989 of the LF march. Aunty Jean was an honorary member and marched wearing Harold's medals until she had a smaller set made which were much lighter. There are probably many ex servicemen but nothing written on the back. I am happy to part with these if you would like them but would need an address to send them to if they are of interest. John McCann will be on them but I don't know any of the others.
Thank you for the links with more info to read - I'm about to go and pick up my grandchildren but I will read it all tonight, so interesting, I feel I know him much better now. Thank you

Regards Jean Rix