Lancashire Fusiliers of Interest

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Lancashire Fusiliers

Sir Edwin Lutyens

Lutyens Memorial

Now in Gallipoli Garden

As plans develop for the refurbishment and extension of the Arts and Crafts Centre and the design of the Fusiliers' Museum that will be housed there plans are also being made for the removal of the Lutyens Memorial to Sparrow Park. Now called "Gallipoli Garden"

The layout of the park is likely to be redesigned to accommodate the memorial which is a rather fine example of Edwin Lutyens work and is Grade 2 listed.

The wall of the Arts and Crafts Centre which faces onto the park will be refurbished with the 10,000 bricks that are currently for sale to the public and will create a handsome backdrop to the memorial, enhancing this aspect of the Cultural Quarter.

This will not be the first time that the memorial has been moved. When it was unveiled in 1922, Wellington Barracks was a much larger site than it is today and the original location of the structure would now be somewhere in the middle of Bolton Road. It was resited in the early 60s when the scale of the barrack's buildings was very much reduced.

The design of the memorial centres on a Portland stone obelisk which sits on an octagonal granite block, inscribed with the words: "To the Lancashire Fusiliers their deeds and sacrifices for King and country".

The Colours to left and right are in enamelled stone and at the top of the obelisk is a sculpted wreath and crest and the words Omnia Audax.

The sculptor Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens RA was also the designer of the Cenotaph in Whitehall and of the magnificent memorial at Thiepval in the Somme, where the names of 72,000 British soldiers, who died in the front line, are inscribed.

The difference with his more modest effort in Bury is that he waived his fee as both his father and his uncle served in the regiment.

Lutyens' uncle Major Engelbert Lutyens was orderly officer to Napoleon, when the Lancashire Fusiliers famously guarded him in his exile on the island of St Helena.

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