1st / 6th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers
became 109 Regiment RAC
in the Autumn of 1941

3445217 Sgt John Robert North

Hello came across this site when researching my Grandfather Hello came across this site when researching my Grandfather Sgt John Robert North 3445217, 1/6th Bn Lancashire Fusiliers died 23rd May 1940, buried at Tournai Communal Cemetary Allied Extension.

I read with interest the memories of Harry Wroe regarding the evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940, and particular his passage about the 1/6 Bn being soon in action and that Sgt Jock North being killed, I believe that to be my Grandfather, and would be obliged if you have any more information regarding my grandfather, I believe he was a regular soldier in his earlier years, and when called up for WW11 became a Sgt, but wonder if he served in the Lancashire Fusiliers prior to the war, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Paul North

Lt Pollard with 1/6th prior to Dunkirk and later RAC.
sent in by Mark Wrigley

" 1/6th Sgt's Mess before Dunkirk"


"Following Dunkirk, three of the LF TA Bns (1/5th, 1/6th and the 9th Bns) were placed in 125 brigade and spent some time on coastal defence etc.
In the Autumn of 1941 events in the desert persuaded the military planners that the British Army were short of Armoured Units.
The above 3 Bns were retrained as Armoured Units and became 125 Armoured Brigade within 42 Armoured Division.
1/5th Bn became 108 Regiment RAC.
1/6th Bn became 109 Regiment RAC.
9th Bn became 143 regiment RAC.

They had a black beret but continued to wear the LF cap badge.

Unfortunately ,following the victory at El Alemein,the War Office changed it's mind and the 3 units were disbanded.

The items pictured are of a Christmas card from a J/Lt Jim Lowe of 109 Regiment RAC (1/6th LF) and a card from a hall of residence for men at Liverpool University where presumably Jim Lowe went to study after the war."

"An example of the WW2 Service record of a
1/6th Lancashire Fusilier"

Trooper Arthur Bernard Ellery 3441630

Arthur is second from left front row

Arthur is second from left front row

Arthur's Service Records

sent in by
Margaret Key Nee Ellery
(Arthur's Daughter)

3460764 Sgt John Aquila Harris
John's Service Records
Sent in by
John's Grandson Paul Harris

Maj Alec West

Served in Dunkirk
outside the Drill Hall Bury Gallipoli in the mid 90s