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Frederick Toulmin
1st Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
China 1936/38

Frederick Arthur Toulmin was born in Salford on the 21st June 1906. His mother was May Longman and his father was William J M Toulmin who was killed in action on the 8th June 1917 whilst serving for the Manchester Regiment.

Frederick grew up in the Ordsall area of Salford, close to Salford Docks. His father William was a dock worker before leaving to fight in World War One and at the moment can only assume that Frederick also worked on the docks until he joined the army.

Frederick joined the Lancashire Fusiliers on 8th December 1932 and served until 17th February 1954. He married Mabel Phoenix in Salford in 1939 and went on to have two children, Patricia and Alan.

Frederick never really spoke about his part during World War Two but he would talk constantly to his grandaughter Elaine during long games of dominos, probably knowing that this little girl was not really listening to what he was saying as he knew she was concentracing on the game too much to win his jar of pennies! However, this must have been a release for him to get things off his chest to just have somebody to talk to without having to answer questions about what happened during that time.

After leaving the Lancashire Fusiliers, Frederick went on to be a prison officer in Manchester. In 1967 he received an official commendation from the Governer commending him on the capture of an escaping prisoner.

Frederick and his wife Mabel continued to live in the Ordsal/ Salford area until his death in October 1992.

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Suez en-route to China

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