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2093 Pte J R Williams,
Lancashire Fusiliers
Pte Williams was with the Lancs. Fusiliers’ and is listed as “Entered Service Abroad on 25th April 1915 in Theatre 2B” which was Gallipoli. It was also the first day of the assault on W Breach by the Lancs. Fusiliers and after became known as “Lancashire Landing Beach” and “Six VC’s Before Breakfast” , the intensity & resistance of the enemy was so great. The battalion landed with a Force of 1029 men and after the first day on W Beach it was down to 410 Officers & men, the being missing or dead. In a despatch of the 20th May 1915 it read “So strong were the defences of W Beach that the Turks may well have considered them impregnable and it is my form conviction that no finer feet of arms has ever been achieved by the British soldier or any other soldier than the storming of these trenches on the morning of the 25th April.
Pte Williams hand writen notes




The Lancashire Landing Gallipoli W Beach