Joe Eastwood's
Photo Collection
These are photos Jane has sent me not sure where they are but some are named
this is the first lot there are 100's of them and will take time to put them all on
Can you name them if so let me know

I think this first lot are Osnabruck

Clifford Tilley and he thinks Mick Riley Cyprus 1958 Kermia camp Nicosia.

Adoph Holmes

Brown Wren O'Grady

Dave Graham

John Downs Cpl Pool

Stood is Drummie Winterbottom

John Hallam and CO Jim Wilson

Alf Ward Bob Gallager Hevey Wren and Mc Coll

Lt Col Jim Wilson and Major Morson

Stu Barlow Ken Yates( MI Room) Col Hastings Tommy Kerr

Mac Mac Govern Paddy Ryan and Cpl George Aldred

Jim Price 1963 Osnabruck