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WO2 Rudolph (Drummy) Robinson

Drummy Robinson is first on left front row as a LCpl

Drummy returns to aqaba


The Flea Aqaba



Drummy Robinson
and Sgt Jock Callaghan

Wellington Barracks troop return from Kenya1953

After theParade

Caen France 1954

Cyprus 1957


RSM (Kitna) Price and Mrs Price 1957

Cprus 58
"The policeman with drummy Robinson is an Edinburgh bobby sent to help keep the peace".



Colour Guard Vesting Day Hong Kong

Drummy and Biff Cartwright JWS 1968


Drummy with Lorne Scots personnel
HK 68

RSM Jack Nash and Drummy Robinson


LF South Branch Paddy Doyle, Cliff Armson

LF South Branch Drummy Robinson and Jim Brackley

Nottingham Drums reunion
Yoyo Newton Drummy Robinson and Drummy Winterbottom