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Fusilier William Stanley HALL
Born 14th May 1890 at Huntley Brook, Bury
Died 8th September, 1969 at Prescot Street, Bury

sent in by
Christine Kelly (Nee Hall) the granddaughter of Fusilier Hall


Lancashire Fusiliers Regimental Number 5779
Lancashire Fusiliers Regimental Number 202867
Royal Engineers Regimental Number 610878

Enlisted: Lancashire Fusiliers in 1908 as a Regular.

Signed on for 7 years with the Colours and 5 years with the Reserve

After basic training he joined the 1st battalion and was posted to India. He served at Multan (now part of Pakistan). The battalion returned to the UK in 1915 and sometime before the outbreak of World War 1 he was placed on the Reserve List. He was however recalled to the colours upon the outbreak of hostilities and in late 1915 as a member of the 2nd battalion was posted to Flanders.

Details of his time on the Western Front are unknown due to the loss of records during bombing in WW2

His Royal Engineers Regimental number would suggest that at some stage he was transferred to the Royal Engineers who undertook the highly hazardous job of tunneling under enemy position where explosives were to be placed.

However it is known that in 1917 he was wounded and evacuated back to the UK where he was hospitalized at Bury Union Hospital.

It is believed that about this time he was given a new Regimental number and when declared fit for further military service was posted to the 15th battalion (Salford Pals) and returned to France.

It is known that in 1919 he was then with his battalion in Bonn

Fusilier William Stanley Hall and wife Martha Alice( nee Taylor)
(date of photograph unknown but believed pre - marriage)
Married on 6th March, 1920
At the time of his marriage he was living at 5 Lucas Street, Bury



William Stanley Hall 2nd row third in from the right (with moustache)

William Stanley Hall's WW1 Campaign Medals

Sweetheart Cards" send to Fus William Stanley Hall whilst serving on the Western Front

Cards sent home by Fus William Stanley Hall

All photographs and cards are the property of:
Christine Kelly (Nee Hal) the granddaughter of Fusilier Hall