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1209 Sgt Alfred H W White
Battalion Shoemaker

1209 - Sgt Alfred Henry William White
Served 21 years with
XX The Lancashire Fusiliers

Enlisted Stratford - 7th June 1906 age 16 years old
Posted to 2nd Bn
Stretcher bearer 22.11.06 / 14.12.06
1st Class Scout 10.8.07
Tidworth 1910
Cardiff Strike 1910 / 1911
1914 - 1919 France & Belgium - British Expeditionary Force
Provisional shoemaker 5.2.1914
Sergeant Shoemaker 7.4.1915
Posted to 1st Bn
Dublin 1919 / 1921
Tidworth 1921
Royal Tournament 1924
Dover 1926
Discharged 6th June 1927
Died in 1959
1914 Star
General Service Medal
Victory Medal
Long Service & Good Conduct Medal

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Letter home 6th August 1914

Letter home 7th August 1914

Post Card home 15th July 1917

Post Card Home 23rd Aug 1917

21st July 1918

Letter Home 31st Aug 1919

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Alfred's Reference Letters

Ref Letter 4th Sept 1927

Ref Letter 14th Nov 1927

Ref Letter 24th Nov 1927

Ref Letter 28th Nov !927

Ref Letter 30th Jan 1928

"This testimonial was written by Dennis Laverick's grandfather"
Major J N Laverick DCM

Ref Letter 15th Oct 1936

Alfred's Tea Tin

In Alfred's photo collection there is this Tea Tin as you can see it looks like a bullett hole in it
We asked if Yvonne had any infomation on this Tea Tin
With regard to Alfred’s tea tin. All I know is what my late mum told me and that was, that his tea tin was in his rucksack on his back when he was shot and it saved his life. She used to say if it wasn’t for his tea tin none of us would be here.

6th March
Hi Joe
I thought I’d try and take a photo of where the metal tin was pushed out on the other side to entry and to my amazement I caught sight of the bullet inside. I’ve attached photos. You’ll probably know if this is where the bullet stopped or if it was put back inside.
Best Wishes

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This happened during WW1 but where or when I don’t know. I do have a postcard to my grandmother Ethel dated 28th Oct 18 from a T Taylor which may be connected to this incident. I have attached a copy. (See Below)

Post Card sent to Alfred's wife from T Taylor

"At Dover Castle on the 18th May 1927, a Smoking Concert was held to say goodbye to Sgt Alfred White following his retirement from the Regiment.
He was presented with a clock.

The Inscription Plaque on bottom of clock

This clock is still running today in the home of his grandaughter Yvonnne Ashwell""

" Information supplied by Yvonne Ashwell, grandaughter of Sgt White"