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1/1623 Lance Corporal Albert Ernest Edwards
Lancashire Fusilier


Lance Corporal Albert Ernest Edwards
A Lancashire Fusilier wounded at Gallipoli.

Medal Ccard

MOD Letter 1

MOD Letter 2

Albert joined at 17 years of age.

This was taken in India

Manouevers somewhere

Albert also served in the
Queen's York Rangers 1st American Regiment Reserves during WWII.

"Just after WWII with his two eldest sons flanking him and two of his sons-in-law on either side of them.
Terrance Edwards' father Harry is on on Albert's left and beside him Wally Farmer, Terry's uncle, Ernie, is on Albert's right and beside him Walt Powell.
Both Harry and Ernie served in the Royal Canadian Navy on HMCS Iroquois. Terry's dad was a CPO Engine room and his uncle an ERA . Walt Powell was in the tank Corps and Wally Farmer in the British airforce. He was shot down and worked with the French underground until escaping back to England"
A fine service family."