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Alf Brewster

Sad news Alf Died on 3rd October 2012 sadly 3 months before his 100 birthday
Rest in Peace Alf Stand Easy

Hi Dave, (David Platt Welfare & Liaison LF web site)
(We sent this card to Alf a card for his 99th birthday with all your messages)

Here is the photo of Alf with his LF card. I read all the messages to him, and he was absolutely thrilled with it; anyone would have thought he'd just been given a million dollars!

Please pass Alf's thanks on to everyone.



Trevor and Julie Sills visit Alf and a regular basis and pass on our message for us.
Thank you Trevor and Julie

Waikato Times
LIFETIME TOGETHER: Alfred and Lillian Brewster celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary.

When Englishman Alfred Brewster was stationed in India during World War II, his wife Lillian also donned a uniform to do her bit.

With Alfred, now 98, an instructor in the north of the country, Lillian was quickly enlisted into the Indian Army.

"The colonel put me in a uniform and said 'now you know what you have to do. The boys want feeding and they want mail,' so that's what I did," said Mrs Brewster, 89.

The couple, who have lived in Hamilton since 1979, celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on Wednesday. The pair's room at Hamilton's Brylyn Resthome features a map of India and family photographs including one of the couple taken in Egypt celebrating Alfred's 21 years in the British Army.

Alfred and Lillian, met in England in 1937 when Alfred was on leave from the army.

"I saw this nice young lady and thought, 'I'm going to marry her'," recalled Mr Brewster.

Mr Brewster was posted back to India in 1938 and Mrs Brewster joined him in 1939, pregnant with their first daughter. At one stage Mr Brewster was stationed high in the Himalayas, helping guard elephant and camel goods routes from bandits thugees as they were known locally.

While he was there, World War II broke out.

"We had an agreement with the thugees, they packed it in and said they would look after our wives and property if we were sent to France or anywhere like that. They were very gentlemanly, these thugees," Mr Brewster chuckled.

The couple went back to England in 1944 after six years in India and Mr Brewster was posted to a bomb disposal unit. He was seriously injured while preparing to detonate a bomb.

"The officer-in-charge walked over the hill and unfortunately, he dislodged a stone, and this stone came down the hill and plonked on the end of the bomb I was going to explode and exploded it for me...I was knocked about 85 yards."

Mr Brewster spent time in hospital under the care of New Zealand-born pioneering plastic surgeon Sir Archibald McIndoe.

The Brewsters put the secret of 70 years together down to having a good argument now and then. "Don't be afraid of having an argument but never hit each other," Mr Brewster said.

The couple have four surviving children, 12 grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren.
Sadly Lillian passed away at Brylyn Rest Home on July 23, 2008. She was 89 years old

Latest News from Alf
17th Oct 2011

Hi Dave,

I've just been to see Alf, and he's doing quite well at the moment, apart from a severe pain in his hip, which is really to be expected at 98!

A little bit more info for the website is that, in total, Alf spent 40 years in the army, 10 of those as part of the Royal Engineers, when they decided they wanted Bomb disposal in one place. Although, during those 10 years he still kept his LF uniform on!

He told me a story of when he was stationed in Norfolk, disarming mainly grenades at that time. The Navy was there too, and they would dispose of their bombs in the wash. Well, Alf's lot always made sure that they informed the navy and worked closely with them because, after a successful day of working together the navy always gave then fresh fish for their tea!

Anyway, I hope things are going well for you.