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Edward Morrison

Our oldest Lancashire Fusilier
(we think)
100 years young on 9th August 2018

Edward, I have only heard about you quite recently and it looks like you may be the oldest LF known to us.
God Bless....Joe Eastwood Editor.

John Jones at Edward 101st Birthday party

Congratulations and best wishes to Edward Morrison who celebrated his 100th Birthday today by receiving Citizen of Honour from fellow Lancashire Fusilier Brian Mello in the presence of his family, friends, his carers, neighbours and representatives from the Lancashire Fusiliers.

Edward received a birthday card from Her Majesty The Queen and a Citizen of Honour Certificate from Liverpool Town Hall. James Axon from Liverpool Scottish Pipes and Drums played ‘Happy Birthday’ on the bagpipes prior to his cake and certificate being presented.

Thank you sincerely to everyone who helped to make Edward’s birthday so special... and a special thanks to Edward’s family for allowing us to be part of that special day. We were made very welcome and well looked after.

Congratulations again Edward and thank you sincerely for your service and sacrifice.

Service number. 3773714

Enlisted 15/07/39

Discharge 18/04/46

He served in the 1st of 6th battalion of the LF. In the infantry & then the battalion was transferred into the RAC in November 1941.

He was then in the ACC from October 1942 to his discharge in 1946.

He went to France and was at Dunkirk where he managed to return home.

He returned to France & travelled through Belgium & Holland with the tank corp.

On a personal note he was a plumber before & after the war. He went back to college at the age of 40 to get his City and Guilds qualification as a registered plumber. He was awarded student of the year.

He then went self employed and the business did very well, he employed 10 men at one stage. He continued to work until about 70 but after that worked in his garden growing lots of different vegetables and fruits in his 40' greenhouse.

Unfortunately we lost our mum in 1970 when she was only 50 but dad threw himself into running the business.

He was a very keen cyclist travelling all over the NW both on a tandem & his own cycle.

He is also a wonderful ballroom dancer and only gave up about 4 years ago when he gave up driving as he couldn't get there any more. His dance partner and lady friend for over 30 years still visits him nearly every evening.

Edwards portrait by Allen Thomasson for the Portraits and voices of WW2 at Stockport Town Hall
October / Nov 2017


Edward on his Bike his favorite hobby

Edward and his wife taken in 1969

Edward and two of his great grandchildren

Edward with his other Grandchildren

Edward shoe shopping

another favorite past times ballroom dancing

Edwards Birthday Party

Edward at Buckingham Palace with Princess Anne

Edward has now got the Chevalier legion d'honneur medal for his involvment in liberating France after D Day 1944-1945.