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Lancashire Fusilier
in the
Brussels Military Museum.
sent in by
Ray Cunningham

As promised I went along to the Military Museum in Brussels on Saturday afternoon but before I went I got the Press & Public affaires officer in the Embassy to call on Friday and make an appointment with the Curator or assistant. We met up Saturday and unfortunately the museum whilst being very kind and helpful were reluctant to open up and move the regimental drums around.

The reason given which I fully understood was that the museum were afraid that owing to the frail state of most drums to start moving them for me to photograph would probably cause more damage when it came to re-stacking so I did my best through the glass please let me know asap if the pictures arrive ok and are big enough to view properly.

The Drums The Museum hold are as follow's 6th Battalion, 10th Battalion, 16th Battalion and two drums with no Battalion identification. I thought that the 6th Battalion drum had a most unusual Regimental Badge.

Pleased you thought the pics were ok I confess to being a bit surprised to see so many from the 20th, in the same cabinet were also drums from the Royals and Northumberland's. I did enquire how all the various drums came to be in the possetion of the museum and was told that most if not all were handed in to the authorities by local residents/farmers usually after big battles or from rear rest areas after units were moved hastily to new locations.

Assuming he survived a big battle I bet the various drum majors were livid when members of the corps of drums returned from whatever duty minus his drum!!!.
Ray Cunningham
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