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Lt Allen James Beeson
1st / 8th Lancashire Fusiliers
5FFR now known as the Frontier Force Regiment
( Pakistan Army ).

" Allen James Beeton 354601 born Manchester 1926 enlisted into the British Army in 1942 claiming to be 18 years of age whereas he was in fact only 16. Thereafter he had a rather unusual service career spending some time in France from where was ' recruited ' for further service in India. On 15th September, 1945 he was Commissioned as a 2Lt into the Lancashire Fusiliers and subsequently joined the 1/8th Bn LF at Jullender, India. His photograph collection shows that he travelled by ship via Gibraltar, the Suez Canal and Aden and then onto Bombay from where he travelled to Jullender by train. His photo collection also shows many of his contemporaries from the 1/8th Bn around 1945 /46. At a time unknown subsequent to him joining the 1/8th Bn, he was sent on attachment / secondment? to the 5th Frontier Force Rifles (5FFR) and saw service with them on the North West Frontier. His collection of photographs shows that he visited numerous places on the NW Frontier and from a story told to his daughter he was at some stage involved in military operations against Afghanistan Rebel Forces in the border region. It would appear that at some time he was possibly promoted to Captain, as photographs show him wearing ' three pips ' are amongst his collection. Sadly we have been unable to find any entry in the London Gazette regarding this promotion. He was stationed in India leading up to the Partition of India and was actively involved in riot control duties and the arrangements for the forthcoming withdrawal of British Troops from India. Following Partition in 1947 he returned to the UK and after a short tour of Northern Ireland left the Army in 1950. He thereafter became a successful musician. The 5FFR (then part of the British Indian Army up to1947) was later to become part of the Pakistani Army following Partition and is still an active Unit under the title The Frontier Force Regiment ".
Geoff Pycroft

1st / 8th Lancashire Fusiliers

Map of location of Jullunder
1/8th based there .

Jack (Harris) and self First shot of Jullender

Me again with a Holy Man I am on the left with the body beautiful. Ha Ha Ha
P.S I have my Choplis on my feet mother!!! Please

We left for Xmas celebrations in our Daimler?!!!

Derek Rocky Don Dave and Self at Aden

Ali sat in bed eh? We soon fixed that- but he still slept on after this

Ken Lee Salford 1/8th LF Jullundur.

5FFR now known as the Frontier Force Regiment ( Pakistan Army ).

Paddy Bob & Rocky on sun deck

Ray (Twyman?) & Allen with jeep

Dan(?) & Kelly (with turban)


Jack and self at Campbellpur

What say to my friends on this one? Beauty eh?

Writing home

Only the subs were left to finish the bottle but what a time we had

This is one of those camel carts on itself - Stan -Camel -Don Rawalpindi this as well

The Pipe Band of The 5th Bn The F.F. Rif at Cambellpur

And the band played during the celebrations

The band before beating retreat

On the scheme with the bulldozer

Another shot of A Company Lines That shrub spreads into the jungle further behind

Clearing mud

A grader cleaning up

The Pani Gari (Water Truck)

On the schem ?? ? Lashkri Khan

Belal Khan with his food

We arrive Main Body

This is a real camel train they have just crossed the Ghobi Desert

Weather at Aghi

Bulldozer at it

Signals office again notice hills in background

After two days dry weather all the chaps listening to the news

A view of A Coy lines my Coy All the camps are like this

MT Section on M/C mine is extreme lft Names L to R
Toli Ram. Zanat Ali Khan.Didar Singh. Bickram (on floor)Huzar Singh.Ahmed Khan.
Pillion...Chund Gee. Moti Ram. Rias Khan. Doram Chand. Kail Basher Khail Akbar

My armoured car What an effort

More mules with 22 sets

Same again Dodge truck in rear Yalmed Khan Mohamad ??? look absolutely scared stiff.

This is part of D coy going on some scheme or other

This is a gari (anything on wheels)

The village barber a shave and a smoke at the same time no lather of course notice the little boy

One of the old man and young un...That white thing is a lotus flower

Village Belles Actually its a ceremony to make the kale grow

A Tonga..we race in these its a great sport Ha About 4d a mile they charge

Kuttak Dance Good one as well

A Dakota dropping supplies

Jhansi Railway Station on a very quiet day

Jhansi This is Tonga . The ponies are beaten to near death

Postcard sent to Miss E Hall of Fallow field Manchester. (Photo of his ship in Gibraltar)

Dog racing on deck The one standing is Curly and sat down is Tink Auctioning dogs

The Taj Mahal at Agra I went to see this

Just the finish of the Xmas story

Bob and Jack Feeling Gay-!

THE TWO TYPES Ken and me or Chindits in the Flesh (Raw)

Abbotabad This is me (the good looking guy in the chair having my hair cut

Signal Officer Signal Jamadar Notice the mud on my boots

This is me Bickman took it not bad That's my workshop at the back

All the best always " Ben " Days in the 58th Wot!! 9/9/46

That's just how I felt

Stan and self outside our bungalow this is our favourite tree....lovely isn't it?

This is the 5thFFR Band on parade in their Ceremonial clothes
P.S. They are bagpipes!!!

A Sepoy on guard these are the chaps I am with pretty smart eh?

Crashed truck Did I tell you about this?

Jack having his hair cut by Gran Dad the NAI (Barber)

Signal Officer

A dry day!! Cleaning mud in HQ Coy lines


The mortar platoon in action

Road party on the way up We never went by road

Pathans doing a Kuttak Dance

Signpost in the centre of Jhansi

Bombay Docks That's Rocky's arm....told him to move it

The sign on the road to Abbotabad most roads around here are like this