The Coronation
Queen Elizabeth 2


More Photos and stories from Maurice Taylor

We from 1LF left Nakuru in mid May 53 and sailed from Mombassa. As far as I remember there were 5 of us representing the LFs a Major, Bob Shaw, two Capts, Gaw and Taylor, a C Sgt, Knocker West and two Sgts ?????? I just can't remember. We were all regulars and again I don't remember any TA participation.
We met up with the other Lancastrian Regular Bn Colour Parties at the Lancastrian Bde HQ at Formby where we did our rehearsals. We also spent some time at the Depot in Bury.
When we moved to London we all were billeted in Earls Court.
For the Procession itself all the Colours of every Regiment were on parade together as a block somehow in order of seniority. We seemed to march forever and as far as I can remember we got very wet at one stage.
Coronation medals were definitely in short supply, the CO, the RSM, the QM and a couple more. Knocker West was the only member of the Colour Party to get one I believe. I seem to remember being a bit pissed off as all the Bury Fire Bde got one each.