Sgt Joseph Lister V.C.

Birth: Oct. 19, 1886
Death: Jan. 19, 1963

British Victoria Cross War Medal Recipient. Lister served as a Sergeant in the 1st Battalion of The Lancashire Fusiliers. He was awarded his medal for service at Belgium on October 9, 1917. (bio by: KP)
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Willow Grove Cemetery
Reddish, England
On 9 October 1917 east of Ypres, Belgium, seeing that the advance of his company was held up by machine-gun fire from the direction of a pillbox, Sergeant Lister dashed ahead of his men and found the gun - he shot two of the gunners and the remainder surrendered. He then went to the pillbox and shouted to the occupants to surrender. They did so with the exception of one man whom the sergeant shot, whereupon about 100 of the enemy emerged from the shell-holes further to the rear and surrendered.


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